Premier Anti-Aging Co., Ltd. High-performance aging skin care * 1 Brand CANADEL will release refills on October 3 (Monday)

Premier Anti-Aging Co., Ltd.
High-performance aging skin care * 1 Refill for refilling from the brand CANADEL will be released on October 3 (Monday)
Reduce plastic consumption by approximately 70%*3 through the use of refills*2 as part of SDGs

Premier Anti-Aging Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Kiyoshi Matsuura) will release 4 types of refills *² for refilling all-in-one beauty essence from the high-performance aging skin care * 1 brand CANADEL in October. It will be on sale at the official online shop and some stores from the 3rd (Monday). In addition, by using this refill, it is possible to reduce the amount of plastic by about 70%*³, aiming to reduce the burden on the global environment.
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At Premier Anti-Aging, we actively promote environmentally friendly initiatives based on the philosophy of “providing unprecedented ‘unique value’ to enrich everyday life and transform it into a new future.” I’m here. In the CANADEL all-in-one serum series, we have been making products that aim to reduce the environmental burden, such as using materials that are friendly to the global environment. This refill was developed with the aim of reducing the environmental impact by reducing the amount of plastic used. Through this effort, we can reduce the amount of plastic by about 70%. By using refills, we will not only be able to continue skincare as usual, but also work to realize a sustainable society.
-Canadel refill product overview-
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■ What is CANADEL?
CANADEL, a high-performance aging care brand that was born in April 2019 for adults who have skin concerns, based on the concept of “always pursuing beauty, playing who I am, and enjoying life.” ). We are developing all-in-one products, eye creams, and facial equipments that respond to skin concerns.
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*1 Care according to age
*² Products for refills and replacements
*³ Calculated by comparing the amount of plastic used in existing products (body, cap, inner lid, spatula) and refill containers [Premier Anti-Aging Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Head office: Toranomon Hills Mori Tower 8F, 1-23-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established December 2009
Business Description Planning, development, import/export, mail-order sales, wholesale and retail of cosmetics and health foods
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