Plus W Co., Ltd. Plus W, a global human resources company, provides Japanese language and Japanese culture learning programs to Pakistani IT engineers. Started in November under the supervision of Shikoku University, aiming to expand employment opp

Plus W Co., Ltd.
Plus W, a global human resources company, provides Japanese language and Japanese culture learning programs to Pakistani IT engineers. Started in November under the supervision of Shikoku University, aiming to expand employment opportunities for Japanese companies -In order to solve the shortage of engineers in Japanese companies, a human resources company has developed its own program for the language skills that you want to acquire in order to work at a Japanese company-

Plus W Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President Wakako Sakurai), which introduces and dispatches global human resources and supports the active participation of domestic sideline human resources, introduces and dispatches Pakistani IT human resources to Japanese companies that are suffering from a shortage of engineers. We are here. In order to expand employment opportunities for such overseas IT human resources, we are pleased to announce that we have developed our own Japanese language and Japanese culture learning program and will start offering it from November.
In order to solve the problem of shortage of IT engineers faced by many Japanese companies, we have already networked about 2,000 Pakistani IT human resources (hereinafter referred to as highly skilled human resources) who are ready to work, and have already introduced and dispatched them to Japanese companies. Currently, Pakistan produces 250 million IT engineers annually, and has become known as an IT advanced country. In addition, Japan and Pakistan will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2022, and the relationship between the two countries is deep. However, even though they have business skills, there are many cases where they cannot overcome the hurdles due to the language barrier and the culture and customs of Japanese companies.
Our company established the Japan Center on campus this spring in collaboration with the National University of Science and Technology (hereafter referred to as NUST), a top university in Pakistan. We offer courses that enable students to acquire skills that are immediately useful in business while they are still in school, and in addition to these, we have decided to offer this program at NUST as well. In addition, we are planning to expand to leading universities in Pakistan, and we will gradually expand the provision not only in Islamabad but also in the major cities of Lahore and Karachi. In addition, in this trial implementation, we plan to offer the program to Japanese companies that are already accepting Pakistani IT engineers, and also to Japanese companies that are planning to accept foreign IT engineers in the future. Both of these projects will be carried out in cooperation with local government agencies and major universities in Pakistan.
Regarding our activities in Pakistan, in a speech at the Trade and Investment Seminar hosted by JETRO held in Islamabad last month, Pakistan Investment Board (BOI) Minister Chowdhury Sarik Hussein said, “Plus W We are focusing on promoting the economy,” and appealed that he has expectations for future activities and further utilization of human resources. Under these circumstances, we will start trial provision from this November under the supervision of Shikoku University. Specifically, we will provide information on manners and customs in the work scene of Japanese companies, focusing on Japanese conversation for the minimum necessary communication to be active in Japanese companies as an IT engineer, and work in Japan. We will widely deliver the knowledge and know-how you want to know.
Three features of our Japanese language and culture learning program [Image 1

1: Theme setting specialized for the work scene of foreign IT engineers Theme setting based on the experience of CTO and development leaders who have a wealth of experience in hiring and training foreign engineers
Theme setting based on the worries and questions that foreign engineers who are already active in Japan have faced
Promoting understanding of Japanese culture and communication necessary for life in Japan
2: Hybrid proficiency style combining AI tools
Acquire Japanese in a short period of time based on Shikoku
University’s extensive experience in Japanese language education for international students
Further improvement of Japanese skills by combining the latest translation tools and apps with the above
Acquisition of know-how to facilitate understanding and communication during meetings mainly in Japanese
3: Interactive communication with peers
Interaction on the SNS community (1,302 people: as of 10/25) operated by our company, mainly Pakistanis living in Japan
Communication with supervising teachers and students at Shikoku University Advice from CTOs and development leaders who hire foreign engineers Shikoku University, located in Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture, which is supervised this time, actively accepts foreign students (8 countries, 162 people: 2021 results), and boasts a 100% employment rate for its graduates. increase. In addition, we have a history and high degree of expertise in Japanese language education, such as having a Japanese teacher training course aimed at becoming a professional in Japanese language education. Furthermore, since the vision of the university set by Chairman Ichiro Sato and President Kazumi Matsushige matched our company’s vision, they agreed to supervise the project.
In developing the program, we asked Professor Yoshie Motoki of Shikoku University to supervise the language field. The lecturer in charge of the program will be Mr. Yuta Matsuda, a language learning consultant who has been involved in language training for companies for many years. In addition, we will ask active engineers active in Japan to supervise, and incorporate many elements necessary from an engineer’s point of view, aiming for content full of originality of Plus W. This trial will be conducted for a total of 12 times (12 weeks), and after that, we will proceed with the development of this program after verification.

Comment from Chaudhry Salik Hussain, Federal Minister of Investment [Image 2d72246-12-f6cc3cccb71c1821f674-5.png&s3=72246-12-ec78e5e7e3d3d5629c487fd0d835b4a4-162x131.png
We are very pleased to see the increase in employment opportunities for excellent IT engineers from Pakistan at Japanese companies. We believe that more IT engineers will acquire the Japanese language, Japanese culture, and the knowledge necessary for engineers, and increase the opportunities to be active in Japan, which will serve as a bridge between the two countries.
We have high hopes that Plus W will contribute to the further strengthening and development of cooperation between the two countries through this program, and that this program will spread to Pakistani educational institutions and IT engineers aiming to work at Japanese companies. I am sending
Comment from Kazumi Matsushige, President of Shikoku University and Shikoku University Junior College
[Image 3d72246-12-6440e1f64f2b7ec6670f-1.png&s3=72246-12-cfc3a822f7d9a1e8512cab20172446c0-1360x1214.png
As society and the economy become increasingly globalized, Shikoku University is increasing the number of overseas affiliated schools, promoting DDP (Double Degree Program), sending students and faculty overseas, and accepting international students. We strive to improve our Japanese language education and have earned high praise from the local community. This time, regarding the acceptance of overseas human resources in the IT field, which is a strong demand among Japanese companies, Plus W Co., Ltd., which provides a place for domestic and foreign human resources to play an active role, has an educational aspect (Japanese language and Japanese culture learning program). ) will cooperate. We hope that this initiative will serve as a new model for accepting and training overseas human resources, and that it will contribute to the progress of globalization in Japan.
▼ About Shikoku University
[Image 4d72246-12-191d901f0a64c18a9a11-4.png&s3=72246-12-21629aef0b139f512bd12664f30006fc-374x135.png
Shikoku University is a coeducational university that opened in 1961 and currently has approximately 2,900 students. In addition to practical education that is rooted in the community and is oriented toward human growth, in recent years the university has been promoting internationalization and globalization. It has been highly evaluated, such as receiving the “Study in Japan AWARDS”.
Mao Morimoto, Manager of Human Resources Department, Plus W Co., Ltd. Japanese Language and Cultural Exchange Promotion Leader
[Image 5d72246-12-d7ec690ad21bffae636f-6.png&s3=72246-12-79fa4c16ae29e8960feb3de7236f1efb-663x588.png
Through the introduction and dispatch of highly skilled IT human resources from Pakistan to Japanese companies, we have received many needs for Japanese language skills for IT human resources. We are delighted to be able to carry out the trial, given the large number of endorsements of the program after discussions with major government agencies and universities in Pakistan. Under the supervision of Shikoku University, which has a track record of accepting a large number of international students, mainly from Asia, students not only acquire language skills, but also add the elements of an engineer’s perspective necessary for working at a Japanese company as an immediate force, and learn Japanese culture and culture. One of the great strengths of this program is that it is completely original, covering manners and customs. We will continue to verify through trials and aim for further expansion.
LinkedIn: [Image 6d72246-12-38959fec688309ed9b0d-3.png&s3=72246-12-cbe8d464fe861bf6f3b963654d30f7f4-164x118.png
About Plus W Co., Ltd. (
Founded in May 2020, focusing on introducing and dispatching global human resources, domestic side jobs, and multi-business human resources. We aim to expand our possibilities without being bound by time, place, language or culture, meet new themes and friends, and implement a highly flexible work style that allows each person to realize their ideal life story. We will expand.
Company name: Plus W Co., Ltd.
Representative: Wakako Sakurai
Location: 25th SY Building 8F, 6-23-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Established: May 2020
Business description: Global advanced IT personnel introduction and dispatch business
Domestic side job human resources matching business
Personnel strategy planning and execution support/development of next-generation leaders
Permit: Permit for dispatching general workers Permit number 13-314988 Paid Employment Placement Business Permit License Number 13-Yu-312426 Registration support organization number   Registration number 20-005092 Details about this release:


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