Participation is free and 200 yen will be donated per person #Walking donation PEACE WALK Participation entry acceptance started

Authorized Specified Non-Profit Organization ADRA Japan
Participation is free and 200 yen will be donated per person #Walking donation PEACE WALK Participation entry acceptance started
#Walk Donation PEACE WALK can be participated in with a smartphone, and donations increase according to the number of steps. Certified NPO Adora Japan, which has been selected as a donation destination, is calling for pre-entry by October 27, when the step count will begin.
Authorized non-profit organization ADRA Japan (Location: 1-11-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Toshio Shibata) is an online participatory charity walk project “PEACE WALK” sponsored by Congrant Co., Ltd. Selected as one of the recipient organizations. Matching donations will be sent to each organization according to the number of participants and the total number of steps taken during the event period. The event period is from October 27th (Thursday) to November 9th (Wednesday), and entry is possible from October 13th (Thursday). We are looking for participants who will support Adora Japan’s humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.
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Anyone, anywhere. Your step becomes a donation!
PEACE WALK is a project to deliver support by “walking” to people suffering from conflicts and civil wars around the world under the concept of “Let’s start walking towards peace”.
Commuting to school, commuting, shopping, walking,,.
Daily “walking” time will change to time to deliver support. If you enter from the special site, anyone can easily participate from anywhere for free.
Matching donations will be delivered through Congrant according to the number of entries during the event period and the total number of steps measured by the participants using the smartphone pedometer app “minpo” or “Green Ponta Action”.
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◇ Click here for the special event site:

[Table 5: ]

◆ Schedule
October 13th (Thursday) Start accepting entries
October 24th (Monday) to 26th (Wednesday) Countdown event
* Held every day from 19:00 to 20:00, online distribution
October 27th (Thursday) PEACE WALK started (measurement started at 6:00) October 29 (Sat) GPS Art Walk Event @ Tokyo, Osaka
*Location will be announced at a later date. Scheduled from 10:00 to 12:00 November 9th (Wednesday) Last day of PEACE WALK (measurement ends at 18:00) November 16th (Wednesday) Closing event (to be distributed online) * You can enter anytime from October 27th (Thursday) to November 9th (Wednesday) until the end of the event.
◆ Countdown event
Towards the start of PEACE WALK, a walking donation, we will hold a countdown event for three consecutive days while discussing conflicts, refugee issues, and the “peace” we aim for, together with people from donation recipient organizations.

Monday, October 24th
・Medecin du Monde Japon
・Terra Renaissance
・Care International Japan
・Reach Alternatives (REALs)
Tuesday, October 25th
・Accept International
・Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan
・Peace Winds Japan
Wednesday, October 26th
・ADRA Japan
・United Nations Association for UNHCR
・Campaign for Palestinian Children
◆About the GPS Art Walk event
As the 2nd PEACE WALK-related event, we will create GPS art of “Peace” and “Wa” in Tokyo and Osaka, respectively, and hold a GPS Art Walk event to deliver the thoughts of peace from Japan to refugees around the world.
Date: October 29th (Sat) 10:00-12:00 About 4km per character (60-90 minutes) Venue: Osaka (Shinsekai area), Tokyo (Asakusa area)
* “GPS art” refers to art and messages created using the running app “adidas RUNNING” based on the walking trajectory recorded on the map on the app. Naoki Shimizu is a leading artist in creating art and posting on social media, and has created more than 1,000 works. * Click here for details of Mr. Shimizu’s activities ( [Image 3

[Table 6: ]
Anyone can enter for free from anywhere from October 13th (Thursday) until the end of the event.
■ Participation entry from here: *To participate in the event, you will need the smartphone app “minpo” or “Green Ponta Actoin”.

[Table 7: ]
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ADRA is one of the world’s largest international NGOs, with branches in about 120 countries around the world and cooperating with the United Nations.
With the motto “Change the world from one life”, with the warm support of everyone, regardless of race, religion, or politics, we stand by each and every one of you in areas affected by conflicts and natural disasters, as well as in developing countries. We are working to support independence.
There are now 17.7 million people in Ukraine in need of humanitarian assistance, an increase of 2 million in the six months since April. The situation is particularly dire in eastern and southern Ukraine, where people continue to seek life-saving assistance. Since October 10th, the situation has gotten even worse.
Now that winter is approaching, this year’s Ukrainian winter is said to be the worst ever.
Many houses and social facilities have been damaged, and many people cannot even live their daily lives.
[Image 5

Since February 2022, Adra has leveraged its operational base in Ukraine to deliver lifeline assistance to more than 7 million people, including food, shelter and transportation for evacuation.
While delivering support from Japan to Ukraine,
“You’ve come all the way from Japan. Thank you. I’m really grateful not only for receiving the food and continuing to eat it, but also for thinking of me from afar.”
We also have a voice.

[Video 2:]

As before, we will continue to distribute food and other items, but we will also focus on providing winter clothing, heating equipment, fuel, and other items to help the victims survive the winter. Please support our activities every step of the way.

[Table 8: ]

Organizer: Congrant Co., Ltd.
[Image 6d49238-29-b067095cd1e0cc6cb639-6.jpg&s3=49238-29-e6389a7a0d405d068506c5231095e489-1536x384.jpg
Using the smartphone app “minpo” that supports the holding of online charity walk events provided by Congrant Co., Ltd., we support the overall planning and operation of the walking donation “PEACE WALK”. The digital fundraising system “congrant” for NPOs and non-profit organizations provides a one-stop solution for collecting donations, making payments, and CRM for NPOs. There are 1,380 organizations that have introduced it, and the amount of donations has exceeded 3 billion yen. A social company that contributes to the fundraising of social organizations around the world.
Title Sponsor: Japan Donation Foundation
[Image 7d49238-29-e2d4ce9d079850d220bc-7.png&s3=49238-29-96afaeea7208e2160ffa5a855b85c1f5-1920x650.png
The Japan Endowment Foundation provides support for children, adolescents, the elderly and people with disabilities, activities to improve local communities and the environment, revival of traditional culture, arts and sports, and support for developing countries. A general incorporated foundation established to support organizations that support and solve social issues.
Operating partner: Loyalty Marketing Co., Ltd.
[Image 8d49238-29-17d5cbb344d12f6941aa-8.jpg&s3=49238-29-9727ab7bf73ab4992098d0964513bbe7-1919x269.jpg
Loyalty Marketing Co., Ltd., which operates the common point service “Ponta”, is developing the “Green Ponta Project” as an activity to achieve the SDGs. As part of this, in April 2021, we launched the smartphone app “Green Ponta Action”. This time, as a partner of PEACE WALK, the number of steps measured by the same app will be linked to PEACE WALK.
Partner: Greenroom Inc.
[Image 9d49238-29-fa38a8b8e06a80f5ac55-9.jpg&s3=49238-29-08cdd6e4610b0e5888c86000a55827ab-1170x216.jpg
Greenroom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Shuhei Yamazaki) is a tech company that supports research, analysis, product development, and PR, with strengths in the areas of
sustainability and SDGs.
We will support PEACE WALK with the news media “GREEN NOTE” (URL: where you can quickly understand
sustainability / SDGs.

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