Pastel Communication Co., Ltd. You can learn social skills (SST) for young children, get tired of working hard and tantrums … graduate! E-book free download starts to extend girls’ “switching power” during the sports festival season

Pastel Communication Co., Ltd.
You can learn social skills (SST) of young children, and you will be tired of working hard and tantrums will be graduated! E-book free download starts to extend girls’ “switching power” during the sports festival season

On the web media “Pastel Research Institute” site for children with developmental disorders in the gray zone operated by Pastel
Communication Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kayoko Yoshino), developmental science communication trainer Shiori Hara An e-book where you can learn the original social skill training (SST) that you want moms of girls with developmental disorders gray zone to read up to school grade “Improve the switching power of tired and frustrated girls with event fatigue! Free download of “Imitation Counseling” will start. Click here for details:
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Nice to meet you, my name is Shiori Hara. This time, “Improve the switching power of irritated girls who are tired of events! Imitation Counseling “e-book free download has started.
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s latest Kindergarten Curriculum Standards, etc., have presented “10 ideals for children to grow up to by the end of early childhood.” Here, in each kindergarten, the qualities and abilities that we want children to grow up by accumulating life and play suitable for infancy are concretely shown. However, children who are concerned about their development will not develop into 10-year-olds just by living and playing normally. The reason is that there are many things that are difficult to learn and stressful because there is a slow part of the way the brain develops. In particular, it is easy to have problems in interpersonal relationships, and this is largely related to the slow development of the way people perceive things and communication skills. Support is increasing, such as the placement of additional staff, but the current situation is that it is still not enough. Therefore, I have been involved in kindergartens and nursery schools as a teacher and nursery teacher for more than 15 years, and have conducted research based on my experience of raising children. By doing so, you can feel that your child is empathetic, and you can gain a sense of security and confidence!” In this e-book, we tell you how to communicate with your child that mothers can easily incorporate in their daily lives.
After graduating from university, I fulfilled my dream and worked as a teacher at a public kindergarten. Along the way, they get married and have children. I was full of expectations and hopes that I would be able to raise my own children this time. However, I was secretly worried about my child’s tantrums, obsessions, hypersensitivity, and troubles with friends. After that, I encountered developmental science communication, and when I conducted research on my own child-rearing from the perspective of “brain science” and put it into practice, I found that communication between mothers and children could solve the problems of interpersonal relationships for children in the gray zone of developmental disorders. You can go! That’s what I understand. This time, through this e-book, I will tell you how to flatten and positively change the perception of things that tend to be negative in children who have a gray zone of developmental disorders in early childhood and a sensitive temperament, and how to connect it to the ability to interact with people. I’m here. I hope that this book will help mothers to get out of the painful child-rearing that they feel is difficult to handle and raise, and to be able to feel the joy and happiness of being involved with their children. I want them to be able to live freely in their own way in a group life and a social life that they often feel.
A good boy outside, a tantrum inside! I want moms who are worried about this situation to read “Improve the switching power of irritated girls who are tired of events!” Imitation Counseling
◆ E-book table of contents
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■ Author profile
Developmental Science Communication Trainer Shiori Hara
While working as a teacher at a kindergarten, in raising her own children, she was troubled by “tantrums that won’t go away when she grows up”, “fierce sibling quarrels”, “obsession”, and “friend troubles”. I spent every day without confidence in raising children. I was aware that developmental characteristics were involved, but I pretended not to see it, using my busy work as an excuse. In fact, I didn’t pay attention to the fact that children are many times more painful. However, when I encountered developmental science
communication, not only did my child’s problem behavior disappear, but I myself became able to calmly and enjoy parenting. Now, I am a happy mother who enjoys raising children to the fullest. Like me in the past, I want to save mothers who are suffering and don’t know what to do! I want to extend the ability to interact with children and expand the possibilities of the future! I think, and I’m active.
■ What is developmental science communication?
Based on the scientific evidence that Kayoko Yoshino, the leader of the Developmental Science Lab, has compiled independently based on her 15 years of experience and achievements in developmental support as a clinical developmental psychologist, as well as her knowledge of brain science, psychology, and pedagogy. It is also a communication method that encourages brain growth and development. It is a daily
communication technique that understands the characteristics of children and draws out their good points. If you master developmental science communication, just by talking with your child, your child’s troubled behavior will decrease and your child’s motivation and ability will increase.
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【Company Profile】
Company name: Pastel Communication Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kayoko Yoshino
Location: Sunshine 60, 45th floor, 3-1-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-6045
Business content: Management of child-rearing courses / research and development related to development / entrepreneurship support business URL:
Supporting member of “Healthy Parents and Children 21”, a national movement in which all related people, related organizations and organizations work together with the aim of realizing a “society where all children can grow up in good health.”
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