Petit Lou Co., Ltd. Exam season is in full swing! A fluffy cat that delivers healing and ale. A mascot of a cat that doesn’t fall down and delivers the feeling of “Do your best” and “I’m rooting for you!” Release commemorative campaign is being hel

Petilou Co., Ltd.
Exam season is in full swing! A fluffy cat that delivers healing and ale. A mascot of a cat that doesn’t fall down and delivers the feeling of “Do your best” and “I’m rooting for you!” Release commemorative campaign is being held.
A cute little white cat mascot that is said to be a symbol of good luck. A cheering gift unique to stuffed animals that delivers ale and healing to students who tend to be anxious. For those who work hard for important games, job hunting, auditions, etc.

Petilou Co., Ltd. (Location: Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Kazuto Nagata), which plans, manufactures and sells original stuffed animals, has started selling “Success Prayer Cat”. A lucky white cat will help you take the exam! The exam season is finally in full swing!
The exam season is finally in full swing!
There must be many people who want to deliver the feeling of “Do your best” and “I’m rooting for you” to your children, friends, and acquaintances who are studying hard every day.
However, it is only during this sensitive period that you may be more careful about what you say to someone or what you give them, such as “I don’t want to feel pressured” or “Do you already have a lucky charm?”
Therefore, Petilou proposes the “victory prayer cat”.
[Image 1d39126-8-75f37e5b05e57f82e96b-0.jpg&s3=39126-8-75e6cdc01381e2889a69ecb14c7ebc59-1080x1080.jpg

A mascot praying for the fulfillment of a wish at a shrine
“Praying for Victory Cat” is a mascot of a cat who prayed for the fulfillment of a wish at “Aritoshi Shrine”, which is famous as a local god of wisdom in Putiruu.
It is not as formal as the amulet of a shrine, and conveys the feelings of “Do your best” and “I’m rooting for you.”
Aritoshi Shrine is located in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture. [Image 2d39126-8-9da1e1787d51d253e523-1.jpg&s3=39126-8-4048366decd4fd4cb7c5889f0b9b98c5-753x500.jpg
State of prayer.
[Image 3d39126-8-86a62879c7049f91d5f1-2.jpg&s3=39126-8-ddcbe33309628dd254c2275a16e56618-1271x954.jpg

Proudly delivered by a manufacturer specializing in plush toys with 53 years of history
Petilou has been making stuffed animals for 53 years this year. We continue to propose stuffed animals that are not toys, but that are close to your life and can be loved for a long time.
Among them, the “healing effect of stuffed animals” has been attracting particular attention recently.
It is said that when you look at or touch a stuffed animal, oxytocin, which is known as the “happiness hormone,” is secreted. Students who tend to be nervous and unstable need not only “support” but also “healing”.
The “Success Prayer Cat” has a soft touch and a gentle expression, and will heal the hearts of examinees.
A cute kitten with round eyes and a gentle smile.
[Image 4d39126-8-05e3b4bd4bb7aaf43d27-3.jpg&s3=39126-8-0335d6ce546d420d1f453cdad871f391-2976x1984.jpg
Small and cute, palm size.
[Image 5d39126-8-ef227be9da0bdc6484be-4.jpg&s3=39126-8-9af14f81c31cd78abee7c7c2ccb420f5-2976x1984.jpg

Sit steady. Ingenuity not to fall.
The secret to being “stable” on the fluffy cushion is the cat’s hand and the magnet in the cushion.
Since the cat and cushion are firmly attached, you can display it stably without falling over even on a fluffy cushion.
The compact size makes it easy to decorate in small spaces such as study desks and bookshelves, and can be displayed where you always see it.
[Image 6d39126-8-89f68a89a01628405c81-5.jpg&s3=39126-8-18917a035dc3d673a6fe74bc942cb99e-3900x2584.jpg

On the day of the exam, I will follow you to the venue.
Cat and cushion can be removed.
On the days of exams and competitions, if you attach it to your bag with the included ball chain and take the cat that prays for victory with you to the venue, you should be able to demonstrate your usual strength without being overly nervous.
You can also attach it to your school or school bag.
[Image 7d39126-8-af3524c602c39e0c2a15-7.jpg&s3=39126-8-bfe36bf5330e04816cefd4cfc7429c15-1040x720.jpg

[Image 8d39126-8-22bfdf7cd3841f939eda-6.jpg&s3=39126-8-265e603beecbc5f3e0e500b922a0854d-3900x2584.jpg

It is possible to put your name, expected date of birth, and message on the soles of your feet.
As a separate option, if you put your name, school of choice, and a message on the soles of the feet, it will become the only cat in the world to pray for victory.
[Image 9d39126-8-ac2127601d5102314b05-8.jpg&s3=39126-8-09bee4be5e2ce4fbcaed032d886e9391-1080x1080.jpg

New product campaign in progress! 200 yen OFF with debut discount At the Petit Lou head office, it is now on sale at a 200 yen discount as a new product campaign.
Until 12:00 on 11/7 (Monday).
[Image 10d39126-8-2e14e6bceec2d4f6eac0-9.jpg&s3=39126-8-005404427aa5fb52a7006b082eb9f33e-1040x1040.jpg

Support for important games, qualification exams, and employment exams! The “Success Prayer Cat”, which supports those who work hard toward their goals, also supports those who work hard in sports,
qualification exams, and auditions.
We would like to continue to deepen the bond with our loved ones and create stuffed animals that are close to our lives.
■ size
Cat: Height 12cm x Width 8cm x Depth 4.5cm
Cushion: 8.5cm×8.5cm×3cm
■ Reference URL
・Petitlou head office ・ Victory Prayer Cat
■Company profile
Company name: Putiruu Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 5-8 Rinkuoraiminami, Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture Founded in 1969
Business: Planning, manufacturing and sales of plush toys
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