PSC Co., Ltd. Grand opening West Japan Security Management Center (SOC)

PSC Co., Ltd.
[Grand Opening] West Japan Security Management Center (SOC)
[Safety x Comfort] Easy-to-use security services through collaboration between East and West

PSC Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as PSC, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masayuki Suzuki), which co-creates and supports the DX (digital transformation) of companies, contributes to the secure modern work of companies in western Japan. We are pleased to inform you that the West Japan Security Management Center (West Japan SMC) has been established.
■ About West Japan SOC
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・Collaboration with VMware
Taking advantage of the strengths of the PSC West Japan branch, which has produced many VMware engineers, we launched the VMware Carbon Black Cloud managed service for the first time.
We are expanding the scope of support, including the track record of building workloads required for monitoring VMware environments. In the future, we will work on the menu of VMware NSX and VMware SASE, which are network security, this term.
・Enhanced user support
One of the essential functions of endpoint security is communication with users of terminals. However, in the SOC so far, there was no vendor to provide user support, and the information system department and general affairs department of the company were responsible for it, and I think that the burden has increased. PSC West Japan SOC will be able to receive everything from user support to SOC alert response. -East-West cooperation-
・Expansion of areas and companies using
Until now, we have contributed to the creation of a secure environment for many client companies, from product introduction, design and construction, to monitoring and operation, at SMC (SOC) in eastern Japan. By injecting and collaborating with West Japan SMC with the experience we have cultivated, we will provide more advanced services to a wider range of West Japan.
In addition, in eastern Japan, it was mainly used by major enterprise companies, but in western Japan, it has been upgraded to a service that is easy to use for medium-sized companies. We will deliver peace of mind to more customers.
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PSC’s managed security service provides a one-stop service that includes assessment, construction, and post-implementation support in order to provide it according to the customer’s environment. By providing SOC know-how cultivated over 10 years in East and West, we will pursue further safety, convenience and service continuity. ■Comments from the officer in charge
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Until now, our SOC in eastern Japan has provided cyber security solutions and managed services, but with the spread of cloud-based security services, we are now delivering peace of mind to our corporate customers throughout Japan.
In order to respond to the diversification of “customer bases and security threats”, we will launch the West Japan SMC in Osaka and face the creation of a secure environment for our customers more broadly and deeply.
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About West Japan SOC
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