Over 500 cooperating municipalities! Portal site “Warp City” that supports rural migration

Rebirth Co., Ltd.
Over 500 cooperating municipalities! Portal site “Warp City” that supports rural migration
Acting as a bridge between people considering immigration and local governments that recruit immigrants

Rebirth Co., Ltd. (https://rebirth.ltd) operates the portal site “Warp City (https://warp.city)” that promotes matching between people who want to move to rural areas and migration destinations. .
About half a year after Warp City started service in February 2022, we were able to receive the cooperation of 500 local governments nationwide. Currently, we are posting support systems of 500 local governments, immigration experiences of more than 430 people, and online event information held by each local government.
In order to promote migration, we will continue to provide information that local governments want to send, information that people who are considering migration want to know, and useful information related to migration.
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About half a year after the service started, Warp City has reached a maximum of 50,000 page views per month, and is being searched by various keywords related to “rural migration”, attracting access from people considering migration.
Many of our readers are in their 20s to 50s and live in metropolitan areas, with a strong interest in migration and regional
revitalization. We have received the following questions from people who contact Warp City.
I want to emigrate, but I don’t know where to start
I want to know more about the support system for the destination I am considering moving to
I want to emigrate and get a job in agriculture
I want to know about the house where I moved to.
I want to know the subsidies that can be used after immigration We have received a wide range of inquiries about immigration, from those who are thinking about immigration to those who are considering immigration.
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Posted content
Immigrant testimonials
Event information of each municipality (recruitment of regional revitalization cooperation teams, migration consultation meetings, migration experience tours, etc.)
Our editorial department has published an article that was originally interviewed by immigrants.
At Rebirth Co., Ltd., we act on behalf of local governments to disseminate immigration information. The immigration department will be able to reduce the time they spend on work and improve efficiency, and will be able to spare time for responding to immigrants and other tasks. By posting information on various immigration services, we will create opportunities to convey the attractiveness of the municipality to more people who want to immigrate, leading to increased recognition of the municipality.
Effort details
SNS article creation agency / SNS posting agency: We perform agency work for information transmission using Twitter, Instagram, etc. By communicating the inquiries from those considering migration to the local government and acting as a bridge, we will support those considering migration so that they can take steps toward better migration.
We will provide and update information on the migration and settlement site. Interviewing immigrants: Our editorial department collaborates with writers in various places to interview and edit and disseminate information.
We will propose information destinations Tie-up planning: We will plan a special feature with a theme and create content that will attract more interest.
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Warp City would like to contribute to projects related to the promotion of migration by local governments, and provide high-quality information and points of contact with local governments for those who are considering moving to rural areas.
Company profile in this release
Rebirth Co., Ltd.
Address: 503 Terrace Court Sangenjaya, 2-4-16 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director Shoma Funakata
URL: https://rebirth.ltd
Business content
Portal site business: Operation of migration settlement portal site “Warp City” Web production business: Providing a comprehensive service from strategy formulation to system development
Manufacturing and retail business: Development of in-house food products and sales on e-commerce sites and stores

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