Pip Co., Ltd. Reina Triendl appears in the new WEB CM of “Slim Walk (R)”! Show off your beautiful legs while teleworking, going out, or sleeping

Pip Inc.
Reina Triendl appears in the new WEB CM of “Slim Walk (R)”! Show off your beautiful legs while teleworking, going out, or sleeping Compression anytime, slim anywhere! “Slim Walk 24h Multi Skinny” new WEB CM released on November 1st

Pip Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Yuji Matsuura)’s compression legwear brand “Slim Walk” is a new WEB CM slim walk 24h multi-skinny “wearing” featuring image character Rena Triendl. New proposals for compression socks”, “Regipants but shrewd compression”, and “Aren’t you lost in choosing compression?” will be released from November 1, 2022 (Tuesday).
In the WEB CM, Mr. Triendl wears “Slim Walk 24h Multi Skinny Denim Style Black” while teleworking, going out, and sleeping, showing off his clean legs. Don’t miss the CM making interview video, including behind-the-scenes footage of the CM filming and interviews with Mr. Triendl’s private episodes.
[Image 1

Slim Walk 24h Multi-skinny “New proposal for compression socks” 20 seconds: https://youtu.be/2un9EZq70ns
Slim Walk 24h Multi-skinny “Though it’s leggings, it’s shrewd compression” 20 seconds:

Slim Walk 24h Multi-skinny “Choose compression, aren’t you lost?” 20 seconds: https://youtu.be/ZYeUTDHueeo
Making interview:

New WEB CM Slim Walk 24h Multi Skinny Synopsis
A new WEB CM for Slim Walk 24h multi-skinny, starting with the lines “A new proposal for compression socks”, “Compression even though it’s leggings?” Wearing the same product, Mr. Triendl shows off
teleworking, going out, and sleeping. 24h multi-skinnies tighten Triendl’s legs. Don’t miss Triendl’s fashion and cute expression that changes in each scene. Please also pay attention to the cute line at the end, “Always together♪”! Also, from this WEB CM, a new character “Slim-chan” has appeared, and it is clinging to Mr. Triendl’s leg with a lovely expression.
In the making video that will be released at the same time, you can catch a glimpse of Mr. Triendl enjoying the shooting with a relaxed expression and how he checks the CM cut with a serious look. At times, there were scenes where he muttered, “It’s difficult, isn’t it?”, but he challenged the shooting with a bright smile until the end. In the special interview, we talked about the highlights of the WEB CM, the enthusiasm of the image character for the second year, recommended coordination using 24h multi-skinny, cute episodes with his beloved cat, and what he keeps in mind in his private life during the chilly season. I was.
Please take this opportunity to try “Slim Walk 24h Multi Skinny”, which will give you beautiful legs care at home or outside.
[Comment from Triendl]
This shoot was done while relaxing at home!
I coordinated and shot according to the specific situation, so I would be happy if you could refer to it.
[Performer profile]
■ Reina Triendl
[Image 2

Born on January 23, 1992 (age 30), type A from Vienna, Austria. Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Environment and Information Studies. The number of Instagram followers exceeds 1.7 million, and there are many fans of both men and women.
As an actress, she has appeared in a wide range of works. She won the Best Actress Award at the 19th Fantasia International Film Festival for her first starring role in the movie “Real Onigokko”. “Hiruobi!” (TBS) Friday regular.
[CM cut]
[Image 3

[Interview with Rena Triendl]
Q. What is your enthusiasm for the second year as the image character of Slim Walk?
Last year, I met the product and learned about its charm, and I am very happy to continue serving as the image character this year. This time, (from last year’s commercial) the coordination is different, so I would be happy if I could tell everyone about the various
Q. How do you recommend using Slim Walk 24h Multi Skinny?
It goes well with any outfit and any occasion, but I like to wear it when I go to and from the gym or when I go for a walk, and wear a loose top with sneakers for a “loose and cute” look. I like it. Q. This time, a cat character named Slim will appear.
From the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep, you’re always cute. In the morning, before the alarm goes off, he pokes his cheeks with his paws, but this morning, when he closes his eyes saying, “Sorry, I can’t get up,” he pokes my cheeks the moment I close my eyes. It’s so cute, it’s so cute… When I eat breakfast, it definitely sits on my lap.
Q. Mr. Triendl, what do you keep in mind “anytime, anywhere”? I am very prone to anxiety, so I always try to enjoy the place as much as possible. Even though it’s fun, I have a habit of thinking, “Is this okay?”
Q.At this time of year when it gets chilly, what do you pay attention to and what are your secrets for keeping in style?
I’m careful all year round, but I’m careful not to cool my body. I try to keep my body warm from the inside and the outside as much as possible to improve circulation (blood circulation). Depending on the time, there is a boom inside me, and I drink hot drinks anyway, and I try to warm up from the outside. Also, when I wear 24h multi-skinnies, I feel tight and tight, so I go for a walk or move my body to warm up. Q. Finally, to everyone watching the new WEB CM
Unlike last time, this commercial was filmed entirely inside the house. Slim-chan also appears, so I think it’s a commercial that makes you feel relieved. And I would be happy if I could convey the charm of 24h multi-skinny to everyone.
【Product Summary】
[Image 4d34803-291-c3550e045b33599f7f6a-4.jpg&s3=34803-291-41b3d87b1525c453aa28621b4967680b-2352x191.jpg
[Image 5d34803-291-6b714d39b8c665f5baf8-3.jpg&s3=34803-291-4d7e2ff4428f9981adb1443d3615ffdb-2352x374.jpg
“SLIMWALK(R)” and “Slimwalk(R)” are registered trademarks of PIP Corporation. PIP Inc. Customer Service Office
Phone: 06-6945-4427
Pip product information website https://www.pipjapan.co.jp/products/ Slimwalk brand site https://slimwalk.pipjapan.co.jp/
Official Twitter account https://twitter.com/slimwalk_pip
Official Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/slimwalk_pip/

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