Performance-based appointment acquisition service | Official release of “Takeru Kotoba Writing Company”

Person in charge of new appointments
Toreru Kotoba Writing Co., Ltd.
Official release of “Takeru Kotoba Writing Company”
We specialize in the lighting business that “catch” responses.
Based on our extensive experience and thorough data analysis, we maximize the reader’s interest and get a lot of responses.
This time, we have officially released “Toreru Kotoba Writing Company Co., Ltd.” (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kim Jinsen), which operates a writing business that “catch” responses. increase.
2. “Catchable article LP” Article LP production service dedicated to AD operation
3. “Catchable Lighting” ghost writing service
4. “Takeru Daihitsu” note writing agency service
■ About our company
Company name: Hareru Kotoba writing company
Location: 2nd floor, Kotobuki 4-15-10, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Kim Jin-sun, Representative Director
Established: June 10, 2021
■ Contact information
Public Relations Manager: Kim
Email address:

Details about this release:


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