PostCoffee, Japan’s largest online coffee shop, raises a total of 430 million yen

PostCoffee, Japan’s largest online coffee shop, raises a total of 430 million yen
Strengthening business expansion and human resource recruitment with the aim of creating a distribution infrastructure for delicious coffee
POST COFFEE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Ryo Shimomura), which provides Japan’s largest coffee specialty mail order “PostCoffee” and coffee subscription “PostCoffee Subscription”, will become an existing shareholder in October 2022. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Capital Co., Ltd., giftee Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd., and CARTA VENTURES Co., Ltd. as new shareholders. We raised funds in Yen.
The funds raised this time will be used for further business expansion, recruitment, and marketing enhancement, and with the number of registered members surpassing 50,000 since the start of the service, we aim to create an even more delicious coffee platform. [Image 1d42878-59-e58e697b1b52d988a83d-0.jpg&s3=42878-59-054c1c6aa18dc276c607d7ebef3bd1dd-1920x1280.jpg
The number of registered members exceeded 50,000.
[Image 2d42878-59-a07a6a9167277a337c20-1.png&s3=42878-59-6e96abd484cde94e869ab2012a883d92-1920x1080.png
In February 2020, we launched a coffee subscription that allows you to receive your favorite coffee from about 300,000 combinations with a coffee diagnosis. Since then, the number of members has steadily increased, and from April 2022, we will launch Japan’s largest coffee specialty mail order. The number of registered members of the two services exceeded 50,000 in October 2022. The average monthly churn rate of subscribing members has remained in the single-digit range, and customer satisfaction according to user surveys has been recorded at 96.6%*.
(*According to user survey results in December 2021)
To a platformer as distribution infrastructure for delicious coffee [Image 3d42878-59-1c6afbbae97f23a2d638-6.png&s3=42878-59-6cd21f1a40d897d3312629b1ea7afe11-1080x666.png
[Image 4d42878-59-383666a06f6b051f6294-7.png&s3=42878-59-3506c9f5f263af379e3c81bd17091775-2400x1350.png
As of October 2022, there are 30 roster partners. Including
collaboration partners, we are collaborating with more than 50 domestic and overseas coffee shops. Until now, we have distributed coffee from coffee shops in Japan and overseas through online channels such as mail order and subscription, but with the funds raised this time, we will sell wholesale to retail stores, develop products for retail stores, restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc. We will also expand offline channels, such as wholesale coffee beans to In addition, in cooperation with giftee, which will be the underwriter this time, we will also focus on the development and distribution of coffee gifts, and become a platformer that distributes delicious coffee in Japan and overseas through all channels. We will realize the concept of “connecting with the shortest distance”.
Background and purpose of funding (PostCoffee CEO Shimomura) Our mission is to “evolve your lifestyle”. We believe that people’s lifestyles will become richer, more enjoyable, and evolve as delicious coffee becomes more accessible and coffee becomes a part of everyday life. And because we are a startup, we believe that we have an obligation to redefine coffee in areas that coffee shops have been unable to set foot in.
This time, we have raised new funds to deliver the experience value of coffee to more people. We believe that by concentrating on making coffee “consumption” more enjoyable and correct, we can have a behind-the-scenes impact on the coffee industry. There are many ways to enjoy coffee. The more people enjoy consumption, the more they will have a positive impact on producers and the industry, and by creating an ecosystem that will result in a sustainable relationship, our vision is to “evolve lifestyles.” We are approaching the realization of With the funds raised this time, we will invest in the organization and marketing to realize our vision, and work to expand our business. Comments from Roster Partners
[Image 5d42878-59-4fed92b4e7097216b286-8.jpg&s3=42878-59-76769e67260e43261b68783df1dbceaf-1920x1080.jpg
Mr. Yuma Kawano, CEO of LIGHT UP COFFEE
I have the impression that PostCoffee is a service that is close to both roasters and drinkers. We are grateful for the steady amount of orders we receive every month, and we also have a flow of customers who have become fans of LIGHT UP COFFEE through PostCoffee and buy directly from us or come to our store. We hope to continue to deliver many delicious coffee experiences to more users.
[Image 6d42878-59-eb421e055da7d39433a4-9.jpg&s3=42878-59-65b00375009c00b205b3cc3c392693da-1920x1080.jpg
Mr. Takaaki Mori, CEO of COFFEE COUNTY
PostCoffee delivers a stable amount of high-quality coffee to consumers, and I think it is able to take sustainable action in the market. I would like you to continue to expand this sustainable business. We are also looking forward to the development of diverse services such as the provision of more special lots.
Comments from each investor
Mr. Yuichi Hosoya, Investment Development Manager, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Capital Co., Ltd.
Continuing from the previous round, we made an additional investment in this round. While the business is growing steadily, we have taken a step forward from providing only a subscription format, and this time we are expanding into retail such as EC as a new platformer. We are confident that this expansion will greatly contribute to the distribution of specialty coffee together with the many partner roasters, and increase the number of customers who can enjoy delicious coffee.
Mr. Tatsuya Suzuki, CEO of giftee Inc.
The coffee market is dynamically changing, starting with specialty coffee. Among them, we decided to invest in POST COFFEE, which creates a heartwarming coffee experience by interacting with consumers and roasters. First of all, we will deepen our collaboration, starting with the expansion of distribution utilizing the e-gift system and distribution network that we handle, and together we will explore the business development required by the market, such as the development of services for corporate gifts and roasters. . We hope that this initiative, which aims to “connect delicious coffee and consumers” in a variety of ways, will help the coffee industry further develop. Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Investment Department 4 Chief Shuzo Kihara With the arrival of third-wave coffee in Japan and the trend of consumers seeking truly delicious coffee, President Shimomura’s products and partner roasters reflect the desire to “deliver delicious coffee to consumers” from the user’s point of view. I was attracted to the strong network, and decided to invest this time. As a delicious coffee platformer, POSTCOFFE hopes to convey the thoughts and commitment of its roasters to consumers and enrich people’s lives. Ms. Kinuko Takada, Investment Manager, CARTA VENTURES Co., Ltd. POST COFFEE is an aggregator that purchases specialty coffee green beans from around the world and roasted beans from multiple roasters in Japan through various distribution channels, and repacks and provides a wide variety of tastes to many users. Compared to when we considered it two years ago, we confirmed that its role and standing position have become even stronger, which led us to make this investment. There is no product that creates consumption opportunities like coffee, and it is an attractive product that goes beyond gender, age, household composition, and location and blends with diverse lifestyles and cultures. We look forward to the POST COFFEE team updating specialty coffee distribution and being at the center of a major wave of penetration.
About recruitment
PostCoffee will start recruiting friends from all directions to realize the mission of “connecting delicious coffee and consumers in the shortest distance.” Currently, the service is operated by a small organization with 11 full-time members including the management team. From now on, we would like to expand the scale of the entire team to 25 full-time members and 60 members including multi-worker members and part-time members.
Priority hiring positions
・Senior Engineer
・Backend Engineer
・Web designer
・Logistics Manager (manufacturing, delivery, factory manager) ・Roasting manager (responsible for roasting, product management, product planning)
・Product manager
·human resources
・Sales (sales for retailers, restaurants, facilities)
·Back office
・Community manager (event planning, management)
・SNS marketer
・Open position
Recruitment information: Wantedly: For retailers, restaurants, and lodging facilities
PostCoffee handles specialty coffee beans roasted by famous roasters and coffee shops in Japan and overseas. All coffee beans procured from each roaster are packed with nitrogen at our company, so that freshly roasted deliciousness can be preserved for a long time. It can be delivered in any format. If you are interested in retail stores, restaurants, and lodging facilities, please feel free to contact us from the following. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Inquiry/document request form About POST COFFEE Co., Ltd.
[Image 7d42878-59-9b6c2af548a8a2af2853-2.jpg&s3=42878-59-15b60d7acbbb42f6c959fe2780412ee2-1920x1280.jpg
[Image 8d42878-59-17c5f92e2547ade03828-3.jpg&s3=42878-59-ac058acd4467cac1da23679105129ded-1920x1280.jpg
[Image 9d42878-59-c098d8d7839aa1e1c3f6-4.jpg&s3=42878-59-0eacbcd34c1ee06b3663bb4445e818cb-1920x1280.jpg
[Image 10d42878-59-4e0f7fb7c8d0f8017897-5.jpg&s3=42878-59-2f17f483dc0ec8edb23ad64918da0b28-1920x1280.jpg
With the vision of “evolving lifestyles”, we started a coffee subscription service in February 2020. From April 2022, we will partner with popular local roasters in Japan and overseas to launch the largest delicious coffee shopping mall in Japan. Developing multiple businesses as a delicious coffee platform. Using technology, we are creating a world where anyone can easily obtain delicious coffee.
Company name: POST COFFEE Co., Ltd.
Representative: Ryo Shimomura, Representative Director
Location: 4-11-7 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Suda Building 1F
Established: September 2018

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