PLUGO Solving local issues and improving EV experiences: EV charging station “PLUGO PLACE” project launched

Resolving local issues and improving EV experiences: EV charging station “PLUGO PLACE” project launched
As the first step, we will collaborate with the Nagano Prefectural Tourism Organization to provide integrated tourism content and EV charging services

Plago Co., Ltd. (Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Naoki Okawa), an EV charging service company, aims to improve the EV experience and form a charging infrastructure model that is closely related to the area, providing shopping, dining, rest areas, and other charging services. We will start a project to install an integrated EV charging station “PLUGO PLACE” in Japan. We aim to complete the first base in 2024, and aim to establish 600 bases by the end of 2030.
By designing EV charging stations suitable for the region and content that allows the charging time to be spent meaningfully, we will provide EV users with peace of mind and enjoyment of charging, while also solving regional issues and creating new flows of people. Accelerate the EV shift.
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We are looking for a wide range of co-creation partners for the project, including real estate developers, local governments, service providers such as restaurants, entertainment, and secondary
transportation. As a first step, we will partner with the Nagano Prefectural Tourism Organization to form a consortium centered on local companies. In the future, we will proceed with plans to install charging stations that take advantage of the characteristics of each region, such as urban areas, suburbs, and tourist spots.
―Overview of “PLUGO PLACE”―
Providing reliable and safe charging places for EV users
The charging station is equipped with a rapid charger “PLUGO RAPID” that can be used for up to 60 minutes. Reservations can be made in advance from the dedicated app “My Plago”, so you can charge with confidence.
Proposal of charging time to enrich life with EV
We provide content such as shopping, eating and drinking, resting places, entertainment, etc. to make the most of your time while charging. We will expand the convenience of “charging while charging” and the experience that can only be achieved with an EV.
Utilization of land in line with the spread of EVs
By using PLUGO PLACE as a base for EV mobility, we will contribute to the decarbonization of the region by electrifying the vehicles used to live in and visit the neighborhood, create a new flow of people in the suburbs, and alleviate traffic congestion in urban areas. . In addition, it can be expected to be used in roadsides, idle land in population centers, and new development areas.
business background
In Japan, we aim to achieve 100% electrified vehicle sales by 2035, and have set a goal of installing 150,000 charging infrastructures by 2030 (*1). While the development of charging infrastructure is essential for the shift to EVs, more than half of EV users are said to be concerned about the fact that EVs take a long time to charge (*2). design is also important.
In addition, according to our research, nearly 80% of EV users prefer charging facilities when they go out.
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Web questionnaire jointly conducted by EVSmart and Plago (Period: August 19 to 31, 2022, n = 476)
Therefore, by combining the experience of spending charging time meaningfully with a place where people want to create a flow of people, it is possible to solve the concerns of EV users about charging, and to develop a charging infrastructure that takes into account the utilization of land. We can say that we can.
Therefore, in addition to introducing charging stations that can be reserved in advance at golf courses, hotels, commercial facilities, etc., we have concluded agreements with local governments such as Nagatoro Town in Saitama Prefecture, Obuse Town in Nagano Prefecture, and Karuizawa Town to develop charging infrastructure. In addition to the knowledge we have been working on, we have built a new charging infrastructure model that brings together the creativity of the PLUGO DESIGN CENTER, the first design base in Japan for an EV charging service provider.
About the first co-creation partner Nagano Prefectural Tourism Organization We aim to install EV charging stations that provide tourism content such as food and art using idle land along sightseeing roads. [Comment from Mr. Keisuke Sato, Managing Director of Nagano Prefecture Tourism Organization]
Considering the spread of EVs in the future, I think it is extremely important for tourist destinations to develop a charging
infrastructure that allows EV users to go out with peace of mind. In addition, by proposing a service that allows people to experience the appeal of the region and how to spend their time waiting for charging, rather than simply being able to charge the battery, EV users will be more satisfied with their trips, and tourist destinations will benefit as well. It creates an opportunity to stimulate consumption. By collaborating with Plago, which emphasizes the experience value of EV users, we hope to promote the development of next-generation transportation infrastructure that is environmentally friendly and has high added value for users.
[Overview of Nagano Prefecture Tourism Organization]
Corporate name: Nagano Prefectural Tourism Organization
Location: 131-4 Nakagosho Okadacho, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture Hotel Shinanoji 3F
Representative: Chairman Kanji Nohara
Established: December 14, 1960
Business description: To promote the growth of the tourism industry in Nagano Prefecture by making the most of Nagano Prefecture’s rich and beautiful nature, diverse traditions, and culture, and to promote the growth of Nagano Prefecture’s tourism industry, as well as to widely publicize and expand the sales of products made in the prefecture. We carry out business activities with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the lives and culture of the citizens of the prefecture and the development of the local economy.
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[Image 4d60444-45-758a2c83d8003c709a74-2.png&s3=60444-45-9625750b03547a46570bad17dc881ed5-960x540.png
・ Website for overview of “PLUGO PLACE” and recruitment of partners
*1 In the “2050 Carbon Neutral Green Growth Strategy” (March 18, 2021), “By 2035, we will take comprehensive measures to achieve 100% electric vehicle sales in new passenger car sales.” was shown. Electric vehicles here refer to electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, and hybrid vehicles.
*2 From the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association “2021 Passenger Car Market Trend Survey” (announced April 20, 2022).

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