PetVoice Co., Ltd., which provides “PetVoice”, a dedicated activity meter for dogs and cats, implemented a third-party allotment of 150 million yen in the pre-series A round. Started clinical data collection with KOLs

PetVoice Co., Ltd.
PetVoice Co., Ltd., which provides “PetVoice”, a dedicated activity meter for dogs and cats, implemented a third-party allotment of 150 million yen in the pre-series A round. Started clinical data collection with KOLs

PetVoice Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and CEO Atsushi Fukada), which provides “PetVoice”, an activity meter exclusively for dogs and cats, under the slogan of “a healthy life for pets”, is a joint venture with Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market Code 8462) and Spiral Innovation. Partners LLP (T&D Innovation Investment Business Limited Liability Partnership) co-leads Saison Ventures Co., Ltd. and SMBC Venture Capital as underwriters through a third-party allotment of new shares, raising a total of 150 million yen (hereinafter referred to as this procurement). ) has been completed.
PetVoice service site:
[Image 1d82467-6-23b53ff05a72372f217c-0.png&s3=82467-6-74e441e82704f90460366f92c7978378-2400x1256.png
◆Future business development and use of funds
PetVoice uses the latest technology to monitor the health of your dog or cat 24 hours a day. Even if your pet looks healthy, there is a risk that the disease is progressing without you even realizing it. [Image 2d82467-6-879cf6bb8e45629b718a-8.png&s3=82467-6-7024ab09f85cfbceeee8acb45a3eeca9-1200x800.png
Data show that more than 80% of pets die within a short period of time, less than a year after the onset of symptoms.
PetVoice independently interviewed about 300 veterinarians and investigated the reasons, and found that “by the time the owner noticed the illness and brought it to the animal hospital, it was already too late.”
[Image 3d82467-6-638ab0411b18d0ea740b-7.png&s3=82467-6-5c563a7254e668699ad70e65030b471a-1200x800.png
In order to solve this problem, PetVoice has developed the world’s most high-spec collar-type activity meter for dogs and cats, and an application that can link data with veterinary hospitals.
[Image 4d82467-6-c29cc2f5aad91c1cb448-9.png&s3=82467-6-77b81afdb2708e98517d74c33f1d82d3-1200x800.png
PetVoice is a world-class healthcare device for dogs and cats that can acquire a wide variety of health data with high accuracy against the background of patented original technology.
The high performance has been highly evaluated by KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) in the veterinary field. Aiming to utilize PetVoice in clinical settings, we will use the funds raised this time to strongly promote KOL and clinical data collection and protocolization of PetVoice utilization in veterinary medicine. In addition, we will make upfront investment in further product development in order to expand the scenes of use in clinical settings.
◆Comment from KOL
Dog and Cat Dermatology | Asian Veterinary Dermatologist Director Nobuo Murayama [Image 5d82467-6-91aaa5b87e8d6d0d7e91-2.jpg&s3=82467-6-4102abb8394f851ba6a2e8fb1854edbc-1800x2700.jpg
Communication with pet owners is important in the treatment of skin diseases. If you are complaining of itching, instead of just listening to the itching time, such as “When and what time do you have itching at home?” We also ask about the effects of the treatment, such as “Did you change to normal?” At that time, it is necessary to ensure that there is no discrepancy between the family’s evaluation and the skin symptoms and treatment effects.
PetVoice records objective data such as the amount of activity of the pet and the time of grooming, including when the pet owner is away and when they are asleep. Until now, itching was evaluated based on hearing from pet owners and skin symptoms, but PetVoice seems to have ample potential to assist in diagnosis, and will be used as a communication tool with pet owners in the future. I hope that we can. Tokyo Cat Medical Center | Director Sachi Hattori
[Image 6d82467-6-f42c9dc32f97b5cc482f-1.jpg&s3=82467-6-3ca164ae88227662103f7b4b949f4955-1800x2700.jpg
Basically, I think that a healthy cat should ideally be able to stay without a collar.
However, we believe that a device such as PetVoice will function effectively in terms of acquiring data that pet owners cannot necessarily visually observe in cats with diseases. For example, depending on the disease, fever appears as an early symptom, and there are cases where temperature control is necessary during follow-up. Unlike other devices, PetVoice can acquire rectal temperature (estimate) and the data is also provided to the veterinary hospital. In the future, we expect that the accumulation of use cases in clinical settings will increase the reliability and expand the range of utilization.

◆PetVoice Team
PetVoice has a strong veterinarian and marketing team to propose new veterinary protocols. After gaining clinical experience as a veterinarian, Mitsuhashi, who was in charge of KOL marketing at Royal Canin, which boasts the largest share of therapeutic diets sold through veterinary hospitals, will lead this field.
[Image 7d82467-6-42c0d811d2c193bf0677-5.jpg&s3=82467-6-9a5bcd0a524cde3b8cdef2d36923bc6c-3900x2601.jpg
Led by PetVoice CTO Oshiro, who was involved in the development of Xperia at Sony, the hardware team, firmware team, AI team, and application team are all in-house. We strongly promote product development.
[Image 8d82467-6-6f04f0cdb24c5a658302-6.jpg&s3=82467-6-a86ed78b02a5a79083ce14fd6d718a36-3900x2600.jpg
PetVoice works with veterinary hospitals to replace health management that pet owners know is important but cannot be handled by pet owners alone, PetVoice provides essential services for both pet owners and veterinary hospitals Aim. The PetVoice team, headed by Fukada, will do our best to improve the service so that we can spend a long day with our precious family (pet dogs and cats) through PetVoice.
[Image 9d82467-6-0f2a06e902dce630aecc-13.jpg&s3=82467-6-4909d6d94706972ee9e3ad69291a115f-975x650.jpg
◆ Comments from investors
Mr. Atsushi Nakazawa, Senior Investment Officer, Investment Division, Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
[Image 10d82467-6-ca41c1179a3326064791-4.png&s3=82467-6-e13fa87362fba5a6979869ba223a16cf-500x500.png
This is the second investment following the previous seed round. From product design, we have consistently thought about pets and owners, listening to the voices of users and veterinarians and making improvements repeatedly. The development of hardware is a series of difficulties, but even in such circumstances, the undiminished energy and driving force are really reliable as a manager. We believe that our technology-packed devices will seamlessly connect pets, owners, and veterinarians to enrich the entire pet market. We will continue to fully support PetVoice’s challenges.

Spiral Innovation Partners Partner Kazuhiro Kamata
[Image 11d82467-6-06570d72ea76119da486-14.jpg&s3=82467-6-c24fc650223b7d26599c0fcc36ee13bf-488x488.jpg
We have invested in PetVoice as a joint lead investor. Even in these days when pets are becoming more and more part of the family, it is difficult for owners to correctly judge the health condition of their pets, and it has become common to request medical care at a veterinary hospital based only on their senses. PetVoice’s health management device not only allows you to monitor the health status of your pet dog or cat from various angles, but it is also very good from the perspective of being able to cooperate with veterinary hospitals. We look forward to further expanding the world of pet health through PetVoice devices.
Mr. Kenta Sugitani, SMBC Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
[Image 12d82467-6-ab635bcd945c335f9683-12.jpg&s3=82467-6-6ecb365955803c81ea5061a973ebbb15-800x800.jpg
PetVoice not only keeps an eye on your dog or cat, but also
comprehensively understands their detailed behavior, which will be useful for veterinary care and will lead to early detection of abnormalities.
If behavioral data obtained from a device that makes full use of a 9-axis sensor is recognized as pre-disease/disease diagnosis information, it has the potential to become a must-have item for veterinarians and pet owners.
I hope that PetVoice, which has high technological capabilities and a mission to work on solving problems in animal society, will achieve further growth.

Mr. Masaaki Tsukino, Saison Ventures Co., Ltd.
An important family with a frustrating relationship where they understand each other in heart but not in language. We are confident that the technology and passion of the PetVoice team will overcome language barriers and lead families to health and happiness in the future.
◆ Information about PetVoice Co., Ltd.
Company name: PetVoice Co., Ltd.
Address: FPG Links KYOBASHI 4F, 2-7-8 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Established: July 6, 2020
Representative: Atsushi Fukada, Representative Director
Capital: 215,769,000 yen (including capital reserve)
Business description: Development of health management devices and apps for pets URL:

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