Ranaluta Co., Ltd. Momo Onitsuka, representative of Tokyo, Momo Onitsuka, winner of the 2022 second place Grand Prix, W winner of the 2022 runner-up at Miss University, a beauty pageant specializing in female students operated by Japan’s largest be

Ranaluta Co., Ltd.
Momo Onitsuka, representative of Tokyo, Momo Onitsuka, winner of the 2022 semi-grand prix at Miss University, a beauty pageant specializing in female students run by Japan’s largest beauty pageant “Best of Miss”

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On September 26, 2022, the Miss University 2022 Japan Tournament was held at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, and 20 finalists selected at local tournaments in each prefecture gathered.
This competition is the “National Miss Campus” for college students and vocational students all over Japan. 20 female students who won the prefectural tournament held in each prefecture from Hokkaido to Okinawa participated in the Japan tournament.
We will select one person who is worthy of being the “next leader,” a “next-generation opinion leader.”
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Semi-Grand Prix
Momo Onitsuka
Tokyo representative
21 years old
University of the Sacred Heart Faculty of Liberal Arts Department of International Exchange
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[Image 6d69555-1046-817e15067cc36af5dbad-6.jpg&s3=69555-1046-9b93877b4dfc2cbd0b21d9cfccc4571f-1801x2700.jpg
Miss University 2022 Second Grand Prix, 1st place W winner Momo Onitsuka “I am very happy and satisfied to have won the semi-Grand Prix. Of course, I missed the grand prix that I was aiming for, and I feel a lot of frustration, but I also received the award for being the first place in the votes, so I will use the strength of the fact that there are many people who support my activities, and set my goals more concretely. I will continue to do what I can.
Also, this is not just me, it’s what all the finalists who participated think. Thank you for your continued support!
Once again, thank you to everyone who has supported us until now. I’m really thankful to you! ”
He talked about his thoughts on winning the semi-Grand Prix. About being awarded the overall 1st place in voting examination such as SNS examination and venue voting
“I am very honored to receive the first prize in the votes. This award was given because of the support of many people in each category of the judging, so it was an award I received together with the people who supported me. I’m so happy.
I will continue to push forward with the intention of giving back to everyone who has supported me! ”
said with joy and gratitude.
Miss University 2022 Grand Prix
Gunma Representative Mayo Naganuma (Musashino University)
Miss University 2022 Second Grand Prix
Tokyo Representative Momo Onitsuka (University of the Sacred Heart) Miss University 2022 3rd Place
Kanagawa representative Reina Koshimizu (Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin University) Miss University 2022 4th place
Hokkaido representative Reno Yamamoto (Hokusho University)
Miss University 2022 5th place
Tochigi representative: Moe Tsutsumi (Keio University)
Miss University 2022 Congeniality Award
Ibaraki Representative Riko (The Open University of Japan) Details about this release:


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