PRESS RELEASE Support campaign for child-rearing moms “#Think about postpartum now” to create an opportunity to review the “should” after childbirth

Unlace Co., Ltd.
Implemented a campaign to support child-rearing moms, “#Think about postpartum now” to create an opportunity to review the postpartum “should”
Mental health care service Unlace, in collaboration with D2C infant food brand
Unlace Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kota Maeda), which operates an online service for mental health care, has established MiL Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo), which handles the D2C lifestyle brand “the kindest”. , Representative Director: Yuya Sugioka), we are pleased to announce that we will carry out a joint campaign “#Think about postpartum now” from October 3, 2022. During the period until October 31, in addition to providing service discount coupons to support mothers raising children, we will also carry out a plan to present products by lottery. We are looking for voices with the hashtag “#Think about postpartum now”.
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Joint campaign “#Think about postpartum now”
Background and purpose of the joint campaign “#Think about postpartum now” According to a survey* by the National Center for Child Health and Development, suicide is the most common cause of death among pregnant women up to one year after childbirth, and one in ten postpartum women suffers from postpartum depression. ” has been pointed out. Unlace, which develops mental health care services such as chat-type counseling that can be used in spare time at home, is already being used by many people who are raising children. In consultations, there are many voices saying, “I should do this for my child” and “I should do this as a mother.”
In light of this current situation, we have been discussing a joint project with MiL, which aims to solve social issues related to childcare and child-rearing, by leveraging each other’s knowledge and services. Through the development of familiar mental health care services, Unlace aims to create opportunities for mothers to turn their attention to their own changes and emotions and lead a more comfortable daily life.
*National Center for Child Health and Development “Present status of death during pregnancy and postpartum as seen from vital statistics (death, birth, stillbirth)” 2018
Overview of the “#Think about postpartum now” campaign
In this campaign, real voices looking back on the time after childbirth from “moms who have experienced childbirth and childcare” who agree with the desire to support child-raising moms who tend to be hard-working and tend to be alone will be shared on SNS (Twitter). ) are recruiting. We believe that the voices of everyone who has their own experiences, such as the hard times, the happy times, and the times they helped us, with the hashtag “#Think about postpartum now” will also lead to great support.
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How it will be done in the future
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Employees of both companies involved in the project
Since postpartum depression is thought to be caused by two factors: hormonal imbalance due to childbirth, and stress such as anxiety about childcare and changes in the environment, we started a support campaign in the area of ​​mental health care for postpartum mothers. I was. In the future, we aim to provide support for MiL service members, not only for postpartum mothers, but also for those who are trying hard to raise children.
About MiL Co., Ltd.
A start-up company aiming to “realize a well-being society”. We have formed a team with professionals such as chefs and pediatricians to develop products and services that utilize empirical data and customer/purchase data to develop the D2C lifestyle brand “the kindest” for families raising children. While valuing the SDGs and ethical initiatives that are attracting attention around the world, and the culture and craftsmanship that Japan has built, we aim to be a brand that represents the world.
Representative Director: Yuya Sugioka
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About Unlace Co., Ltd.
“Freedom to choose emotions” Even if you have worries or anxieties, you don’t want to rely on someone, and you are reluctant to treat even if your symptoms become severe. There are many such people. We aim to eliminate social stigma and realize a society where mental health care permeates every person’s daily life.
 Since December 2020, we have developed a matching service for qualified counselors and consultants. By realizing “24-hour chat consultation”, we have aimed for immediacy and ease of consultation anonymously whenever the consulter feels the need. As a free service for mental care that blends into everyday life, we provide
“journaling” that leads to cognitive behavioral therapy and “emotion dashboard” that visualizes emotions with AI language analysis, and will continue to develop a wide range of mental health care services that utilize technology. I will continue.
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Company Profile
Company name: Unlace Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-10-6 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Kota Maeda
Established: January 10, 2020
Business description: Development and operation of Unlace
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