Reconstruction Fisheries Processing Industry Market Recovery Promotion Center Cheer up! Japanese dining table! Actor Sumitaka Totsuka from Iwate Prefecture will deliver the seafood of Sanriku and Joban with a triumphant face, new TV-CM “UMIUMA Capt

Reconstruction Seafood Processing Industry Market Recovery Promotion Center Cheer up! Japanese dining table! Actor Sumitaka Totsuka from Iwate Prefecture will deliver the seafood of Sanriku and Joban with a triumphant face, new TV-CM “UMIUMA Captain Umiuma” will start broadcasting from November 1st (Tuesday)

In order to widely convey the appeal and deliciousness of Sanriku and Joban marine products to consumers, the “Reconstruction Fisheries Processing Industry Market Recovery Promotion Center” (representative organization: National Federation of Fisheries Processing Industry Cooperative Associations / Chairman Yoshiaki Nakayama) will open in November 2022. The new CM “UMIUMA Umiuma Captain” featuring actor Sumitaka Totsuka will start broadcasting from Tuesday, January 1st. In addition, along with the new commercial, the “Sanriku-Joban Umiuma Fair”, which offers original menus using seafood from Sanriku and Joban, will be held on November 1, 2022 (Tuesday), mainly at restaurants in Tokyo and Fukuoka. It will be held until November 30th (Wednesday).
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■ CM outline
Junki Totsuka, a native of Iwate Prefecture, created a project called Umiuma, a man of the sea who loves Sanriku and Joban, in order to convey the “Umi no Umi” processed marine products using seafood from Sanriku and Joban, which are the world’s three largest fishing grounds. Appears as Captain. Set in a fishing port in Iwate
Prefecture, “Umiuma Captain” leads craftsmen who are passionate about making processed seafood products to a friendly tune. The scene where the “Umiuma Captain” deliciously stuffs his mouth with the bounty of the sea recommended by the craftsmen progresses rhythmically. Through a commercial that makes you want to hum with Mr. Totsuka’s triumphant face, we will bring energy to Japanese dining tables from Sanriku and Joban.

Outline of the new CM “UMIUMA Umiuma Captain”
Title: UMIUMA Umiuma Captain
(UMIUMA Umiuma Captain 15 seconds / UMIUMA Umiuma Captain 30 seconds) Cast: Junki Totsuka
Broadcast start date: November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) ~
Broadcast area: Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Fukuoka
TV commercial (15 seconds):
[Video 3:] TV commercial (30 seconds):
[Video 4:] CM song: Shinsuke Kubota “Umiuma March”
*From November 1st (Tuesday), a special page will be set up on the UMIUMA site, where new commercials, UMIUMA THE MOVIE (80-second videos), making videos, etc. will be released.
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[Image 7d108266-4-115d050b169268261442-5.jpg&s3=108266-4-77fe4ebb10b66af36b4e9ffbfdea7f77-1920x1080.jpg

Making & interview content
The filming proceeded peacefully, including a scene in which a pipe tobacco with a sea squirt motif was held in one’s mouth, a scene in which one poses with one foot on the mooring post that ties the ship’s rope, and a scene in which a craftsman observes scallop shelling. . Mr. Totsuka showed a relaxed and gentle expression in the scene where he talked with the local seafood processors who participated in the commercial shooting as an extra.
 In addition, during the interview, Mr. Totsuka told us about his soul food, and he commented that he was impressed by the craftsmanship of the seafood processing company.
Q. What UMIUMA products do you recommend?
A. I love kaiho-zuke with mekabu, abalone, and salmon roe. Even after I came to Tokyo, my family sent it to me, so I highly recommend it. Q. How did you feel when you came into contact with the skills and commitment of a seafood processing company?
A.It was my first time to see you, but I was surprised at the speed and accuracy. The scallops and squid were so thick that I wanted to eat them raw. I would like everyone to eat it.
[Image 8d108266-4-5697c9c6f3315964472a-7.jpg&s3=108266-4-6872c641b8bda79ddbf01264bb9f08e6-914x1280.jpg
Junki Tozuka
Born July 22, 1992 in Iwate Prefecture.
In 2011, he made his debut as an actor in “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~ Ikemen Paradise ~ 2011”. In recent years, the drama “Koi desu! ~Yankei-kun to Shirakue Girl~”, “What are you going to do with love seriously?!” Appeared in the work one after another. Also, in the BS Shochiku Tokyu Saturday drama “Kariage-kun”, which will start broadcasting from 23:00 on January 7, 2023, he will play the leading role, Kariage-kun.
“Sanriku-Joban Umiuma Fair” held in conjunction with the new commercial From November 1st (Tuesday) to November 30th (Wednesday), 2022, we will collaborate with* restaurants mainly in Tokyo and Fukuoka to create an original “Umi no Umai” using seafood from Sanriku and Joban. We will hold the “Sanriku-Joban Umiuma Fair” that offers menus. * Some stores in Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, and Nagasaki prefectures are included.
[Image 9d108266-4-5e350728603af8f6eec3-6.jpg&s3=108266-4-92b0b33b73b6c9b4c9c762fb764ed436-3900x3900.jpg
Name: Sanriku-Joban Umiuma Fair
Period: Tuesday, November 1, 2022 to Wednesday, November 30, 2022 Participating stores: 31 stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area / 20 stores in the Fukuoka/Kyushu area
* Fair information will be released from Tuesday, November 1st [Image 10d108266-4-1fa553e2ac0af87f5f37-8.jpg&s3=108266-4-0d81ecbcf60f8b082e963af3d2aa6c28-3900x2600.jpg

About the Reconstruction Seafood Processing Industry Market Recovery Promotion Center
The Reconstruction Marine Products Processing Industry Market Recovery Promotion Center supports the recovery of the marine products processing industry, etc. in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and supports the marine products processing industry that wishes to recover its sales channels.
As part of that support, UMIUMA ( is a site that introduces carefully selected “delicious things” of the “sea” from the Sanriku-Joban region, which is one of the world’s three major fishing grounds where cold and warm currents meet. is operating.
Details about this release:

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