Publication of e-book “Textbook of Truancy” for parents with children who do not attend school

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Publication of e-book “Textbook of Truancy” for parents with children who do not attend school
Written by Chihiro Azuma (Representative Director of Child-rearing Psychology Association)

Chihiro Higashi, representative director of the Association of Parenting Psychology, who has been involved in the education industry for more than 30 years and is active as a child-rearing counselor, has published an e-book “Textbook of Truancy” for those who are worried about their children’s school refusal. (price: 780 yen-tax included-) published. It will be on sale at the Kindle store
( from Monday, October 3rd.
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■ The number of school refusal students continues to increase. Recently, there has been an increase in consultations about refusal to attend school due to anxiety about the corona crisis.
According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s 2020 “Survey on problems related to student guidance such as problem behavior and school refusal” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the number of school refusal students in elementary and junior high schools is 196,127, and the percentage of enrolled children is 2.0. %, and has been steadily increasing since 2013. Also, in recent years, in the field of child-rearing counseling, there has been a great increase in consultations such as “Children have become very anxious due to the corona disaster, and they are unable to go to school or have become reluctant to go to school”. It can be seen that changes in the living environment have a great impact on children.
I want to deliver courage and hope to parents who are suffering from their children not attending school.
Higashi, the author of this book, provides counseling using a unique method called “Kokoro Savings”*, and has supported more than 20,000 parents who are worried about raising children. Among them, 70 to 80% of consultations are about school refusal and school reluctance, and I wrote this book with the desire to deliver a message that gives courage and hope to parents who are suffering from school refusal problems. When publishing it, we decided to limit it to e-books, taking into account the feelings of parents, such as that children would be shocked if there was a book at home that they did not attend school, and that it would be embarrassing if they could see them reading.
* Originally developed by Chihiro Azuma based on psychology and coaching. It is a practical method that can be started from today by steadily saving the love of parents in the piggy bank of the child’s heart.
■ Includes simple and specific advice and improvement examples “Textbook of truancy” is based on Azuma’s original method “Kokoro savings”, Chapter 1 “Why are parents of children who do not attend school anxious”, Chapter 2 “Prescription for truancy” ”, Chapter 3 “Kokoro Savings for Parents: The Mechanism of Happy Spirals”, Chapter 4 “How to save money for children who refuse to go to school?” It consists of three cases in which In addition to simple and concrete introductions on what to do now, how to convey affection, and what not to do, it also provides answers to common worries such as “Is it correct to transfer schools?” We have recorded many topics that will help parents solve their worries, such as answers and a mother’s experience of actually improving her child’s school refusal.
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Outline of “Textbook for Truancy”
Title: School Truancy Textbooks 90% Improvement! “Three simple yet effective magics”
Author: Chihiro Higashi (Representative Director, Parenting Psychology Association)
Form: E-book
Number of pages: 97 pages
Price: 780 yen -tax included- *Publishing commemorative half price sale until 10/7 (Friday): 390 yen -tax included-
Release date: October 3 (Monday)
Sales channel: kindle store (
Composition (table of contents)
Chapter 1 Why Are Parents of Children Who Don’t Attend School Worried? 1. Anxiety about the future ~The future beyond school~
2. Anxiety with no goal in sight ~How long will school refusal continue?~ 3. Anxiety about not knowing the correct answer ~Is this method right?~ Reasons for children not attending school
do i have to go to school
What is really important
Chapter 2 What is “Kokoro Hokin”, a prescription for school refusal? What is “Kokoro Hokin”?
“Kokoro Hokin” 1. Listening ~Tips for how children change their listening style~ “Kokoro Hokin” 2. Touch ~ Contact and skinship according to age ~ “Kokoro Hokin” 3. Admit – “Approve” rather than “Praise” –
Public release of data on the rate of improvement and return to school for non-attendance and reluctance to attend school
When heart savings leak
Chapter 3 Parents can save their hearts ~Mechanism of Happy Spiral~ A very important mother’s heart savings
Graduation from “self-blame”
“When possible” “as much as possible”
If you spend your savings, you can increase it again
It would be nice if there was a friend who would listen to me Let’s “love yourself”
Chapter 4 How to save heart savings for children who do not attend school? This is NG! “Three things you shouldn’t do to a child who doesn’t go to school Quick answers to frequently asked questions
Chapter 5. Three Cases of School Truancy and Reluctance to Attend School for the Better
A story about how a mother who was tired of picking up children who were reluctant to go to school became able to give both herself and her child a ball
A story about a child who could hardly go to school from 3rd grade, but now goes to junior high school every day
The story of the girl who said, “I’d rather die” became a high school student again
[Table 4: ]
Author profile
[Image 2d109218-1-34b700e32747230e1f35-2.jpg&s3=109218-1-4c5ea8481918146a706a20b93f84dc45-434x596.jpg
Chihiro Higashi
Representative Director of Child-rearing Psychology Association / Representative Director of Child-rearing Psychology Office Higashi Co., Ltd. Licensed psychologist, school counselor. Developed a unique method of “Kokoro Hokin” based on psychology and coaching. Over 20,000 cases have been delivered through parenting psychology courses and child-rearing counselor courses. Many media appearances such as NHK “Asaichi” and TBS “Hiruobi”.
In his books, “90% is not ‘scolding'” (PHP Research Institute), “Child-rearing goes well! A total of 13 books, including 33 points to raise the self-esteem of parents and children (Meitsu Publishing). Some have been translated into Chinese and published.
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