Ozeki Co., Ltd. New release limited to “One Cup Mini Daiginjo 100ml Bottle Zodiac Label”!

Ozeki Co., Ltd.
New release limited to “One Cup Mini Daiginjo 100ml Bottle Zodiac Label”! ~Auspicious goods at the head office of Ebisu Shrine “Nishinomiya Shrine dedication”~

Ozeki Co., Ltd. (President: Kuniko Osabe/Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture) launched the “One Cup Mini Daigin”, which is packed with daiginjo sake suitable for the year-end and New Year holidays. 100ml Bottled Zodiac Label” will be released for a limited time and in limited quantities from November 14, 2022 (Monday).
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About the Chinese zodiac in 2023
The Chinese zodiac for 2023 is Rabbit. In the zodiac, it will be a water rabbit. Rabbits are also said to be messengers of the moon and are believed to “call luck”. In addition, it is also said to be a symbol of “flying = leap” and “a lot of children = fertility and prosperity of
descendants”, and it is said that long ears gather good fortune. In addition, it has long been considered a “symbol of spring” in the East, and its gentle and calm appearance means peace and peace in the home.
“Mizunoto” is the last character of the Juboshi, meaning the end of things. It is also a character connected to “Hakaru”, which means preparations to sprout with spring approaching. It seems that About the product
This newly released product is a lucky charm dedicated to Nishinomiya Shrine, the head office of Ebisu Shrine, which is nicknamed “Ebessan” in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, where our company is located. Nishinomiya Shrine is famous for the ‘running mairi’, which is crowded with about 1 million worshipers seeking good fortune on January 10th, ‘Toka Ebisu’, and to select the lucky man of the year.
In order to welcome the bright year 2023 when the things we have prepared and nurtured will begin to sprout, please enjoy the “One Cup Mini Daiginjo 100ml Bottle Zodiac Label” with the gorgeous aroma and sharp taste unique to daiginjo at the end of the year.
[Image 2d100418-17-86a7c5c3e2baafd0397e-0.jpg&s3=100418-17-84a6c9dc314fe093d4bb8c4018621ace-3225x1814.jpg

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