PANDASTUDIO.TV Co., Ltd. Panda Studio for shooting equipment rental, building a new platform for rental business

Panda Studio, a photography equipment rental company, builds a new platform for rental business
Significant expansion of shipping capacity in cooperation with domestic top-level logistics bases

PANDASTUDIO.TV Co., Ltd. (Representative: Masahiro Nishimura, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will start full-scale operations at the SG Holdings Group’s next-generation large-scale logistics center X Frontier (R) (Koto-ku, Tokyo) from October 10, 2022. started working.
Panda Studio Rental responds to customer needs with a rich product lineup of about 59,000 items, from professional and amateur video shooting related equipment, distribution communication equipment, general household cooking utensils, and beauty appliances. increase. In recent years, with the growing need for video shooting, the shipment volume of rental products has increased by 250% compared to pre-corona (2019). We have established a shipping system from “X Frontier (R)”, a large-scale logistics facility equipped with the latest sorting equipment.
At the distribution center of Sagawa Global Logistics located in “X Frontier (R)”, we have realized labor saving and highly efficient storage by making full use of robotics technology such as the robot storage system: AutoStore and automatic transport machines. In addition, with Sagawa Express’s large-scale transfer center in the same building, it will be a logistics base with the highest level of logistics functions in Japan.
As a result, the shortest delivery time is 24:00, and morning arrival on the same day (limited areas in Tokyo) is realized, and as a rental scheme that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we will provide a platform that responds to diversifying customer needs.
In the future, we will develop a collaborative menu for rental companies and release services that are environmentally friendly and contribute to society.
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● X Frontier (R) (SG Holdings Group)
■ Panda studio rental
Service started in 2016. We have a wide range of items from
specialized video equipment such as video shooting and live
distribution to home appliances. The number exceeds 59,000 items of 8,000 types, and in particular, we boast the largest inventory of live streaming and YouTube-related equipment in Japan, and we have a wide variety of communication equipment such as the latest 5G mobile routers.
With the slogan of “the best video experience for everyone!” We are developing five businesses: equipment rental, studio rental, relay distribution, studio construction, and LED vision rental, and are creating a sensation in the video industry.

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