ReCORE, a cloud POS system specializing in the retail and reuse industry, and Mercari Shops, an e-commerce platform operated by Souzoh Co., Ltd., will be the first POS register to be linked.

ReCORE, a cloud POS system specializing in the retail and reuse industry, and Mercari Shops, an e-commerce platform operated by Souzoh Co., Ltd., will be the first POS register to be linked.

NOVASTO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Suita City, Osaka Prefecture; Representative Director: Shuhei Sato) will join the retail and reuse industry specialized cloud POS system “ReCORE” (hereinafter referred to as ReCORE) from the beginning of November. We will release a link function for “Mercari Shops”. Through this service alliance, it will be possible to link the exhibition inventory and manage orders. In addition, system integration between Mercari Shops and the POS system will be the first attempt in the industry.
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Background and aim of this collaboration
The size of the reuse market in 2021 is 2,698.8 billion yen, an increase of 11.7% from the previous year. Demand recovered as the impact of COVID-19 faded. This was the 12th consecutive year of growth. (* Research by Recycle Tsushin) One of the major factors driving the expansion of the market is the existence of the CtoC market centered on flea market apps. C2C for online sales, such as flea market apps, is growing steadily, up 10.4% year-on-year. (*) Until now, the B2C market centered on recycle shops and the C2C market centered on flea market apps were considered to be in a competitive relationship. However, the products purchased by reuse shops in this collaboration will be distributed to the flea market app market through “Mercari Shops”. We believe that it will open up new possibilities in the reuse industry.
In addition, new product retailers using ReCORE will be able to greatly expand their sales channels by acquiring a new sales platform called “Mercari Shops”. This will greatly expand the possibilities of the retail business, such as the sale of new and used products and the sale of trade-in products.
What is Mercari Shops?
“Mercari Shops” is an e-commerce platform based on the concept of “easily sellable”, where you can open an online shop with a single smartphone and shop owners can directly sell their products. With the same simple operation as listing on Mercari, anyone can have an online shop within the Mercari app, and reach more than 20 million monthly users of Mercari without having to attract their own customers. is possible.
– “Mercari Shops” service site –
What is ReCORE
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“ReCORE” is a unique POS system that can realize circular commerce, which is not the end of the retail market.
As for functions, it comprehensively covers the operations necessary for the next-generation retail business, such as purchasing, store sales, EC sales, accounting processing, product master management, customer management, and KPI management. In addition, it is possible to easily realize omni-channel and OMO by synchronizing member information and inventory information with Shopify.
It is the ideal system for retailers aiming for omni-channelization of circular commerce, Shopify sites and real stores, as well as existing reuse shops.
We are not just a POS vendor, we aim to be a partner that builds business while working side by side with our clients in order to realize a new form of sustainable retail business.
In addition, since it is a cloud POS that connects online, you can operate it from anywhere, regardless of device, simply by entering your ID and password. It is also easy for listing staff to remotely sell EC together from home, and for SVs and store managers to check the sales status from outside the store.
-ReCORE service site-
Company Profile
Company name: NOVASTO Co., Ltd.
Representative name: Shuhei Sato
Established: October 2016
Location: Daidomon Building 7F, 9-22 Toyotsucho, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture URL:
Business description:
Development of ReCORE, a cloud-based POS system for retail and reuse Development of EC centralized management system “Selmore”
OMO consulting business that connects real stores and EC
Details about this release:

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