Perfect Co., Ltd. provides cutting-edge AI & AR technology to KATE’s latest store experience device “TOKYO TWO FACES”

Perfect Co., Ltd.
Perfect Co., Ltd. provides cutting-edge AI & AR technology to KATE’s latest store experience device “TOKYO TWO FACES”
The latest over-the-counter experience type device that allows you to experience Tokyo while finding the perfect makeup for yourself using AI

Tokyo, Japan (October 21, 2022), Perfect Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Perfect), which provides solution services utilizing AI and AR technology and encourages digital transformation (DX) in the beauty and fashion industries, The global makeup brand “KATE” will launch the “AI Face Analyzer” function that instantly identifies the facial features of each user and the AR function that enables virtual makeup fitting at Matsumoto Kiyoshi Couse in Hong Kong from October 21st. We are pleased to announce that we have provided it to “TOKYO TWO FACES” to be introduced at Weibai store.
“TOKYO TWO FACES”, which has AI technology from Perfect Co., Ltd., scans the face of the user standing in front of it, analyzes the facial features with KATE’s unique logic, and combines it with a mechanism that determines the color of the clothes. , recommends cities in Tokyo that match the characteristics of each user. Users can enjoy a unique shopping experience by virtually experiencing makeup on the spot that matches the image of the city, taking pictures with the user’s smartphone with the projected background of TOKYO.
Perfect’s various services, including “AI Face Analyzer”, support the construction of rich consumer purchasing experiences on the official websites and SNS of brands and retailers. There is no need to launch an external application or external device for installation, and by combining with the logic and functions of the brand, you can build a unique and seamless purchasing experience.
Click here for details on Perfect “AI Face Analyzer” Click here for the Perfect “AI Face Analyzer” experience ■ Click here for various AI & AR introduction examples A certain well-known domestic Depacos brand and Dracos brand, which have introduced services using AI and AR technology to their brand sites and e-commerce sites, reported that users spent more time on product pages, increased average customer spend, and reduced return rates. I’m here. We have compiled a wealth of information that will give you hints on how to improve the page performance of your brand site and e-commerce site.
■ About Perfect Co., Ltd.
Perfect Co., Ltd. currently has bases in Taiwan (headquarters), Japan, the United States, Europe, China, and India, and has developed a series of beauty apps with over 900 million downloads, including the AR beauty app “YouCam Makeup”. A company that provides a virtual experience of makeup and accessories developed using advanced facial recognition technology and AI technology for brands, fashion brands, and retail stores as a service. By fusing beauty and technology, fashion and technology, we are building a platform that connects consumers and brands in an unprecedented way. Currently, we welcome more than 410 cosmetic brands as partners and develop more than 100,000 cosmetic products in more than 60 countries. We will support the provision of an environment where customers can enjoy a
comfortable shopping experience with less stress.
■ About this news release
The content and product information described in this news release may change in the future due to changes in market trends, social conditions, management policies, etc. Perfect Co., Ltd. does not guarantee the permanent consistency of the content described in this news release.
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