Panasonic “Lighting Day” Special Class Held-Ahead of “Lighting Day” on October 21, elementary school students and puzzle-solving creator Ryogo Matsumaru exchanged the lanterns of Hanazono Shrine with Paruk LED bulbs

Panasonic Corporation
Panasonic “Lighting Day” Special Class Held-Ahead of “Lighting Day” on October 21, elementary school students and puzzle-solving creator Ryogo Matsumaru exchanged the lanterns of Hanazono Shrine with Paruk LED bulbs

Before October 21, 2022 (Friday), “Light Day,” Panasonic Corporation will hold a “Panasonic Light Exchange Activity” for children at Hanazono Elementary School in Shinjuku Ward on October 18 (Tuesday). A “special class” was held at Hanazono Shrine (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo). 《About light exchange activities》
Since 2012, Panasonic has been conducting “light exchange activities” to replace world heritage sites, traditional Japanese events, and city lights with LED bulbs. Communicating the need to switch to long-life, energy-saving LED bulbs has led to reductions in CO2 emissions and global warming countermeasures. We believe that protecting the natural environment will also lead to the preservation of culture and traditions for future generations. Efforts to promote the switch to LED lighting include the “Lighting Exchange Activity” and the “Lighting Eco Class” that has been held since 2008 as part of school classes. So far, we have conducted educational activities for more than 10,000 children in more than 1,700 schools.
《“Light Day” Special Class》
Twenty-four children (6th graders) from Hanazono Elementary School participated in the special “Light Day” class. We invited Mr. Ryogo Matsumaru, a puzzle-solving creator, as a lecturer, and taught children about the SDGs, global warming countermeasures in Japan and overseas, and the importance of saving electricity. After that, Panasonic gave a lecture on the difference in power consumption between incandescent light bulbs and LED light bulbs and their mechanism through experiments as part of the “Lighting Eco Class.” [Image 1

Special class by Mr. Ryogo Matsumaru
[Image 2

Group photo
After the class, the student representative and Mr. Matsumaru conducted a lighting exchange experience to replace the incandescent bulbs with Paruk LEDs. With the themes of “Tori-ichi” and “Autumn”, the children covered the lanterns with letters and illustrations drawn in advance and lit them up with Mr. Matsumaru’s shout. These lanterns will be used for the Hanazono Shrine Great Rooster Festival, which will be held from Thursday, November 3rd. (The lighting ceremony is scheduled for Friday, October 28)
[Image 3

How to change from light bulb to Paruk LED
[Image 4

Mr. Matsumaru and the children take a commemorative photo in front of the lanterns
After listening to the class, the children who participated said, “It was interesting. It was easy to understand, and I thought I would use what I learned in my life.” I didn’t have any, but I was surprised because the LED came on faster than I expected.” There was a comment like this. Also, “I was very surprised that lighting was the second most energy source in the home.” I was asked about my feelings and impressions.
In addition, Mr. Matsumaru, who was the instructor for the special class, commented on his own class, “I had a dream of becoming a teacher when I was in elementary school, so I was happy to feel that one of my dreams had come true. It was my first experience to do something like this, so I’m glad I did the image training.Especially in the explanation of the SDGs, although the SDGs are important, there are also difficult and formal parts, so I tried to make them feel closer to me. I’ve been thinking about it, but it was great that the children had good reactions.”
In addition, the impression of taking the “lighting eco class” with the children was “In this light bulb experiment, I was surprised that the LED lighted up immediately in the hand-cranked power generation experiment. Compared to the incandescent light bulb, the LED It was easy to understand that it uses very little electricity, so I’m sure the children will understand the wonders of LEDs,” he said with satisfaction.
[About the 2022 Light Exchange Activities]
Since 2012, our company has been promoting the conversion of lighting to LED, and has been conducting “light exchange activities” to replace and inspect the lighting of famous places such as world heritage sites and traditional Japanese events. Shinjuku Hanazono Shrine holds the Great Rooster Festival (Shinjuku Tori no Ichi) every November as one of the three major Tori no Ichi markets in the Kanto region. The 950 lanterns set up during the festival brightly light up the festival, which is held to pray for prosperous business. By replacing the lights of this festival, which is visited by 600,000 people every year, Panasonic will communicate its environmental efforts to as many people as possible.
■Panasonic Corporation
Consumer Marketing Japan Headquarters Channel Marketing Center Comment from Jun Saimyoji, General Manager, Energy & Home Solutions Department “LEDs are attracting attention for their energy-saving and long life, but because Panasonic’s LEDs are used for many years, we provide lighting that continues to illuminate people’s lives more abundantly, not only through quality control, but also through color
reproducibility and spatial presentation. We are promoting
manufacturing with the aim of achieving .I hope that this initiative will not only support the shift to LED lighting, but will also lead to an opportunity to review the lighting environment in each home.” ■ Comment from Yuji Katayama, chief priest of Hanazono Shrine “The Great Rooster Festival is a festival where everyone prays for prosperous business. I hope that through this initiative and other initiatives, each person will become more aware of this, and that we will be able to create a world in which there is a balance between social development and environmental measures.”
[Image 5

Replaced 950 lanterns at the Great Rooster Festival with Paruk LED (left) Saimyoji (right) Katayama chief priest
[Image 6

State of last year’s Big Rooster Festival
[Image 7

Paruk LED
■ Future schedule
・October 28 (Friday) 18:00 lighting ceremony (planned)
・November 3 (Thursday/holiday) to November 4 (Friday): First Rooster ・November 15th (Tuesday) to November 16th (Wednesday) Ninotori ・November 27th (Sun) to November 28th (Mon): San no Tori
*November 3rd, 15th and 27th are eves. The main festival is held on November 4th, 16th and 28th.
■ Hanazono Shrine: Reducing CO2 emissions and reducing electricity bills by exchanging lights (both are equivalent to 60-series, light bulb color)
* Excluding elementary school student exchange experience
Before replacement: Other manufacturer’s LED bulb (released in October 2014) [7.8 W] 750 lights
Other manufacturer compact fluorescent lamp (released in September 2005) [12.0 W] 200 lights
After replacement: Panasonic Corporation Paruk LED bulb LDA7L-G/K6 [7.0 W] 950 lights
Reduction during the Great Rooster Festival (calculated based on lighting for 11 hours a day for a total of 6 days including the eve and the main festival)
・CO2 reduction: approx. 53 kg (emissions absorbed by approx. 3.8 cedar trees) ・Electricity bill reduction: about 3,300 yen
* Lanterns and light bulbs will continue to be used for New Year’s visits to shrines, annual festivals, and Bon Odori.
【Reference information】
When 950 incandescent bulbs (LW110V54W) are replaced (calculated based on lighting for 11 hours a day for 6 days including the eve and main festival)
・CO2 reduction: Approx. 1,530 kg (equivalent to emissions absorbed by approximately 109 cedar trees)
・Electricity bill reduction: about 91,300 yen
* Trial calculation for a 50-year-old cedar tree (annual CO2 absorption) 14 Kg-CO2
*CO2 emission factor 0.522 kg-CO2/kWh
* Calculated based on the electricity usage rate (estimate unit price) of 31 yen/kWh (tax included) [revised in July 2022].
(According to our research) May vary depending on usage conditions. ■ Implementation overview
[Date] Tuesday, October 18, 2022
[Venue] Hanazono Shrine (5-17-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) 【Speakers】
·Panasonic Corporation
Consumer Marketing Japan Division Channel Marketing Center
Atsushi Saimyoji, General Manager, Energy & Home Solutions Department ・Mr. Yuji Katayama, chief priest of Hanazono Shrine in Shinjuku [Class participants] Hanazono Elementary School 6th grade children (24 people) [Guest] Mystery-solving creator Ryogo Matsumaru

■Panasonic’s Light Efforts
■ Power saving simulation that can be done with light
■Palook LED special site
[Palook LED brand movie]
[Video] Light that illuminates happiness Paruk LED
[Video 2:]

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