Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd. Launch of “1on1 Workshop” service, a training program to support the growth of members

Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd.
Training program “1on1 workshop” service to support member growth started Realize the necessity of “1on1 meetings” and acquire the skills to proceed effectively

Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Jun Yamazaki; hereinafter referred to as the Company), which supports the resolution of management and personnel issues in companies and the promotion of business and strategies, In October 2022, we started offering a one-day training program “1on1 Workshop” for leaders, new managers, managers, and executives. *Details on our website
Please see ( 1. Background and purpose of training development
Due to the decrease in the amount of communication in the workplace due to the progress of remote work, companies are introducing 1on1 meetings, and according to our survey*, about 70% of companies have introduced them.
As the introduction rate rises, while there are voices that appreciate a certain effect, there are also voices that it has become a mere shell. Originally, 1on1 meetings are one of management communication tools, and are very effective in transforming organizations in times of rapid change.
Therefore, we have launched a one-day training program called “1on1 Work” for leaders, newly appointed managers, managers, and executives to bring out the thoughts and feelings of others through 1on1 meetings, build relationships with members, and support growth. developed a shop.
The purpose is for the leaders of the organization and team to recognize the necessity of “1on1” meetings and acquire coaching skills, so that they can have an image of effectively proceeding with “1on1” meetings on site.
* Recruit Management Solutions 1on1 meeting implementation survey 2022 2. Program overview
● Three features of the 1on1 workshop
1) A structure that reaffirms the purpose and meaning of 1on1 implementation Understand the difference between normal communication and
communication required for 1on1, and reaffirm the purpose, meaning, and efficacy of 1on1.
2) Exercise-centered program that emphasizes learning from experience under a professional coach
Under the management of a professional coach who is actually active in the field, the stance, skills, and steps required for 1on1 are not just a theory, but are understood through work and role-plays, etc., to advance 1on1. You can grasp the image that goes on.
3) Reflecting on own communication and clarifying actions
Reflect on your own management communication and clarify actions to change the way you interact with members on a daily basis.
[How to proceed with a 1on1 meeting including before and after] [Image 1

[Standard program overview]
[Image 2d29286-131-134931979f514f6c7ad5-1.gif&s3=29286-131-1845c394d2af4c96d0032e72f5563811-790x343.gif
・ Leaders, new managers, managers, officers
Appropriate number of people and format
・ 1 class: 18 people
●Required days/hours
・1 day (7 hours)
*This is a standard program. You can set the start and end time according to your situation.
*The program is subject to change.
About Recruit Management Solutions
Recruit Group’s professional firm, with a brand slogan of “making the most of individuals and organizations,” solves clients’ management and personnel issues, and promotes businesses and strategies. Since its founding in 1963, as a leading company in Japan’s industry, we have continued to address various issues faced by people and organizations, leveraging our strengths in the breadth and depth of our knowledge. ● Business areas: Human resource recruitment, human resource development, organizational development, system construction ●Solution methods: assessment, training, consulting, HR analytics In addition, we have specialized institutes such as the
“Organizational Behavior Research Institute” and the “Measurement Technology Research Institute,” which conduct research, development, and dissemination of information based on theory and practice. * Website:

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