Phoenixx Co., Ltd. Dengeki announcement! “Touhou Gousoku Ibun – Submerged Anxiety Hell” will be released on Nintendo Switch(TM) on October 20th! Pre-orders start on October 6th at the Nintendo eShop!

Phoenixx Co., Ltd.
Shock announcement! “Touhou Gousoku Ibun – Submerged Anxiety Hell” will be released on Nintendo Switch(TM) on October 20th! Pre-orders start on October 6th at the Nintendo eShop!

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Phoenixx Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo, President: Kazunori Sakamoto) is the 17.5th official work of “Touhou Project”, Nintendo Switch (TM) of “Touhou Guru Ibun-Submerged Sadness Hell” ) version will be distributed on Thursday, October 20, 2022, and we will announce that the page for this work will be released on the Nintendo eShop tomorrow, Thursday, October 6, and reservations will start. From the “Touhou Project” series of “Shanghai Alice Genrakudan”, the exhilarating barrage action “Touhou Gousoku Ibun – Submerged Anxiety Hell” sent by the tag team of “Twilight Frontier” is finally available for Nintendo Switch (TM)! In this work, Yuma Totetsu appears as a new playable character along with a new story drawn by Mr. ZUN. I implemented it in .
In addition to Japanese, it will be available in English and Chinese (traditional/simplified), and will be distributed simultaneously on Nintendo eShops in Japan and overseas. As a reservation / early purchase, you can purchase at a special price of 10% OFF until November 2nd.
New trailer released

10% OFF for reservations/early purchases! Check it out on the Nintendo eShop! – The page will be released on October 6th! * Accessible after 00:00 (scheduled) on October 6th.
Twitter campaign holding notice!
In commemoration of the release date decision and reservation start, we will carry out a campaign to win the Nintendo Switch main unit by lottery!
Follow Phoenixx on Twitter and stay tuned for campaign information scheduled to be announced after October 6th.
Phoenixx Official Twitter Account: <@Phoenixx_Inc>
“Touhou Project” Volume 17.5 “Touhou Goyoku Ibun – Submerged Sadness Hell” [Image 2

◆Girls flying in the sky, go to the depths of the earth – Solve the oil crisis that suddenly came to Gensokyo!
Search for the source of the mysterious black water, defeat the rivals standing in your way, and enter the basement of Gensokyo.
Operate the main characters chasing the incident, and capture by making use of different operations and characteristics depending on the selected main character!
Turn your rivals’ dense and difficult-to-avoid barrages into “water” to evade them, and grab victory with powerful “Spell Cards” that use “water” to unleash powerful attacks!
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pre story
Black water was gushing out on the ground. The water gave off a foul odor, and once it got on my body, I couldn’t easily remove it. It was not something that could be used as domestic water.
Some see the gushing black water as bad luck, some see it as good luck, some see it as sacred, some see it as evil, some see it as a natural disaster, some see it as an economic dawn. It turned into a festive frenzy.
However, after a certain incident, the spine of those who were floating will freeze. In spring water for drinking, in beautiful clear streams, in hot springs as a place of relaxation… black water began to spring up everywhere.
New playable! ― Tatto Yuma
In the Nintendo SwitchTM version of this work, Taotie Yuuma is newly introduced as a new player character! !
A story newly written by Mr. ZUN, how it unfolds. Have fun playing! [Image 4

Taotie Yuma – Undefeated Leader of the Aggressive Alliance
[Image 5

Reimu Hakurei – Shrine Maiden of Sayo Shigure
[Image 6

Magic Kirisame – Wizard of the Swamp
[Image 7

Kanako Yasaka – the god of the lake filled with sacred water [Image 8

Mimitsu Murasa – Personification of drowning accident
[Image 9

Yorigami Joen, Yorigami Shion – Oil sisters who got everything [Image 10

Flandre Scarlet – red blood demon
Newly implemented “greedy challenge” to test your strength to knock down enemies that appear one after another!
Use the power of various items available only here and challenge your limits even after clearing the story!
-NEW- EASY mode
“EASY” is newly implemented in difficulty selection!
You can also see the story through “EASY”, and you will have a sense of security for various thoughts such as “I’m worried about the wall to clear,” “I can’t progress because it’s difficult,” and “I want to play loosely for the first time.”
Choose your favorite difficulty from “EASY”, “NORMAL”, and “HARD”, and enjoy playing at all difficulty levels.
Difference from previous work
This work is based on “Touhou Suimusou ~ Immaterial and Missing Power.”, “Touhou Deep Secret ~ Urban Legend in Limbo.” This is a single-player 2D action game with a unique genre of “horizontal screen barrage water action”, which is different from the battle-type barrage action (fighting game) format such as . This style is also the first Touhou numbered title produced by Tasogare Frontier, and will deliver new charm and enjoyment.
[Image 11
[Twilight Frontier]
Official site:
Twitter: <@tasofro>
【Product Summary】
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Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.
[Phoenixx Co., Ltd.]
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Twitter: <@Phoenixx_Inc>
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Creators have limitless possibilities.
Phoenixx spreads Japanese creators to the world, global creators to Japan and Asia,
We support all creators so that they can be active globally. Our mission is to create a situation where the game/entertainment industry will be even more exciting 10 years from now.
We will nurture people and titles that children around the world think are cool and admire.
To inspire and nurture the human spirit -one creator, one game and one neighborhood at a time.

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