Pastel Communication Co., Ltd. At noon on October 12, we will accept applications for holding “\ Become a pa rent and child you want to be this year / Start today with a child-rearing revolution Nicotto! During

Pastel Communication Co., Ltd.
At noon on October 12th, applications are being accepted for the “\Become a parent and child you want to be this year / Start today child-rearing revolution Nicotto!

Monthly membership site Nicotto! Cram school, operated by Pastel Communication Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku), where mothers raising children with developmental disorders and gray zones can learn and consult at any time, October 12 (Wednesday) 12-13 At the time, we will hold an online live to learn “\ Become a parent and child you want to be this year / Start today! Parenting revolution”.
Applications are being accepted until 11:00 on the 12th –
[Video 2:] hello. We will inform you about the Nicotto! live performance delivered by the monthly membership site “Nicotto! Due to its popularity, the monthly live performance will be held every Wednesday at 12:00 from this month.
16th October 12th (Wednesday) 12:00-13:00 ZOOM (viewable with video and audio turned off)
This week’s theme is
\ Become a parent and child you want to be this year / Start today! parenting revolution
There are three months left in this year, and looking back, I am sure there are many parents who have been frustrated by the same things day after day.
In fact, you can get the ideal parenting in just 3 months.
Every day I keep scolding myself for things I can’t do
Every day I give up on things I can’t do
What you need to do to graduate from such a daily life is to change your current response! I will tell you how to make a revolution in “now” when you can’t even think of “what is the ideal parenting…?” Lineup for October 12
[Image 1

1. There is more than one correct answer, the world’s most fun parenting revolution at home
Developmental science communication trainer Manami Naruse teaches kids who often forget things, who can’t put things away, who have trouble managing things, and who are developmentally uneven. Introducing secrets.
Message from Naruse
“Don’t you think that instead of throwing a tantrum, I should put up with the irritation instead of cleaning up?
Tidying up will develop the ability to organize and think about things, and the ability to make a plan and act, so the effect is not only to become beautiful ^^, Stop waiting and try this method from today, it will be the end of the year. There is no doubt that it will be a great force for cleaning the house! Please take home hints to solve your worries at Nicotto Live! ”
2. \ What should I do with this kind of “trouble”!? Parenting worries rescue team
Kayoko Yoshino, representative of developmental science communication, will answer the questions you received when you applied for the live viewing, and the worries about child development and parenting that you received in the chat on the day.
Online live application method
Participation method: Register as a new member and log in to the site. Click on the online live participation application from the member site.
Once you have completed the live application, you will receive an email with information about ZOOM.
Applications are being accepted from today until 11:00 on the day – –
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Nicotto! Juku is a member-only community, so you need to register as a member to use it.
Step1: First, register as a member
Step2: Start with free for the first month
Step3: Log in to Nicotto! Juku to use the service
* Monthly fee is 2,980 yen, and you can cancel at any time from the site. Please check this out for details.
[Introduction of presenters]
[Image 2d54387-244-cab447d31d15b9cabec9-3.png&s3=54387-244-390e81341db414ac86e74450088bab6d-236x260.png
Developmental Science Communication Trainer
Manami Naruse
Developed the “Children’s President Method” to have fun growing “the ability to think for themselves” for uneven kids who do not listen to career education from the age of 7.
We are providing support to solve current problem behaviors and future anxieties together with “help” from the perspective of future work!

[Image 3d54387-244-71af0d9a9b4f0d5301fb-2.png&s3=54387-244-2e05f3e31ca38268aa8ff8939e9f224c-540x540.png

Organizer: Kayoko Yoshino Founder of Communication in Developmental Sciences, Head of Pastel Research Institute, an expert in
developmental disorders and developmental support based on brain science.
After graduating from graduate school, engaged in brain science research at a company and development support at a medical
institution. Developed a unique development support program
“Developmental Science Communication” that combines methods of developmental disorders, pedagogy, and psychology, and became independent. Based on the idea that 365 days a year developmental support at home is the best!, we provide support to improve
parent-child communication and accelerate child development, as well as supporting entrepreneurship to enrich the lives of mothers. increase.
[Image 4d54387-244-e9baefa9c384f66ef7b5-1.jpg&s3=54387-244-103a6aae89a408af142fba9eeccf0273-598x590.jpg
Moderator: Akiko Shibusawa A hard-working mom who prioritizes raising children is reborn as a new self! Nicotto Live Announcer. Nicotto! I don’t want my life to end like this! I want to live more
interestingly! I’m rooting for such a mom with all my might!

[Image 5d54387-244-398c42349b005c154094-4.jpg&s3=54387-244-f328db3733ae91241e77b8d0a56660e1-600x600.jpg
■ Company Profile
Company name: Pastel Communication Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kayoko Yoshino
Location: Sunshine 60 45th floor, 3-1-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-6045
Business: Management of child-rearing courses / Research and development related to development / Community management /
Entrepreneurship support business
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