Randstad promotes the improvement of ES of temporary staff by focusing on Labor Thanksgiving Day-Randstad Labor Thanksgiving Week Campaign-November 14th (Monday) to 23rd (Wednesday / holiday) 22nd for dispatched staff Event holding

Randstad promotes the improvement of ES of temporary staff by focusing on Labor Thanksgiving Day-Randstad Labor Thanksgiving Week
Campaign-November 14th (Monday) to 23rd (Wednesday / holiday) 22nd for dispatched staff Event holding

Randstad Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO Paul Dupuy), which provides comprehensive human resource services, will hold a “work” for all people from November 14th (Monday) to 23rd (Wednesday / holiday). We will carry out the “Labor Appreciation Week Campaign” to thank and expand the circle.
In addition to preparing a thank-you message tool (video background, signature design, wallpaper, etc.) that can be used by all employees, including temporary staff during the period, a thank-you event for approximately 30,700 temporary staff on Tuesday, 22nd. will be held. Participation in the event is voluntary online, but CEO Paul Dupuis will deliver a video message of gratitude to the staff working at the dispatched destination, and the director of organizational
development, who is a clinical psychologist, will manage mental and physical health. Yumiko Kawanishi, who has written a lot about, will hold a “play reform seminar to heal your heart”. After the seminar, Kawanishi will also answer the concerns and questions of dispatched staff recruited in advance. In addition, some branches will prepare a thank-you gift for temporary staff.
Labor Thanksgiving Day was established in 1948 as a national holiday to honor labor, celebrate production, and give thanks to each other. As a company that provides comprehensive human resources services, Randstad has decided to focus on this day and implement a campaign because it wants to cherish all “workers”. Until now, we have held thank-you events where the CEO and president go to the dispatched place, but this is the first time to hold an event for all staff at the same time. and aim to increase job satisfaction.
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bath salt for gift
[Image 2d4185-97-b195cbb6f291b6062027-5.png&s3=4185-97-e66725467e79449a45dabecb9d08c6ec-126x126.png
Message for SNS that can be sent like a stamp
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signature banner

Message from CEO
[Image 4d4185-97-4851ebab7bc76d6e32d3-0.jpg&s3=4185-97-af75886d08a92144cf590385634673dd-2530x2530.jpg
Japan has a wonderful holiday called Labor Thanksgiving Day. As the days of anxiety continue due to the corona crisis and international conflicts, I have come to reconsider the meaning and weight of working for everyone. Randstad would like to make this anniversary even more important.
Working is not only a way to earn a salary, but also to connect, grow, maintain dignity, overcome adversity, have fun, and achieve dreams. No job can be done by one person, it is supported by many people. Now is the time to express my gratitude to the people around me and spread that circle.
First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the staff. Thank you and take care
Labor Appreciation Week Special Event
Date and time: Tuesday, November 22, 2022, from 12:00 to 12:30 Participation method: Online delivery (Zoom)
Participation fee: Free
1. “Message of Gratitude” Chairman and CEO Paul Dupuis
[Image 5d4185-97-b1000d769c3bc629ec1c-1.jpg&s3=4185-97-4a5f29905d85144e7239ccca712e5dfe-274x274.jpg
2. “Seminar on how to reform the way you play to heal your heart” Lecturer: Yumiko Kawanishi, Director of Organizational Development, Account Management Division, Sales & Strategy
■Company Profile of Randstad Co., Ltd.
Capital: 100 million yen
Business description: Temporary staffing service/Temporary staffing service/Temporary staffing service/Outsourcing business
URL: https://www.randstad.co.jp/
■Randstad Company Overview
Company name: Randstad N.V.
Established: October 1960
Representatives: Sander Wand Nordende, Henry Schumer
Location: Netherlands
Number of employees: 39,530
Sales: 3,215.1 billion yen (24,635 million euros) FY2021 results (December settlement)
Capital: 639.76 billion yen (4.902 billion euros) as of December 31, 2021 Offices: 38 countries and regions around the world
Business description: Comprehensive human resources service
URL: https://www.randstad.com/
(Euro 130.51 conversion / as of the end of December 2021)
■ About Randstad
Randstad is the world’s largest human resources service company and aims to be the world’s most respected “Working Life Partner”, helping as many people as possible to realize their true potential through work. We provide the high-quality, diverse and agile talent companies need, helping people find rewarding jobs and remain relevant in the ever-changing world of work. By 2021, we will help more than 2 million people find the right job, advise 235,000 clients on their HR needs from talent acquisition to total talent management, and help 450,000 Provided more training. We use data and technology to deliver the right advice at the right time and at scale, while our consultants, operating in 38 markets and nearly 5,000 locations, provide personal and dedicated service to our people and clients. We provide care. This combination of “technology” and “touch” is what makes our service unique.
Founded in 1960, Randstad is headquartered in Diemen, The Netherlands and listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam. At the end of 2021, it has 39,530 employees and revenues of around €24.6 billion. For details, please refer to the Randstad Holdings website. www.randstad.com

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