Pal System Federation Yamanashi October 3 (Monday) Collaborate between university and home delivery co-op to reduce food loss and support students

Palsystem Federation
[Yamanashi] October 3rd (Monday) Collaborates between university and home delivery co-op to reduce food loss and support students Utilize the spare ingredients of the “cooking set” in October “Food loss reduction month”

Co-op Pal System Yamanashi (Headquarters: Kojojo-machi, Kofu City; President: Takako Umehara) will provide ingredients to the student cafeteria operated by the University of Yamanashi Co-op from October 3rd (Monday) to 7th (Friday). We will work on student support. In collaboration with the University of Yamanashi Co-op (Kofu City), we will utilize the ingredients of the “cooking set” to reduce food loss. The menus offered at the Yamanashi University Co-op cafeteria are 250 yen for “Grated Green Onion Fillet Cutlet” and 350 yen for “Ankake Kata Yakisoba”.
The pork and fried noodles used in the menu are ingredients
manufactured as ingredients for the “cooking set”. Depending on the material, the cooking set may be manufactured before the order is placed, so there will be a spare portion. If there is a period of time before planning the same product, the shipping deadline may be approaching. The Yamanashi University Co-op used part of this, and this menu was completed. On September 30th (Friday), President Umehara of Palsystem Yamanashi visited and handed over the ingredients. When food is provided to students, the food provided by Pal System is displayed on the menu. In October, which is “Food Loss Reduction Month”, we will use it as an opportunity to think about the
“mottainai” mindset.
■Ingredients provided: Frozen Japanese pork tenderloin 20kg (100g x 200 pieces) 160 fried noodles
Date and time: Monday, October 3, 2022 to Friday, October 7, 11:30-13:30 ■ Location: Yamanashi University Co-op University Hall Cafeteria (4-4-37 Takeda, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture)
■Menu using ingredients (planned): fillet cutlet with grated green onion 250 yen Fried noodles with sauce 350 yen
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President Umehara handing over ingredients directly
PAL System’s Sustainable Action “Go Beyond”
From fiscal 2022, PAL System is calling for various sustainable actions to “beyond” moving “half a step ahead” for a better future from the thoughts and actions of each person, including shopping. Through this collaboration, Palsystem Yamanashi will continue to aim for the realization of a society that “leaves no one behind” as advocated by the SDGs.
[Image 2

▼Pal system sustainable action
[Organization overview]
Co-op Pal System Yamanashi
Location: 225-1 Furujojo-cho, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, President: Takako Umehara
Capital investment: 2.47 billion yen Number of union members: 53,000 Total business turnover: 7.59 billion yen (as of March 31, 2022) HP:
Pal System Federation of Co-operative Associations
Location: 2-2-6 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Seiichi Ohnobu 13 members/Unified business system users Total business value of members: 256.91 billion yen / Total number of union members: 1.683 million (as of March 31, 2022)
Member Co-op: Pal System Tokyo, Pal System Kanagawa, Pal System Chiba, Pal System Saitama, Pal System Ibaraki Tochigi, Pal System Yamanashi, Pal System Gunma, Pal System Fukushima, Pal System Shizuoka, Pal System Niigata Tokimeki, Pal System Mutual Aid Federation, Saitama Prefectural Workers’ Co-op, Ai Co-op Miyagi
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