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Persol Tempstaff Co., Ltd. “DX professional human resources” support the promotion of DX in 19 municipalit ies in Okayama Prefecture based on the characteristics and requests of the Persol Group and each municipality

Persol Tempstaff Co., Ltd.
Based on the characteristics and requests of the Persol Group and each municipality, “DX professional human resources” support the promotion of DX in 19 municipalities in Okayama Prefecture
~ Leading to the realization of “Lively Okayama” where residents live with bright smiles ~

Persol Tempstaff Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazunari Kimura; hereinafter referred to as Persol Tempstaff), which handles temporary staffing and outsourcing business in the Persol Group, a comprehensive human resources service, has collaborated with Persol Group companies to In order to solve the problems faced by the municipalities of Okayama Prefecture, we are entrusted with “Okayama Prefecture Municipal DX Promotion Support Business” and provide advice and support for DX promotion based on the characteristics and requests of each municipality.
The management support service “HiPro” operated by PERSOL CAREER CO., LTD. Biz” and Persol Process & Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, President: Koichi Yokomichi, hereinafter Persol P&T). “HiPro Biz” utilizes the experience and know-how of more than 10,000 cases of professional human resource utilization, and has highly specialized experience such as human resources who have led DX at private business companies, human resources who are familiar with local government systems, and IT consultants.・ We will match the best professional human resources with skills and support DX promotion according to the characteristics of each municipality.
Persol P&T has provided consulting services such as BPR support for DX for many companies. Utilizing their extensive experience and knowledge, consultants will be in charge of appropriate support tailored to the issues of each municipality, such as drastic review of business processes, improvement of business productivity, and development of DX human resources.
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Toward a society in which residents can equally enjoy the benefits of digitalization by systematically promoting local government DX based on the characteristics of municipalities in Okayama Prefecture Based on the “Local government DX promotion plan” announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in December 2020, each municipality will standardize and share information systems and implement administrative measures by the end of 2025. There is a need to promote a wide range of DX, including items that should be prioritized, such as making procedures online. In addition, on September 2, 2022, the Local Government DX Promotion Plan [Version 2.0] was formulated, and the general affairs Support measures by the ministry and related ministries were also compiled.
The vision of the digital society that we should aim for is “a society where people can choose services that meet their needs through the use of digital technology, and where diverse happiness can be realized: a human-friendly digitalization that leaves no one behind.” In order to realize this vision, the role of local governments, especially municipalities, which are responsible for administration close to residents, is extremely important, and the significance of promoting local government DX is increasing.
However, there are variations in the construction of promotion systems and the progress of priority initiatives depending on the
municipality, and there are various issues such as lack of financial resources, lack of human resources, and lack of know-how in
formulating DX strategies and promotion measures.
Persol Tempstaff, together with subcontractors Persol Career and Persol P&T, will work together with subcontractors to carry out the “Okayama Prefecture Municipal DX Promotion Support Business”, which will lead to the realization of Okayama Prefecture’s comprehensive plan of “Lively Okayama.” We will support the promotion of DX in each municipality so that residents of each municipality can equally enjoy the benefits of digitization by having all municipalities align and systematically promote DX according to the progress of each region. increase.
Overview of Okayama Prefecture Municipal DX Promotion Support Operations -scheme-
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(1) Support for promoting DX in municipalities
Investigate requests for support from municipalities, and determine the target municipalities after consultation with the prefecture. -Targeted 19 municipalities in Okayama Prefecture-
Tsuyama City, Tamano City, Kasaoka City, Ibara City, Soja City, Bizen City, Akaiwa City, Maniwa City, Mimasaka City, Asakuchi City, Wake Town, Hayashima Town, Yakage Town, Shinjo Village, Kagamino Town, Shoo Town, Nagi Town , Kumenan Town, Misaki Town
(2) Support through local dispatch, etc. to target municipalities After formulating a support plan, a specialist consultant will provide on-site support at least three times.
-Contents of main local support-
[Table 2: ]
(3) Establishment of a consultation desk during the period of dispatch We will set up consultation desks in each municipality throughout the year to respond to inquiries from municipal officials.
The Persol Group has a track record of many transactions with local governments nationwide, and by leveraging its extensive know-how on promoting DX and the Group’s comprehensive strengths, it supports administrative services that contribute to improving the lives of local residents, and contributes to the realization of a sustainable society through digitalization. We will contribute to the development of the local economy and the creation of employment to realize this. ■ About Persol Process & Technology Co., Ltd. – – PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.’s mission is to increase the productivity of people and organizations through the power of people, process design, and technology. In addition to consulting, system development, and outsourcing according to the business issues of our customers, we aim to create a society where people and technology can coexist, and we will provide the latest technologies and services that make full use of RPA and AI.
About Persol Career Co., Ltd. – – Persol Career Co., Ltd. has a mission of giving people the power to make “work” their own, and through the job change service “doda” and the career strategy platform “iX” for high-class human resources. We provide support and more. In May 2022, we will launch “HiPro”, a brand that supports the comprehensive utilization of professional human resources, and will enter the side business and freelance fields in earnest. We will use the collective strengths of the Group to create social value that focuses more than ever on the “work” of individuals, face social issues head-on, and aim to realize a society in which all “work” leads to smiles.
■ About Persol Tempstaff Co., Ltd. – – Persol Tempstaff Co., Ltd. provides services such as temporary staffing, business process outsourcing, and government commissioned business. From July 2017, the company name was changed from Tempstaff Co., Ltd. to Persol Tempstaff Co., Ltd. We aim to solve labor and employment issues with the collective strength of the group. The PERSOL Group will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the achievement of the SDGs through a variety of businesses related to people and organizations, with a group vision of “Work and Laugh.”

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