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Real-life survey 97% of women love to wear “functional innerwear” that keeps them warm in winter. What are your criteria for choosing from different brands? While preventing the cold, is it also the source of winter sweat? Pay attention to the smel

Crocos Co., Ltd.
[Real-life survey] 97% of women love to wear “functional innerwear” that keeps them warm in winter. What are your criteria for choosing from different brands? While preventing the cold, is it also the source of winter sweat? Pay attention to the smell of sweat in winter! For your favorite knit, sweat care in winter.

“Functional innerwear” that keeps you warm in the winter will come in handy when the cold starts to set in. The functions and product lineup are upgraded every year, and many women wear them almost every day in the winter. Therefore, this time, Crocos Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, CEO: Kenya Sugino), which develops deodorant gel “sinai” for women, will talk about “functional innerwear that is warm in winter” and “winter sweat”. A survey was conducted on 200 women. Questionnaire reveals modern women’s worries about sweat in winter. We will also show you the solution.
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Survey outline
Questionnaire about “functional innerwear that is warm in winter” and “winter sweat”
Survey target: Women in their 20s to 40s
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey period: September 29, 2022 to October 2, 2022
Survey area: Nationwide
Number of valid responses: 200
Research agency: Lancers
97% of women own functional innerwear that is warm even in winter! The majority of brands are ○○○○
“Functional innerwear” that keeps you warm in the winter will be on sale one after another when it starts to get cold in the mornings and evenings.
Recently, the number of options has increased, from affordable to expensive, and from simple to stylish designs.
Even if you don’t have to wear it bulky on a cold day, you can enjoy the same fashion as usual with just one piece, so you can wear it on a daily basis to match your casual or commuting clothes, even if it’s not for “outdoor work” or “outdoor leisure.” It seems that there are many women.
This time, when we asked 200 women in their 20s to 40s, “Do you have warm functional innerwear in winter?” 3% answered that they have both, and 39% answered that they have both.
[Image 2d88698-4-2111dd33c07f895bd823-0.png&s3=88698-4-d3a88767b2f8b866faf0ec61c470a26f-1910x1080.png
There are various brands, but in this survey, 81% of them were UNIQLO. UNIQLO has been working with the Japan Weather Association to jointly develop an index called the “Heat Tech Index” from this fall, and we have started a service that will notify you of recommended innerwear, such as HEATTECH and AIRism, according to the temperature of the day. It can be seen that it is becoming a standard innerwear that everyone can easily pick up regardless of age or gender.
Next is Shimamura with 6%, Belle Maison (Senshukai) and MUJI (Ryohin Keikaku) with 3%, underwear makers Gunze and Wacoal, and mass retailer Top Value (AEON). I was.
In the single answer of “others”, brand names of a wide range of genres were listed, such as the outdoor brand “Montbell”, the sports brand “Mizuno”, the skin care brand “Fancl”, and the catalog mail order “Cecile”.
Although the innerwear specializes in the same “warmth”, the functional innerwear that makes use of the marketing, technology and development capabilities of each brand is rich in individuality. Then, what criteria do women use when choosing functional innerwear that will keep them warm in winter from among the many products available?
When asked, “What are your criteria for choosing a functional innerwear that will keep you warm in winter?” Reputation and word of mouth” and “durability” followed.
[Image 3d88698-4-68d486d20f7ee2fa5911-1.png&s3=88698-4-a0df51c89680939959334a41c29f84ee-1910x1080.png
It’s not so expensive just for innerwear, so many people have tried various brands and have multiple brands, and some people use them according to the occasion.
Functional innerwear that keeps you warm even in winter, and many people use them every day!
A functional innerwear that protects you from the cold. Originally, it was a special existence like a helper for people who work outside in winter and outdoor leisure in winter.
However, as the number of affordable, well-designed and comfortable items increases, people say, “It prevents me from looking bulky!” , quickly captured the hearts of women.
In the questionnaire, when asked, “When do you wear functional warm innerwear?” It ranks high with “Outdoor”.
When it starts to feel cold, many women wear it when going out or commuting. [Image 4d88698-4-2db17bd9c0a1509871ef-2.png&s3=88698-4-7c1625fae244244767a47d039c3e6eef-1910x1080.png
“Winter can’t be spent without wearing functional innerwear. There are many variations and it’s fun to choose (female in her 30s).” (women in their 20s)” are now standard items for women who don’t like the cold. In addition, “When I’m at home, I don’t have to turn on the heater (woman in her 40s)”, “It’s much warmer than regular innerwear, and it’s very useful when sleeping at night” (woman in her 40s). , Many women wear it at home or when sleeping.
Wearing one will help you to live an eco-friendly life, saying “I use the air conditioner less frequently (woman in her 30s)” and “I can keep the heating temperature low (woman in her 40s)”.
On the other hand, it is too functional and I have this impression. “It feels good to wear functional innerwear when it’s cold outside, but it’s a problem indoors because it gets hot and sweaty (woman in her 30s)”, “When I get to work, I’m commuting My sweat cools me down and makes me cold (woman in her 40s).” “It’s hot and I tend to sweat when I’m in a heated place (woman in my 40s).”
A functional innerwear that keeps you warm in the winter will keep you warm, but it will also cause you to sweat in the winter.
89% of women answered that they are worried about sweat even in winter In winter, if anything, “cold” and “coldness” measures are given priority, and “heat” and “sweat” measures tend to be overlooked. However, in winter when the temperature is low, your basal metabolism increases to maintain your body temperature, so even a little exercise such as walking or climbing stairs will make you sweat more easily. In addition, it is not uncommon for people to feel “hot” rather than “not cold” in rooms such as trains and offices where heating is effective.
In fact, 89% of women answered that they were worried about sweating even in the winter, when asked, “Are you worried about sweating even in winter?”
[Image 5d88698-4-0a9bdb96b388ac4899f4-3.png&s3=88698-4-0d788f43ec8a2fd90ea4a6300894c456-1910x1080.png
“On the train while commuting (woman in her 30s)”, “After walking to the destination, I stop and start sweating (woman in her 40s)”, “Wearing a coat at a shopping center, etc. I get sweaty armpits (woman in her 30s)”, it seems that it is a very daily scene for women to sweat in winter.
Summer is not the only time to worry about sweat! What is the problem of sweat unique to winter?
In recent years, women often feel sweaty even in winter, and the “worries” of women’s winter sweats are endless.
In response to the question, “What kind of worries do you have about sweat in winter?”
[Image 6d88698-4-bccb16113245db908b2d-4.png&s3=88698-4-26921414e777f0118bb2feff7351d74a-1910x1080.png
Even if you don’t mind the smell of sweat in the summer, in the winter you’ll notice the foul odor.
In winter, we don’t sweat as much as in summer, so our sweat glands are less active. Therefore, winter sweat is not as dry as summer sweat, and the concentration is thicker. The smell becomes strong sweat.
Also, in winter, sweating increases not from the whole body like in summer, but from the underarms where there are many apocrine glands, so sweat with a strong odor is produced.
Furthermore, the cause is not only the ingredients of sweat. It’s cold in winter, so wear layers of warm clothes. “High heat retention” means “poor breathability”.
Sweat does not evaporate and remains on the body and clothes, and bacteria grow in that sweat, making it easier to emit unpleasant odors.
Especially in winter, there are many items that cannot be washed every day, such as knitwear, jackets, and coats.
“I don’t like that I can’t wash my clothes as easily as I do in summer when I sweat (female in her 40s)”, “Winter sweat is thicker than summer, so it’s a problem for white knitwear to stain ( Women in their 30s)”, the problem of washing winter clothes is very urgent. In addition, because “I can’t wash it frequently”, “I feel sick when my shoes and boots get stuffy, and I’m worried about the smell (women in their 20s)” “When I wear boots, my feet get stuffy. It takes a lot of courage to take them off outside (women in their 20s),” said a woman who wears boots also suffers from the smell of sweat.
The measures against winter sweat are basically the same as summer sweat. If you are worried about sweating in winter, use an antiperspirant or deodorant in advance as you would in summer. It seems that more effects can be expected for products that are limited to specific parts, such as the armpits and legs.
For items such as knits and coats that cannot be washed every day, we recommend deodorizing and disinfecting sprays for clothes. The key is to let it dry thoroughly after spraying.
Also, in order to prevent the function of the sweat glands from deteriorating in the winter, get into the habit of sweating regularly by bathing, exercising, saunas, etc.
It is also important to have a well-balanced diet in order to improve the muddy sweat even a little.
With “sinai”, you don’t have to worry about winter sweat odors or sweat stains on fashionable clothes!
[Image 7d88698-4-54a66513714b0c52f5b7-5.jpg&s3=88698-4-e87121332ba0593ed6b6bad8c970bb00-3000x2000.jpg
Since we don’t sweat as much as in the summer, we tend to cut corners on measures against perspiration in the winter, but we need to be more careful in the winter.
For winter sweat measures, choose an antiperspirant that firmly suppresses sweat and disinfects firmly.
“Sinai”, which looks like a cosmetic item, is a quasi-drug deodorant antiperspirant made for women.
In order to thoroughly suppress odors, we were particular about “adhesion to the skin” and “immediate effect”.
It is a roll-on type that adheres to the skin, so you can quickly apply it anytime, anywhere without getting your hands dirty. Moreover, by making it a gel that spreads well, it spreads evenly to the sweat glands that cause odors, and the active medicinal
ingredients firmly block sweat.
In addition, natural ingredients such as tea extract and clara extract are blended to approach the bacteria that cause odors, achieving “more than 99% sterilization (* 1)” in “just 1 minute”.
In addition to suppressing odors, it also contains beauty ingredients such as soybean extract and allantoin to make your skin beautiful. Free from petroleum-based surfactants, silicon, mineral oil, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic colorings, it is also gentle on the skin, which is often overlooked in conventional antiperspirants. If you have one “sinai” at hand, you may be freed from the anxiety caused by such underarm sweat, such as the unexpected “I’ve
sweated…” .
It’s a skin-friendly formula that can also be used for children, so please try it with confidence.
*1 From the bactericidal efficacy test results against Staphylococcus aureus Product information
Product name: sinai
Contents: 30ml
Regular price: 8,238 yen (tax included)
Regular flight first special price: 1,480 yen (tax included) Sales location: Official website and others Company Profile
Company name: Crocos Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-1-1-5F Ohashi, Minami Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 815-0033
Representative: Noriya Sugino, Representative Director
Established: July 2014
Business description: Sales of health foods, sales of products accompanying health foods, sales of cosmetics, sales of products accompanying cosmetics, sales of miscellaneous goods

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