Preliminary result “Wakocha” wins the world’s best at the British competition! Generation Z pays attention to evolving Japanese black tea

“Japanese black tea” wins the world’s best at the British competition! Generation Z pays attention to evolving Japanese black tea
Flash Report: World Tea Competition THE LEAFIES 2022

The results of THE LEAFIES 2022 – INTERNATIONAL TEA ACADEMY AWARDS, in which hundreds of types of tea are exhibited and judged from around the world, were announced on October 26, 2022 at Fortnum & Mason in London. Wakocha” won the BEST IN SHOW award. In addition, it was a great achievement that Japanese teams won GOLD in each category. The quality of Japanese black tea has improved dramatically, and it is attracting attention among Generation Z. Some of the award-winning tea gardens will be introduced at the TOKYO TEA BLENDERS LLC (hereinafter referred to as our company) booth at the Japan Tea Festival to be held on October 29th (Sat) and 30th (Sun), 2022.
1. About winning a prize at a competition in London
 THE LEAFIES 2022 will be held for the first time this year at the world tea fair hosted by the UK Tea Academy. More than 20 categories of tea from around the world were solicited, and approximately 300 types of tea leaves were collected.
 Because the producers’ stories are also judged comprehensively at this competition, we provided support for the exhibition of each producer we handle, such as translation, story organization, and mailing.
The following are the awards received by the producers we supported. BEST IN SHOW: Tea Kajihara (Kumamoto Prefecture)
The highest award given to the best tea plantation among the winners of all categories, not only for the taste and aroma of the tea, but also for the story of the producer.
[Image 1d44841-5-44b689b1c3edeab5ec28-1.jpg&s3=44841-5-b4e6bcef0db9ba0d23a0857a874a6159-2400x1600.jpg
Kajihara of tea
MAVERICK TEA AWARD: Iwanaga Seichaen (Kumamoto Prefecture)
Award given to the world’s most unique and creative tea gardens [Image 2d44841-5-8fc75cb8376f847458ac-2.jpg&s3=44841-5-fac2f90c91a2d6e8d8636d03f7e448e4-2000x1333.jpg
Iwanaga tea plantation
Black Tea (China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan) Unscented Category GOLD: Ocha no Kajihara (Kumamoto Prefecture) Summer picking benifuuki 2022 HIGHLY COMMENDED: Iwanaga Seichaen (Kumamoto Prefecture) Iwanaga Ichigo 2022 Black Tea (China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan) Flavoring Department GOLD: Gokase Ryokuseicha (Miyazaki Prefecture) Hassaku Flower Black Tea Hanaemi [Image 3d44841-5-3dabcea5174a8cf92b9d-3.jpg&s3=44841-5-bdec70c3169f026eb2d048be4fdbfeec-2000x1333.jpg
Gokase green tea
Green tea pot-roasted unflavored category
GOLD: Kai Seichaen Yabukita 2022
[Image 4d44841-5-c1cc07a753901b830d35-4.jpg&s3=44841-5-6e6619d8a4479029e209496b04163243-2000x1333.jpg
Kai tea plantation
Among the famous tea plantations from India and Sri Lanka, which are known as the home of black tea production, it is a great achievement that a Japanese tea plant won the world’s top BEST IN SHOW. Also, in each category, we were able to compete with high-quality tea leaves from China and Taiwan, and were awarded GOLD. It can be said that it has become clear.
In the future, it is expected that Japanese black tea will be recognized around the world like wine and whiskey.
2. Attention to Japanese Black Tea by University Black Tea Clubs The rising quality of Japanese black tea is also attracting attention from Generation Z, who are highly interested in black tea.
In conjunction with the exhibition at THE LEAFIES 2022 in London, in October 2022, we will cooperate with the tea clubs of the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Chuo University, Komazawa University, Nagoya City University, and Doshisha University to handle our products. We held a tasting of Japanese black tea from 12 tea gardens. [Image 5d44841-5-40785e3c7414d698916a-5.jpg&s3=44841-5-612247b4b6771f1e705af379bf7e0c63-1080x462.jpg
Comparing 12 types of Japanese black tea at Komazawa University The three favorite Japanese black teas selected by participants from each university circle are as follows.
( ) is the variety name.
The University of Tokyo and the University of Tokyo Tea Club KUREHA Kai Seichaen (Minami Sayaka), Miyazaki Teahouse (Takachiho), Masuien (Kahori) Kyoto University, Kyoto University Tea Break Study Group
Kai Tea Garden (Minami Sayaka), Saito Tea Garden (Karabeni), Tsukigase Health Tea Garden (Yabukita)
Chuo University/Chuo University Tea Club
Maruko Black Tea (Benifuuki), Saito Tea Garden (Karabeni), Kaneroku Matsumotoen (Smoked Black Tea)
Komazawa University/Komazawa University Tea Culture Research Group Cafe Kai Tea Garden (Minami Sayaka), Miyazaki Tea Shop (Takachiho), Kaneroku Matsumotoen (smoked black tea)
Nagoya City University/Nagoya City Tea Club
Iwanaga tea plantation (Iwanaga No. 1), Nakakubo tea plantation (Benifuuki), Wazuka black tea (mare)
Doshisha University Student Volunteers
Kai Tea Garden (Minami Sayaka), Gokase Green Tea (Roasted Yamanami), Tsukigase Health Tea Garden (Yabukita)
Although there is a tendency for students to prefer tea gardens that have won top prizes in THE LEAFIES, various producers and varieties have also been selected, confirming the diversity of Japanese black tea.
(Please note that the Kajihara tea leaves, which won the highest award at THE LEAFIES, are not included in this tasting comparison.) 3. Introduction of THE LEAFIES award-winning tea gardens at the Japan Tea Festival
We will also exhibit at the Japan Tea Festival, which will be held in Asakusa, Tokyo for the first time in three years. At our booth, we will introduce the award-winning tea plantation of THE LEAFIES and the Japanese black tea that is preferred by Generation Z.
◆Date and time◆
October 29th (Sat) First part: 13:00-16:00 Second part: 17:00-20:00 October 30 (Sun) First part: 10:00-13:00 Second part: 14:00-17:00 ◆Venue◆
Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taito Building 6F 2-6-5 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0033
Tickets and other details are here, but tickets for both days have been sold out.
■Address: 2-21-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo ABC・D10
■ Established: April 2018
■ Company URL:
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We operate a regular Japanese black tea service “TEA FOLKS” that delivers Japanese black tea from two tea gardens and the story of the producer once every two months. A tea instructor certified by the Japan Tea Association visits pesticide-free tea gardens all over Japan and selects the highest quality tea leaves. In this subscription, those who apply by the end of October will receive Japanese black tea from Iwanaga Seichaen, the award-winning tea plantation, and Japanese black tea from Kajihara Tea on the November-December flight. [Image 6d44841-5-e33f45fd85e3cb7412f8-6.jpg&s3=44841-5-690b5edaa2c6bc3d4a204346d2bbbd64-3000x2000.jpg
In addition, under the theme of “Japanese black tea into Japanese lifestyle culture”, lectures at tea instructor meetings, Japanese black tea pairing workshops, research on Japanese black tea varieties, and joint events with university black tea clubs are held. On October 22, 2022, at the Research Presentation Meeting of the Japan Tea Society during the World Tea Festival held in Shizuoka Prefecture, I made a presentation on the “research on the pairing of cheese and Japanese black tea”.
[Image 7d44841-5-0be9d93682661e539f55-7.jpg&s3=44841-5-0856e0f8ce14b599edc72f3df5e595f8-1239x929.jpg
Research presentation of the Japan Tea Society
At THE LEAFIES, it was once again confirmed that Japanese tea is world-class. In the future, we will also actively promote Japanese black tea overseas.

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