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The nostalgic MMORPG “Harezora Monogatari” is “Agein!” in the Reiwa era Release of key visuals and movies & start recruiting for pre-test participants!

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Moon Rabbit Co., Ltd. is an online game for PC, “Hareku Monogatari Agein! ], We will inform you that we have opened a special site for the implementation of the preceding test and have started recruiting test participants.
■ In the era of Reiwa, “Agein!” That sunny sky story is back! The MMORPG “Hareku Monogatari”, which was in service until 2016, will be “lifted up” into the present age with its simplicity and nostalgia. The official service of this work, which allows you to enjoy the expressive adventures of low-headed characters with animal motifs, is scheduled to start in mid-December.
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■ “Harezora Monogatari Agein! ] Recruiting participants for the preliminary test!
Ahead of the official service, we will conduct a preliminary test for the purpose of load verification from November 10 (Thursday). If you participate in the preliminary test, you will receive a
participant-only benefit when the official service starts.
[Preliminary test participant recruitment special site]
[Recruitment period]
October 20th (Thursday) 15:00 to October 31st (Monday) 12:00 [Image 3

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Let’s go on a carefree adventure with expressive characters! ■ “Harezora Monogatari Agein! The opening movie that introduces the world view of ] has been released!
Along with the start of recruitment of pre-test participants, “Harezora Monogatari Agein! ] has been released.
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXE8D8ba6mQ] ▼ A feature article that summarizes the charm of this work in an easy-to-understand manner is also available!

Title: Story of the Clear Sky Agein!
Genre: Nostalgic Fantasy MMORPG
Developer: X-LEGEND Entertainment Corp.
Price: Basic play free (item sales system)
(C) 2020 – 2022 Moon Rabbit Corporation.
(C) 2020 – 2022 X-LEGEND Entertainment Corp. All Rights Reserved. *If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the following. Details about this release:


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