Ragnarok Online “Rug Can 2022 Autumn” will be on sale from October 13, 2022 (Thursday) with 35 lineups inc luding 4 new items!

GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.
[Ragnarok Online] “Rug Can 2022 Autumn” will be on sale from October 13, 2022 (Thursday) with 35 lineups including 4 new items!
A lineup of 35 items including 4 new items, including “Elemental Possession [1]” recommended for sorcerers!

GungHo Online Entertainment Co., Ltd. announces the following information today for the fantasy online RPG “Ragnarok Online”. [Image 1

“Rug can 2022 Autumn” sales start
“Rug Can 2022 Autumn” will be on sale from 15:00 on Thursday, October 13, 2022! Four new items such as “Elemental Possession [1]” recommended for sorcerers, “Dia de Muertos [1]”, “Harvest Festival [1]”, and “Triangle Disaster [1]” have appeared.
Please enjoy the “Rug Can 2022 Autumn” delivered in a lineup of 35. 【Product Summary】
“Rug Can 2022 Autumn”
Sales period: October 13, 2022 (Thursday) 15:00 to November 10, 2022 (Thursday) 13:00
Price: 1,500 yen (tax included)
Number of lotteries: 1/3
“Ragnarok Oline” basic information
[Image 2

Title: Ragnarok Online
Billing form: 1,500 yen [tax included] / 30 days
Official website: https://ragnarokonline.gungho.jp/
Copyright notation:
(C) Gravity Co., Ltd. & Lee MyoungJin (studio DTDS).
(C) GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
About “Ragnarok Online”
“Ragnarok Online” is an online game where you can freely adventure on the stage of a vast continent.
Become an adventurer, raise your own character and challenge powerful enemies, unravel the secrets of the world, meet friends and go on a journey together, challenge team battles of 100 people, and have fun that you can’t play. is an online game with
Details about this release:

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