Press release | Miyoshi City Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture Revises Shikoku Kotsu Highway Bus Timetable ~ Direct Bus between Iya Kazurabashi and Kobe Starts Operation on October 8th

Miyoshi City
Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture Revises Shikoku Kotsu Highway Bus Timetable ~Direct Bus between Iya Kazurabashi and Kobe Begins Operation on October 8th
~In addition to the unexplored region, Iya, Oboke, Koboke, and the Otsuka Museum of Art, Tokushima’s tourist attractions are easily accessible! ~

Shikoku Kotsu Co., Ltd., which is headquartered in Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture, revised its timetable on October 8. Direct flights connecting Kobe with Kazura Bridge (Yumebutai) in Iya, a tourist spot in Miyoshi City that many tourists visit. “Grela (Gurira) Kazurabashi” has started operation newly.
As a result, it will be possible to visit Oboke and Iya from Kobe, which previously required a transfer, without having to transfer. We will also set up new boarding areas at the Otsuka Museum of Art and Aoaonaruto Resort, which are tourist spots in Naruto City. It is possible to connect tourist spots that were difficult to access, and it can be expected that tourists will spend more time in Tokushima Prefecture.
Autumn is the perfect season for sightseeing as the Iya Valley turns red. Why don’t you visit the deep and unexplored regions of Oboke and Iya to feel the four seasons by using the convenient direct bus? [Image 1d51487-49-6ea0b6aa2afbba4e3af9-1.png&s3=51487-49-f538dcc2c26217faf515656c6450629e-502x290.png

[Image 2d51487-49-a89f30a52633294347f2-0.png&s3=51487-49-fde235aedd0c860e01451439dbac2ad1-488x217.png

Operation date
Start from Saturday, October 8, 2022
Operates on weekends and holidays
Operation schedule
1 flight per day (1 outbound and 1 return trip)
Inbound: Kazurabashi Yumebutai 16:00 ⇒ Obokekyo 16:25 ⇒ Kobe Sannomiya 20:28 Outbound: Kobe Sannomiya 7:25 ⇒ Obokekyo 11:28 ⇒ Kazurabashi Yumebutai 11:53 price
5,500 yen (adult fare for Kazurabashi Yumebutai-Kobe Sannomiya) *Please refer to the timetable revision link page for details.
From around summer vacation, the number of expressway bus users between Keihanshin and Tokushima prefectures has increased! Looking ahead to the 2025 Osaka Expo
■ Background of timetable revision
Around the summer vacation of this year, we entered a period of recovery from the corona disaster, and the number of expressway bus users heading from the Keihanshin area to Tokushima Prefecture is on a recovery trend. In light of this situation, a new direct flight from Kobe to Oboke/Iya, a tourist destination in Miyoshi City, was created with the aim of addressing tourism demand, which is expected to continue to recover.
■ In addition to inbound tourists, sightseeing from Keihanshin and casual trips within Tokushima Prefecture
In anticipation of the inbound demand expected at the 2025 Osaka Expo, we are targeting tourists from the Keihanshin area. In addition, it can be widely used for casual trips within Tokushima Prefecture, such as staying at the Otsuka Museum of Art and Aoaonaruto Resort from the western part of Tokushima Prefecture.
Future outlook
By focusing on sightseeing, it will be reborn as a new express bus that is different from the conventional intercity express bus. We hope that current customers and new customers will use the bus casually, and that the tourist spots of Miyoshi City and Naruto City will be mutually enlivened, and the whole of Tokushima Prefecture will be excited.

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