PERSOL Starts “Wind Tunnel Test Solution Service” with 3D Printer Modeling

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PERSOL Starts “Wind Tunnel Test Solution Service” with 3D Printer Modeling – Providing a one-stop solution for designing, manufacturing, and analyzing large-scale models to improve the fuel efficiency of automobiles, etc. –

Persol R&D Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; President and CEO: Eiji Isoda; hereafter referred to as Persol R&D), which engages in the technical engineering business in the Persol Group, has established ORIX Rentec Corporation (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO). : Nobuhisa Hosokawa, hereinafter ORIX Rentec), we will start providing wind tunnel test solution services with 3D printer modeling. This will enable us to provide one-stop support from design to modeling, measurement, analysis, and testing for customers who are struggling with the development of aerodynamic items to improve fuel efficiency of passenger cars and trucks.
■ Background: Automobile manufacturers must comply with new fuel efficiency standards
CO2 emissions from automobiles account for about 15%*1 of the total emissions in Japan, and in recent years, attention has been focused on improving the fuel efficiency of automobiles as one of the measures against global warming. In addition, in the “Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy (Energy Conservation Law)” *2, in addition to electrical equipment, automobiles are also specified as “specified energy consumption equipment”, and improvement of energy consumption efficiency is recommended. For passenger and freight vehicles, new fuel efficiency standards have been set based on the Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy, which must be achieved by manufacturers and others. As a result, automobile manufacturers and importers are required to improve average fuel efficiency values ​​by each target year for each weight category (passenger cars: FY2030*3, heavy-duty vehicles: FY2025*4).
*1: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and
Tourism|Environment *2: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry | Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Energy Conservation Law *3: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism | Establishment of 2030 Fuel Economy Standards for Passenger Vehicles *4: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and
Tourism|Establishment of fuel efficiency standards for heavy vehicles with a target fiscal year of 2025 Started “Wind Tunnel Test Solution Service Utilizing 3D Printer Modeling” with ORIX Rentec
In response to the new fuel efficiency standards mentioned above, demand is increasing for “aerodynamic items” that can reduce air resistance and suppress fuel consumption. is one of the challenges. Above all, in “wind tunnel experiments” to understand the effects of air flow on objects, model accuracy has a great influence on the results. Furthermore, in the past, wind tunnel test models of large vehicles such as trucks had to be manufactured using FRP hand lay-up molding*5, which is difficult to achieve with high precision, and there were problems with dimensional accuracy. Therefore, Persol R&D, which has been engaged in the design development, analysis, and testing of automobiles, industrial machinery, and home appliances for many years, and ORIX Rentec, which comprehensively handles everything from 3D printer modeling to installation support and rentals, have collaborated. We will start a “Wind Tunnel Test Solution Service” that can respond. Manufactured by FRP hand lay-up modeling by finishing the model produced by 3D printer modeling
It is possible to reduce the manufacturing error to about 1/10 compared to the model that was made, and it is possible to manufacture a more highly accurate model.
*5: A molding method in which a model mold is impregnated with fiber reinforced plastics and resin using a brush or the like, and hardened after defoaming.
[Image 1d16451-708-30cf8b83e375a90e4582-0.png&s3=16451-708-ebb51f2bcfba688be479572defb9da27-850x316.png
■ Service overview
We manufacture high-precision models for wind tunnel experiments for various products such as automobiles, small mobility devices, and aerospace equipment. In addition to model production, we also provide comprehensive support for a wide variety of issues related to wind tunnel experiments, such as wind tunnel experiment agency services. 1.3D CAD data creation service
[Image 2d16451-708-6c55ce28062c1f99895d-1.png&s3=16451-708-08b75deebf7a2fa19da66ba32d85a38b-277x111.png
From the design data, create detailed 3D CAD data for each part such as the body, grill, bumper, headlight, etc. We can also propose a structural design that considers the strength for wind tunnel experiments and a layout of Venturi tubes for atmospheric pressure measurement.
2.3D model making service
[Image 3d16451-708-8abc73ce527434961b32-2.jpg&s3=16451-708-f9c144765c986e06ba7f99390bb8a41c-122x96.jpg
By making a model of multiple parts, it is possible to perform multiple patterns of wind tunnel experiments by replacing any part, which greatly reduces model production costs. We also support painting and installation of auxiliary equipment according to customer needs. 3. High-precision 3D scanning measurement service
[Image 4d16451-708-59bb2b462c85f7d0954d-3.jpg&s3=16451-708-57b9c28becaef596a8a8341126616644-122x93.jpg
The production model is measured with a high-precision 3D hand scanner and 3D data is acquired. It is possible to grasp the error between the “3D CAD data” used at the time of model production and the “scanned actual measurement value”.
4. Wind tunnel test service
[Image 5d16451-708-fc0e0b7b80e83850164f-4.jpg&s3=16451-708-73fb90855e913e4040ca992c75e35be4-123x63.jpg
We respond to a wide range of customer needs, from utilizing the customer’s own wind tunnel testing facilities to conducting
experiments by arranging a wind tunnel testing site.
5. Aerodynamic analysis service
[Image 6d16451-708-90f9a077d5aec77a3e75-5.png&s3=16451-708-97d8e899685629a4812cd3545852daa5-392x142.png
Aerodynamic analysis using 3D CAD data and data measured with a high-precision 3D hand scanner. We can handle everything from the flow of air throughout the vehicle and into the engine room to the flow velocity, flow rate, pressure distribution, and temperature
Persol R&D and ORIX Rentec will continue to contribute to improving the fuel efficiency of automobiles and reducing CO2 emissions as a countermeasure against global warming by improving the accuracy of wind tunnel experiments through the production of high-precision models.
About Persol R&D Co., Ltd.-
Persol R&D Co., Ltd. supports the design and development of companies in areas such as automobiles, aerospace, robots, and digital home appliances through technical consulting, full-scale contracting, partial contracting, and engineer dispatch.
We will continue to provide “one-stop services” from design, research and development to testing, making full use of our design, testing and certification services, and model-based development (MBD) technology in the fields of mechanical, electrical/electronic, and control software.
■About ORIX Rentec Corporation-
ORIX Rentec was founded in 1976 as Japan’s first measuring instrument rental company, and since then has expanded its business centered on the rental of high-tech equipment. Output service started. Against the backdrop of the declining birthrate, aging population, and declining population, labor shortages at manufacturing sites are becoming more serious. We will contribute to the development of industry.
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