Over 5,000 ETH (about 300 million yen) in circulation! NFT project “CryptoNinja Partners” launches new service for “Japanese Yen / Bill payment”

Bucket Co., Ltd.
Over 5,000 ETH (about 300 million yen) in circulation! NFT project “CryptoNinja Partners” launches new service for “Japanese Yen / Bill payment”
Purchasing experience and ease in corporate NFT entry. There is also an optional service of lectures and question-and-answer sessions by the introduction founder (representative of the sales company).
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Bucket Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Shinji Akiyama), a seller of NFT “CryptoNinja Partners (hereinafter referred to as CNP)” that issues 22,222 points, purchases CNP in “Japanese yen, invoice payment”. We are pleased to inform you that we have started our service.
CNP is one of the most successful domestic NFT projects. By making it possible to pay by invoice in Japanese yen, it will simplify the accounting process for companies and make purchasing easier. In the future, when various companies enter NFT, it will be possible to learn the latest NFT projects by actually purchasing this CNP.
Regarding the transaction method of NFT in Japanese yen this time, we introduced it to the Financial Services Agency Fintech Support Center through our corporate lawyer, and confirmed that there was no problem. About CNP
CNP is a project from NinjaDAO, one of the largest NFT communities in Japan with over 40,000 participants. DAO participants planned and produced 22,222 NFTs on May 15, 2022 as a spin-off work of IP “CryptoNinja”, which develops with the theme of ninja.
CNP aims to be a character brand that anyone can participate in. We are focusing on creating “experience value” that can be obtained by owning NFTs, and have made the following efforts in the five months after launch.
・”Bar Shinobi” event to be exchanged for new characters without changing the total number of NFTs issued
・Release of test version of smartphone app “CNP Friends” for NFT holders ・Release of “CNP Owners”, a service that allows holders to receive exclusive benefits at restaurants, etc.
・ Release of “Furusato CNP”, which issues CNP limited to regions as a return gift for hometown tax payment
・Development of NFT marketplace “Xinobi” with affiliate function ・ World development on the Metaverse platform “The Sandbox” and “Rium” With the support of such business development and a strong community, on October 22, 6 months after the launch, the floor price (lowest price during exhibition) per CNP reached a record high of 2 ETH (about 2 ETH in Japanese Yen). 380,000 yen). With more than 4,800 wallets and a market capitalization of over 32,000 ETH (6 billion yen / *Note 1), it is the largest generative NFT project from Japan.
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Overview of the new service
This is a service that sells CNP managed by a CNP sales company (Bucket Co., Ltd.) in Japanese Yen and invoice payment. Normally, when purchasing NFT on the Ethereum chain, it is necessary to acquire the virtual currency (cryptographic asset) ETH, but by paying the invoice in Japanese yen, there is no need to acquire the virtual currency (cryptographic asset) ETH as a corporation. , it is possible to easily purchase and hold NFT.
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We also offer an optional service in which the CNP founder (sales company representative) conducts online lectures and Q&A sessions upon request. We hope that companies that are considering entering the NFT business will also use it as a place to research trends in the NFT market and exchange information.
Flow to sales
▼Please contact us using the quotation request form.
▽ Bucket Co., Ltd. will send you an estimate (*Note 2).
▼Please transfer to the designated account.
▽After confirming the payment, we will transfer the NFT to the specified wallet address.
-Quotation Request Form-
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.
*Note 1) Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying the average price for 7 days by the number of points issued, based on the calculation data of OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. Also, comparison of market capitalization of domestic NFT projects is based on NFTMarketcap (https://nft-marketcap.jp/).
*Note 2) We will quote based on OpenSea’s floor price. Also, please note that we charge a handling fee of 10,000 yen (excluding tax) for each sale.
Inquiries about CNP
・CNP Official Twitter
・CNP official website
・Ninja DAO Official Discord Community
CryptoNinja Partners distributor information
(1) Trade name: Bucket Co., Ltd.
(2) URL: https://bucket.co.jp/
(3) Services provided (partial):
Fixed-rate support for nameless dreams Subscription platform “Fanclove” https://fanclove.jp
(4) Inquiries regarding this matter: cnp@bucket.co.jp
Inquiries about this release are accepted only by e-mail. note that. Details about this release:

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