Propose a home model house recommended for you to relieve anxiety about your dream home “Iekone” starts one- to-one marketing using LINE

Hokkaido Housing News Agency Co., Ltd.
Propose a home model house recommended for you to relieve anxiety about your dream home “Iekone” starts one-to-one marketing using LINE
Operated by Hokkaido Housing News Agency (headquartered in Sapporo, Hokkaido), which publishes the housing industry newspaper “Hokkaido Housing News”
The home model house tour service “Iekone” proposes a recommended home model house tour that matches the tastes and preferences of each user through one-to-one marketing using the official LINE account for tour users.
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With the LINE official account, you can experience Iekone’s services without registering as a member.
As an image of the housing industry, it tends to be said that “there seems to be persistent sales” for a long time. In Iekone, the first step is to have a tour with the owner of the Iekone who actually lives there, so you will not be sold by a housing company on the spot, but you will have to enter certain personal information when you register as a member. need to do it.
Therefore, before registering as a member, add your LINE official account as a friend and answer the “Ideal Home Questionnaire”. To do. After that, if you like the proposal, you will actually register as a member and conduct a tour.
You can eliminate the anxiety that accompanies your dream home Buying a home is the biggest purchase of a lifetime for many people. The anxiety that surrounds it is whether or not the ideal can be realized. “How much house can I build with my budget?” “Can I find a housing company that suits me?”
The Iekone owner (the person who posts their home on the Iekone website) was originally a general consumer, and is in the same position as a visitor who is about to build a house. From that standpoint and perspective, we will bring you one step closer to your ideal home by directly listening to your experience, including the satisfaction points and regret points of purchasing your own home that you only have once in your life.
■ Open a special page that extracts home model houses according to the characteristics that each person wants to be particular about [Performance]
The performance of housing is profound. I hear stories like “It’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter” and “The utility bills are exceptionally cheap”, but in reality there are many things you can’t know until you actually live there. These two home model houses are recommended for visitors who want to emphasize such performance. [Image 2d99569-5-8d981d9ad48c174bb1c7-1.jpg&s3=99569-5-7d6b1e4cfcb62633f5bfebb5f77c3741-1298x775.jpg
【Floor plan】
The layout is infinite. Among them, these two home model houses are recommended for those who are looking for a floor plan that makes housework easier. The water area is on the second floor, making it easy to wash and dry clothes. Furthermore, the first floor can be freely explored, eliminating waste.
[Image 3d99569-5-7f1926f65f5e148b4bb1-2.jpg&s3=99569-5-47a753ba6b643a84f1a9aa9f8f1c6257-1297x765.jpg
A stylish house is good for building your own home! For those who think. The design is like a resort hotel, making the everyday extraordinary. Still, we are particular about the layout and performance of each.
[Image 4d99569-5-6cf551b19503a9cda8d3-3.jpg&s3=99569-5-1ecea07e445482f08372d11d37208058-1298x768.jpg
Click here for a special page with the above home model houses
From this page, you can add the Iekone LINE official account as a friend. ■ About Iekone
Started in April 2022 in the area around Sapporo City, Hokkaido. Based on the theme of “building a home that will not fail,” we provide users who are planning to build a house with experiences that cannot be understood from conventional model house tours, such as how to purchase an actual house and how comfortable it is to live there. As a housing maker, we will be able to attract new customers by registering the homes of customers who have built in the past as model homes with Iekone.
In addition, you can build a system that can reduce model house maintenance costs and event holding costs and return them to home buyers.
*Iekonone is a project selected for the 3rd Supplementary Business Restructuring Promotion Subsidy for Small and Medium Enterprises in 2020.
■Overview of Jyutaku Tsushinsha
(1) Trade name: Hokkaido Housing News Co., Ltd.
(2) Representative: Taro Tomomura, Representative Director
(3) Location of head office: Sapporo head office 3rd floor of Hokkaido Government West Building, 7-5-1 Kita 3-jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
(4) Established: April 1977
(5) Capital: 10 million yen
(6) Main business: Editing and publication of “Hokkaido Housing News”, operation of “Iekone”
(7) Head office URL:
(8) Iekone URL:

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