Quore Co., Ltd. Notice of distribution of column articles on vacant houses

Quore Co., Ltd.
Announcement of column article delivery about empty house
We publish information sharing articles about vacant houses on our media “Akisuku”.

Quore Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yasushi Takemoto; hereinafter “Quore”) helps to let go of vacant houses at “Akisuku” (https://akisuku.com/), which is operated by the company. We are posting an article that will be.
This month, we delivered columns on “Points to note and how to deal with inheriting an empty house” and “Cost of sorting out unwanted items and belongings in an empty house”.
“I suddenly inherited a vacant house and I don’t know how to deal with it.” “I want to organize unnecessary items and relics to dispose of an empty house” It is a useful content for those who are thinking.
What is “akisuku”
・Information dissemination site that helps as many people as possible to let go of vacant houses

The article delivered this time will be the following contents. Published September 6, 2022
Problems and solutions when inheriting a vacant house
https://akisuku.com/column/akiya/akiyawosozokushitatokinomondaitentotaishohoho/ Published September 8, 2022
Explain the problem of empty houses! I will tell you the cause and the measures against empty houses of the administration and local governments
https://akisuku.com/column/akiya/akiyamondainitsuitekaisetsu-geninyagyoseijichitainoakiyataisakumoshiemasu/ Published September 14, 2022
How much does it cost to maintain a vacant house? Also explain how to manage!
https://akisuku.com/column/akiya/akiyanoijikanrinikakaruhiyohaikura-kanrihohomokaisetsu/ Published September 20, 2022
I want to dispose of unnecessary items in an empty house! Cleaning method and cost of disposal
https://akisuku.com/column/akiya/akiyanofuyohinwoshobunshitai-katazukenohohoyashobunnikakaruhiyosoba/ Published September 22, 2022
Why is it risky to leave a vacant house? Reasons for abandonment and countermeasures
https://akisuku.com/column/akiya/akiyawohochisurutorisukugataikainohanaze-hochisururiyutotaishohoho/ Published September 28, 2022
For those who are worried about sorting out the belongings of an empty house! Explanation of how to organize and the cost rate of the contractor
https://akisuku.com/column/akiya/akiyanoihinseiirionayaminokatahe-seirinoshikatayagyoshanohiyosobawokaisetsu/ I would like to continue to distribute the above information in the future and help as many people as possible to let go of vacant houses. We hope that the information we get from Akisuku will give you a little bit of encouragement to solve the problem of vacant houses. [About Quore Co., Ltd.]
In Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, we are developing a wide range of
businesses, including real estate business, purchase business, and other businesses, centered on disused items and relics.
We provide services that are close to our customers and firmly guarantee peace of mind in response to the worries and anxieties that many people have about their lives.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Quore Co., Ltd.
Location: 8-53-2 Hiiragiyamacho, Obu City, Aichi Prefecture
Representative Director: Yasushi Takemoto
Established: March 2011
URL: https://cuore-group.com/
Details about this release:

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