Pet Lifestyle Co., Ltd. To make life with pets richer and more enjoyable! AMILIE Magazine Vol.5, an information magazine for living happily with pets, is published!

Pet Lifestyle Co., Ltd.
To make life with pets richer and more enjoyable! AMILIE Magazine Vol.5, an information magazine for living happily with pets, is published!

Pet Lifestyle Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo;
Representative: Koichi Nakajima) will publish “AMILIE Magazine Vol. published on the day.
Dogs, cats, and pets spend most of their lives at home, and the living environment is very important in order to prevent stress for both people and pets that can lead to pet illness, injury, or abandonment. Therefore, a safe, secure, and comfortable home with pets is indispensable for a rich and enjoyable life with pets.
For that reason, we are linking “AMILIE web” opened in 2020 and “AMILIE media” on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to widely and deeply deliver information on living happily with pets. With the support of many housing-related companies, the fifth issue has been published.
AMILIE MAGAZINE: Due to the increasing number of households with pets due to the corona crisis, housing-related companies are also focusing on activities to propose housing for pet lovers. ADC) & Cat House Coordinator (ACC) has a cumulative total of more than 5,700 students, and the number of business establishments that have introduced qualifications is over 2,500.
The 60,000 copies of the AMILIE magazine are distributed at animal hospitals, trimming salons, pet shops, and housing-related companies with ADC & ACC qualifications nationwide.
The number of pets has increased due to the corona crisis, and on the other hand, the number of tragedies due to illness, injury, and abandonment of breeding is also increasing.
Including the desire to keep pets, 36% of all households are pet lovers, and the need for a living environment suitable for living with pets is increasing. In the housing industry, which is facing the need to “create new demand” due to soaring prices, interest in housing demand from pet lovers has increased significantly. Openings are also on the rise.
The AMILIE magazine published this time,
・Popular standard content “Exploring wonderful homes where dogs and cats are happy”
・ Special feature on “Comfortable garden where your dog will be happy” that the owner can release with peace of mind
・”Recommended building materials catalog” to change your life with your dog / cat
・Recommended goods for pet lovers
・ Transform into a “happy home for both people and cats” with the perspective and skills of a professional who knows cats
We provide a wide range of information for a rich and enjoyable life, with a focus on housing.
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In addition to being posted on AMILIE web, this information is also introduced on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook’s “AMILIE Media”, as well as on YouTube’s “AMILIE Channel”, which has seen a particularly large increase in the number of views recently. It is also useful for PR of housing-related companies.
Housing-related companies, which have not been able to say that they have made proposals to families with pets until now, are actively working to pursue customer satisfaction, and as a result, various successful cases are increasing day by day. I’m here.
We are introducing information about them in the online seminar, so please check the housing demand trends in the pet lovers market. Contents of the online seminar [theme and holding time]
Pet Lovers Housing Market Demand Capture Webinar
Every Monday and Friday 10:00-11:30 am
【Company Profile】
Name: Pet Lifestyle Co., Ltd.
Address: New Shimbashi Building 518, 2-16-1 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-6268-8612
AMILIE channel (for toC) Pet Lifestyle Business Channel (for toB) YouTube Instagram:

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