Recruiting participants 2022 Superb view Fukue Island Maranic Tournament

Goto City
[Recruiting participants] 2022 Superb view Fukue Island Maranic Tournament We are looking for participants for the 2022 Superb View Fukue Island Maranic Tournament.

There are two events, an 83km course and a 36km course.
The course also includes the Goto Islands (Shimogoto Area) Geopark, which was certified as a Japanese Geopark in January 2022, such as Onidake, which is the symbol of Goto, and Takahama Beach, which was selected as one of Japan’s top 100 beaches. I’m here. You can also enjoy the rich nature and special products of each aid. We look forward to welcoming everyone.
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Recruiting participants for the 2022 Superb View Fukue Island Maranic Tournament date and time
Sunday, November 27, 2020
83km: Capacity 300 people, departure ceremony 5:45, start 6:00, time limit 14 hours
36 km: Capacity 200 people, departure ceremony 7:45, start 8:00, time limit 7 hours
*Both events have checkpoints along the way.
Participation target
18 years old or older (high school students not allowed)
Participation conditions (runners who can show that they fall under either 1. or 2. at the time of registration)
1. New coronavirus vaccination on the day of the race (November 27)  2nd, 3rd, 4th) Proof (paper, app, etc.) within 5 months after However, you must have been vaccinated by November 14th
2. Have undergone a PCR test or antigen quantitative test after November 23, and receive a negative test result notification from the testing institution (paper, email, web system, etc.) *Antigen qualitative tests are not eligible.
Entry fee
83km: 5,000 yen
36km: 4,000 yen
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State of the past competition (start)
Also, “” Now! ! There is also a subsidy for accommodation expenses in Goto City called “Let’s go to Goto” travel campaign.
For details, please check the URL below.
“Now !! Let’s go to Goto” Travel Campaign:
For details of the tournament, please check the URL or QR code below. Tournament website: Details about this release:


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