Purpose A fit that stays in place all night long. Combined with a futon, the “4-layer gauze blanket” will be pre-sold on the crowdfunding site “Makuake”!

A fit that stays in place all night long. Combined with a futon, the “4-layer gauze blanket” will be pre-sold on the crowdfunding site “Makuake”!
A must-see for those who have trouble sleeping! A contraction accordion blanket that fits your body and stays in place!

From today, October 19th (Wednesday), pre-order sales of accordion kits have started on the crowdfunding site “Makuake”!
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・Title: Fit that stays in place all night long. “Quadruple gauze blanket” for even more warmth in combination with a futon
・ Period: September 19, 2022 (Wednesday) 13:00 to November 21, 2022 (Monday) 18:00
・Project page: https://www.makuake.com/project/jogan66/
・ Project executor: Jogan Co., Ltd. (https://www.jogan.co.jp/) [Image 2

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[Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/api/file.php?c_id=61364&t=animationGifImage&f=a6b981c8ff8b35de817e5269a925e34d.gif&img_id=1665706258736] [Image 5

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The coming season is getting colder and colder.
Not only yourself, but also your child is in such a state
I get cold and catch a cold… A story that can be said.
However, the sleeping position is something that cannot be easily changed. Besides, you don’t want to be nervous about sleeping to get rid of the fatigue of the day.
If so, is there something that can be done while maintaining the current status quo? that is,,,
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It’s an “accordion blanket”!
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It is a shrinkable fabric with a bellows structure finished with a special weave developed by Jogan.
[Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/api/file.php?c_id=61364&t=animationGifImage&f=a6b981c8ff8b35de817e5269a925e34d.gif&img_id=1665706258736] It is made of four layers of gauze, which shrinks like a bellows to hold more air. It has good breathability in the summer and retains heat and air in the winter, so it can be used all year round. ・Project page: https://www.makuake.com/project/jogan66/
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In addition, the fabric itself is uneven and non-slip, so even if you layer the comforter on top of it, the comforter will not slip off.
[Image 12: https://prtimes.jp/api/file.php?c_id=61364&t=animationGifImage&f=e006515b967c14ec2bda354bc38d900c.gif&img_id=1665706554173 ]
So it fits perfectly on your body! Even if you toss and turn, it sticks tightly and doesn’t say goodbye to your body! !

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At our company, we have developed a combed yarn [Angel Spin] while making use of the element of non-twisted yarn.
[Image 14

This yarn is made by combining a twisted yarn processing technique that leaves an exquisite constriction and a high-quality combed yarn. It will be the ultimate new non-twisted yarn that continues to be soft.
It is offered at a discounted price exclusive to Makuake.
We also offer bargain super early bird discounts and early bird discounts. All of them are exceptional discount prices that you can’t get anywhere else. Recommended as a gift!・Project page:
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We are making ~ Commitment to domestic production ~
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~Senshu towel maker “Jogan” celebrated its 75th anniversary. ~ In addition to manufacturing, washing, sewing and other processing are also completed in Japan.
At Jogan, we start with the development of yarn, weave the towel fabric, and carry out various processes from processing to finishing. We strive to create products with the feeling that we want our customers to use our towels with peace of mind. At our factory, which is fully equipped with uniquely developed equipment that incorporates our skilled techniques and know-how, we produce a wide variety of towels every day.
Towels that are used every day are indispensable in people’s lives. Centering on these towels, we carefully select threads and materials, weave and process them.
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