Palace Hotel Co., Ltd. “Ambassador Palace Hotel Taipei” scheduled to open in 2028

Palace Hotel Co., Ltd.
“Ambassador Palace Hotel Taipei” scheduled to open in 2028
Grand Guest Hotel Co., Ltd. and Palace Hotel Co., Ltd. conclude a contract for the rebuilding of Taipei Ambassador Hotel, a
long-established hotel representing Taiwan.

Guobin Hotel Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 63, Sec. Daisuke Yoshihara) will conclude a hotel management contract with the rebuilding of the long-established Taipei Ambassador Hotel located in Taipei, Taiwan, and will open the Ambassador Palace Hotel Taipei in 2028.
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Appearance image
Opened in 1964, the Taipei Ambassador Hotel by Guobin Hotel Co., Ltd. has a history of nearly 60 years as Taiwan’s first privately-owned five-star hotel. been loved. The hotel, which closed in September this year for reconstruction, is located in Zhongshan District, the most vibrant area in Taipei, where museums and restaurants are
concentrated. In partnership with Palace Hotel Co., Ltd., it is a luxury hotel of the highest quality with a new concept. It will also be reborn as a twin tower with residences.
The two companies have many things in common, and after the founders started hotel businesses in their respective founding places, they have inherited the DNA of independent hotels across generations. Xu Yurui, Chairman of the State Guest Hotel Co., Ltd., was impressed by the design and service of the Palace Hotel Tokyo, which was reborn in 2012 after a three-and-a-half-year rebuilding process. Rather, they deeply sympathize with each other’s backgrounds. Upon concluding this partnership, Yu-Rui Xu and Daisuke Yoshihara, President and CEO of Palace Hotel Co., Ltd., both commented, “We have many things in common, and I felt destined for that chemistry.” To respect the pride of both hotel companies, we have decided to name the hotel “Ambassador Palace Hotel Taipei”, which combines the names of both companies. From 2023 onwards, many foreign-affiliated luxury hotels will enter Taipei, and construction is planned. In 2016, Palace Hotel Tokyo was the first Japanese hotel to receive five stars in the hotel category of the world-renowned travel guide Forbes Travel Guide. While many foreign-affiliated luxury hotels continue to expand into Japan, we have established our identity as an independent hotel in Japan by providing “Japan of the highest quality” while realizing world-class services. This time, the two companies, which have both created a history as a representative hotel in the area and have driven the hospitality industry, will join hands to create a new luxury hotel in Taipei.
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(From left) Huo Yu Rui, Chairman of Guobin Hotel Co., Ltd., Daisuke Yoshihara, President of Palace Hotel Co., Ltd.
Comment from Xu Yurui, Chairman of Guobin Hotel Co., Ltd.
The Ambassador Hotel is Taiwan’s first privately-owned five-star hotel. For nearly 60 years, it has been remembered and admired by many VIPs from home and abroad. is. In this rebuilding project, we will continue to improve the hardware and software aspects while inheriting the tradition. We are also very honored to partner with Palace Hotel, one of Japan’s top luxury hotels. I hope that we will maximize the strengths of both parties, aim for even greater heights, and create a new page in our history.
Comment from Daisuke Yoshihara, President of Palace Hotel Co., Ltd. We are very honored to be able to form a partnership with the State Guest Hotel Co., Ltd. in the milestone year of the 10th anniversary of the Grand Opening of Palace Hotel Tokyo in 2012. With a background of more than half a century, I feel that we can realize a wonderful collaboration as comrades who are not afraid to take on challenges and build a new brand from scratch. We are looking forward to the day when a new hotel will be born by resonating the history and culture that we have cultivated together, and we will be able to welcome guests from all over the world. Based on the corporate philosophy of “Stimulating sensibilities with a beautiful heart,” this relationship has been connected, and the “Palace Hotel” brand, which has been built up by the staff’s daily efforts and has been nurtured by customers, will take this opportunity to Marunouchi. We will also expand to other areas.
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Hotel overview
■ Name: Ambassador Palace Hotel Taipei
■Opening: Scheduled for 2028
Address: No. 63, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City, Taiwan ■Structure: Steel structure, 6 floors underground, 23 floors above ground (hotel floor: 1st to 22nd floor, residence floor: 1st to 23rd floor)
Total floor area: 37,878.76 square meters (11,458 tsubo)
■Owner: Ambassador Hotel (Guobin Hotel Co., Ltd.)
■ Design: Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Co., Ltd.
■Construction: Yozo Nakashika, Continent Construction
■ Design: Terry McGinity (G.A Group)
Number of guest rooms: 106 (including suites)
■Room size: 50 square meters to 240 square meters
Food and beverage facilities: All-day dining, bakery & pastry shop, Chinese restaurant, Japanese cuisine, sushi, steak house, sky bar Others: Banquet hall, garden lounge, spa, pool, fitness gym *Separate residence available (73 rooms)
■Access: 5 minutes walk from MRT Shuanglian Station, 10 minutes by car from Taipei Railway Station or 2 stations by MRT, 15 minutes by car from Taipei Songshan Airport, 20 minutes by car from Taipei 101, Taipei World Trade Center, About 40 minutes by car from Taoyuan International Airport
About Ambassador Palace Hotel Taipei
The Taipei Ambassador Hotel, which opened in 1964, will be rebuilt over the course of six years, and is scheduled to open in 2028 as the Ambassador Palace Hotel Taipei under the management of Palace Hotel Co., Ltd. It will be reborn as a luxury hotel with 106 guest rooms ranging from 50 square meters to 240 square meters, as well as a garden lounge, spa, fitness gym, etc. In addition, a total of seven restaurants and bars will open, including a bar on the top floor of the hotel, Japanese cuisine, and a steakhouse. Like the Palace Hotel Tokyo, the interior was designed by G.A Group led by Terry McGinity, aiming for a design that is simple yet elegant and will be loved throughout the ages. We will provide the world view that the Palace Hotel brand has cherished in Taipei.
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About Guobin Hotel Co., Ltd. (Ambassador Hotel)
Founded in Taipei City in 1962, opened “Taipei Ambassador Hotel” in 1964, one of the best international tourist hotels in the country, “Kaohsiung Ambassador Hotel” in 1981, “Hsinchu Ambassador Hotel” in 2001, successively certified by the Taiwan Government Tourism Board. Deploying five-star hotels in major cities. For decades, we have provided accommodation, meals, banquets and leisure services to a large number of domestic and foreign guests under the motto of “Customer First Hospitality”. Many guests continue to love the delicate service and outstanding cuisine that respects the culture of each region.
About Palace Hotel Co., Ltd.
A hospitality company founded in 1960 at 1-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, with a history of more than half a century. The full-service hotel “Palace Hotel” opened in 1961, and the luxury hotel “Palace Hotel Tokyo”, which opened in 2012 after being rebuilt, will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. In 2020, we will open a new brand accommodation-based hotel “Zentis Osaka” in Dojimahama, Osaka. In addition to the hotel business, it also engages in real estate business, external sales business, and outsourced operation of facilities outside the building. Based on the corporate philosophy of “A beautiful heart that arouses sensibility,” we aim to be “The Hotel” that satisfies people’s hearts.
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