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Pre-orders for LINE automated operation tool “Ziinie for Restaurant” to increase restaurant repeaters started

Pre-orders for LINE automated operation tool “Ziinie for Restaurant” to increase restaurant repeaters started
~ Just show the stamp card! Automatic, easy and hassle-free LINE operation tool ~

DOTZ Co., Ltd., a DX promotion and marketing strategy company (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Hitoshi Inamasu; hereinafter referred to as “DOTZ”) will launch Ziinie, a LINE automated operation tool for restaurants, from October 3, 2022. Genie) for Restaurant” has started pre-orders. Service provision to users is scheduled for November 1st.
Official website:
[Image 1d85639-12-6c332b99e10c523ef7ab-0.png&s3=85639-12-f84af9dd9624328c845c6e5b62098fd1-1920x1005.png
■ Development background of LINE automatic operation tool for restaurants Since 2020, the sales of the restaurant industry have been hit by the spread of the new coronavirus infection. According to a survey of food service industry market trends announced by the Japan Food Service Association, in fiscal 2021, sales compared to fiscal 2019 will be 70.3% for family restaurants and 26.8% for izakaya (* 1).
Labor shortages are also a problem, and according to Teikoku Databank’s July 2022 Economic Trends Survey, 73.0% of restaurants complained of a shortage of part-time workers (*2). 54.1% of food and beverage companies have a shortage of full-time employees, and there are quite a few stores that are not sufficiently operating and implementing measures to attract customers.
Furthermore, as a result of the diversification of the means by which customers search for restaurants due to the spread of SNS, etc., the ability to attract customers to major restaurant information sites, which had been concentrated in the past, has declined, and the efficiency of attracting customers has deteriorated.
Therefore, in the restaurant industry in the future, it will be important to secure a place for interaction with customers and how to attract customers efficiently.
*1 Survey by Japan Foodservice Association/Cabinet Office (results from January to December 2021)
*2 Teikoku Databank survey “Special Project: Accompanied Survey of Companies on Labor Shortage” (survey period: July 15 to July 31, 2022) ▼Results of LINE Mini App and Ziinie’s predecessor service “MINI APPLI MAKER” LINE Mini App is a web application that can be published on LINE, and there are more than 5,000 introduction cases in various business categories (*3). LINE users do not need to install a new app, and compared to native apps, the hurdles to guide customers are lower. *3 Line research
[Image 2d85639-12-f3da9deed3307b6d3867-1.png&s3=85639-12-10053f2b53db2475e2ea745a497bac5e-1920x1005.png
DOTZ offers Ziinie’s predecessor service “MINI APPLI MAKER”, and has achieved a record of over 30% of new customers visiting the store for the second time. This is about 2.5 times higher than the second visit rate of other stamp card measures. Furthermore, the third visit rate is 3.5 times that of other stamp cards, and we are proud of our high repeater policy.
However, the above-mentioned shortage of human resources at
restaurants is a serious problem, and the monthly login rate for “MINI APPLI MAKER” is 14.8%, which means that the time and personnel devoted to account management are decreasing.
What is “Ziinie for Restaurant”, a LINE automated operation tool for restaurants?
Ziinie for Restaurant, a LINE automated operation tool for
restaurants, was developed with the aim of solving the problem of attracting customers to restaurants.
“Ziinie for Restaurant” is a new LINE automated operation tool that provides stamp cards for restaurants as a LINE mini app and increases the number of customers by sending messages to repeat customers automatically.
Utilizing DOTZ’s LINE official account management track record and the know-how cultivated in its predecessor service “MINI APPLI MAKER”, we aim to promote repeat customers of restaurants and reduce the burden of attracting customers by automating message distribution.
■ Characteristics of “Ziinie for Restaurant” and image of usage [Image 3d85639-12-d45f646252d62006dda6-2.png&s3=85639-12-a52eb7489e5a00e688cb1352bbe391aa-1920x585.png
▼ Zero operation effort! The repeat rate exceeds 30% just by introducing the stamp card
・The ability to attract customers is declining due to the influence of the new coronavirus
・ There is no time to devote to measures to encourage repeat visits ・I want to start using LINE, but I don’t know how
If restaurants with such concerns use “Ziinie for Restaurant”, it will be possible to effectively acquire repeat customers with a minimum of man-hours.
All you have to do at the store is set up a QR code inside the store and guide the registration of the stamp card. Messages from LINE Official Accounts are automatically delivered according to the frequency of use of the stamp card, so there is no need to operate it. ▼ Automatically distribute messages based on the operational know-how of a total of 1 billion messages
DOTZ was developed based on the delivery record of more than 1 billion mails in total and operational know-how, mainly for major companies. Scenario A/B testing is performed for each customer unit price and category, and improvements are made automatically based on the results.
▼ LINE account specialists support operation. Supervised by “LINE Frontliner” with only 9 people in Japan
[Image 4d85639-12-3efbf5df98fd6c781ffe-3.png&s3=85639-12-787b60a30d24ca50ee7cd1310854f2c5-2512x912.png
Supervised by “LINE Frontliner”, a LINE certified instructor with only 9 people in Japan.
In addition, more than 90% of our employees have obtained LINE Green Badge (certification exam) qualifications. From the perspective of a “LINE professional,” we will carry out ideal operations tailored to each restaurant.
■ You can try it for free for one month only now!
Pre-orders for this service will start on October 3rd.
As a release commemorative privilege, you can experience using “Ziinie for Restaurant” for free for one month only now.
For more information, please feel free to contact us using this form.
Company name: DOTZ Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-18-18 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013 Tokyu Fudosan Ebisu Building 4F
Representative: Hitoshi Inamasu, President and Representative Director Established: November 2020
Official website:
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DOTZ Co., Ltd. Public Relations Manager
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