Presentation class for elementary school students “Kids Present Station” 7 new teachers are born!

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Presentation class for elementary school students “Kids Present Station” 7 new teachers are born!

“Kids Present Station” is an online presentation class for elementary school students supervised by Kamatoshi Maeda, the author of best-selling books such as “How to create materials for in-house presentations” and “Illustrated guide to designing presentation materials”. This fall, 7 new teachers will join the group and power up more and more. We will deliver skills that can be “transmitted” from logical thinking to how to make presentations.
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In October 2022, 7 new teachers were born at the “Kids Present Station”, an online presentation class for elementary school students operated by Kou Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Kamari Maeda).

“We want children to learn and experience presentations from elementary school, and to acquire the ability to confidently convey their ideas to many people.” You will acquire thinking, expression, and techniques in all 6 sessions.
The 7 teachers who joined the group are full of individuality and strengths, including those with extensive business experience, those who are raising elementary school children, and those who have programming experience.
At the Kids Presentation Station, you can meet people who say, “I want this teacher to teach me!” Please visit our website.
An online small-group lesson that raises children’s presentation skills with a total of 6 curriculums.
Acquire “lifetime presentation techniques” based on presentation creator Kamari Maeda’s method, and acquire special skills to convey what you want to convey to others.
Only those who convey their thoughts will have the future they want. Teacher
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Kids Present Station Project Manager/Representative Lecturer Tomoe Horiguchi
Ko Co., Ltd. Slide Designer/Executive Director, Presentation Association Born in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture. After graduating from Ritsumeikan University Information Media Department, joined Softbank and held seminars for more than 500 companies as a sales plan. 40% of the participating companies have annual results that have decided to introduce it.
Active as a slide designer since 2017. With the desire to convey the joy of creating materials to as many people as possible, he is in charge of course management and corporate slide design. Responsible for slide design for “Design Picture Book for Presentation Materials” and “Power Point Fastest Work Techniques” (Diamond Publishing). 2020 IT Engineer Grand Prize & Special Award (Shoeisha)
Kids Present StationLecturer
Yuuko Amano
After building a career at a telecommunications carrier and a recruitment agency, she moved to the United States with her husband. Experienced raising children overseas for 7 years. Experience the frustration of not being able to convey your thoughts in a foreign land, and the joy of being able to do so. Also, I decided to become a kids presentation instructor because I wanted to experience the joy and fun that children can convey from my own experience raising children. Living in Tokyo, mother of two children.
Yusuke Kato
Director of Agoop and General Manager of Human Resources at Softbank (as of 2022). Softbank in-house certified lecturer (negotiation and new business development). In the business newspaper PRESIDENT, he was introduced as “1 in 5000 people’s negotiating skill instructor”. Since 2019, he has been a certified lecturer of the NPO Japan Negotiation Association and has been active as a negotiation and coaching lecturer. Teacher satisfaction is always above 99%. In 2022, he became a director of the Japan Negotiating Association.
In his private life, he is a father of two children and is passionate about his children’s education. In 2021, my eldest son (3 years old at the time) gave a presentation at the Tech Kids Grand Prix, the largest contest in Japan, and came in third place.
Hajime Kusaba
Logica Education Co., Ltd. Director
Involved in the planning and management of in-house training after working in sales at the SoftBank Group. Co-founded the current corporation to contribute to the development of IT human resources in Japan. As a “Logica style”, we provide a curriculum that makes it easy for beginners to understand programming, from elementary school to college entrance exam preparation. (Logica style:
Takashi Ozasa
Responsible for human resources and organizational development at a listed company (manufacturing industry). Acquired Waseda University MBA while working. Experienced in digital camera product planning and new business projects. Received the HIP school 2019 business contest highest award while learning presentation skills outside the company. In-house certified lecturer for presentation, coaching, thinking skills and training instructor for in-house lecturers. When I was a student, I experienced tutoring from junior high school students to high school students. A father with a child in elementary school. Kazuki Sato
After graduating from Keio SFC, I was in charge of marketing for two years at a manufacturer. In college, while doing theater himself, he held more than 10 drama workshops for elementary school students. After joining the company, he attended a presentation course given by Mr. Kamatoshi Maeda, and acquired many internal policy projects with his cultivated presentation skills. In addition, he experienced the launch of a children’s cafeteria and coaching for children outside the company.
Qualification: Presentation Test Intermediate (General Incorporated Association Presentation Association)
Midori Hashimoto
Born in Fukui Prefecture in 1985. After graduating from the Faculty of Sociology at Kwansei Gakuin University, joined SoftBank Corp. as a new graduate. Experienced center management and sales promotion of corporate business. In 2017, he joined his family’s cleaning company and has been involved in operations such as management, public relations, and production lines. At elementary and junior high schools, we also give classes on laundry.
Koyuki Masaki
Graduated from Chuo University. Specified social insurance labor consultant, personnel consultant. He specializes in consultants for management (translating management’s thoughts into words) and personnel evaluation systems. On the other hand, he is also active as a goal support coach and presentation association ambassador. Became a presentation instructor to spread the joy of conveying your thoughts in your own words.
In my private life, I am a mother of 3 children and participate in national soccer tournaments (2019, 2022).
Please see here for the detailed profile of the teacher and the course guide.
Supervised by Kids Present Station
Maeda Kamatoshi
Presentation Creator/Calligrapher
Kou Co., Ltd. Representative Director
General Incorporated Association Tsugumi Representative Director Representative Director, Presentation Association

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