Relax and refresh your scalp! A head spa brush that creates honey hair is newly released from “Honeyk”. Easy massage every day for beautiful hair care from the skin.

Bottle Works Co., Ltd.
Relax and refresh your scalp! A head spa brush that creates honey hair is newly released from “Honeyk”. Easy massage every day for beautiful hair care from the skin.

From October 17, 2022 (Monday), some pre-sales will begin on the Bottleworks official website and variety shops nationwide. From November 1, 2022 (Tuesday), it will be rolled out sequentially at variety shops nationwide, the Matsumoto Kiyoshi Group, and the Cocokara Fine Group.
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Bottleworks Co., Ltd. will release a new “Honeyk Head Spa Brush” from the hair care brand “HONEYQUE” (hereafter “Honeyk”), which contains honey * ² that “trains from the core of the hair * 1 honey hair”. . A head spa brush that can be used both in-bath and out-of-bath to comfortably stimulate pressure points on the scalp. It can be used widely as a shampoo brush when bathing or as a massage brush when you want to refresh yourself.
Product features
14mm high spines that reach the scalp firmly
The 14mm high spines reach the skin just right and relaxes the scalp with a comfortable touch. You can approach the scalp firmly even with a light force.
19 thorny mountains where you can evenly press acupuncture points 19 spines stimulate the pressure points evenly and firmly grasp the scalp from any position. You can easily massage every corner of your scalp.
Hexagonal shape for easy grip
Hexagonal shape designed for ease of grip. The brush with a maximum width of 74mm fits securely in your hand, so you can use it without slipping even with wet hands when bathing.
Hole hook for convenient storage
With a hole hook for convenient storage after use, you can hang it anywhere without taking up much space. You can use it in a clean state because the water is also cut off.
Product Summary
2 types of hardness to choose from
Pursuing the strength to stimulate the scalp comfortably, we have prepared two types, “soft type” and “hard type” that you can choose according to your preference. Enjoy daily scalp massage care with your own comfortable firmness.
Recommended for those who want to gently loosen the scalp. Soft “soft type” [Image 2

[Product Name] Honey Head Spa Brush Soft
[Price] ¥1,518 (tax included)
●Recommended for those who want to loosen the scalp firmly. “Hard type” for firmness
[Image 3

[Product Name] Honey Head Spa Brush Hard
[Price] ¥1,518 (tax included)
A great kit to commemorate the release of the head spa brush is also available! [Image 4

To commemorate the release of “Honeyk Head Spa Brush”, we will also release a special kit for a limited time. This is a limited edition kit that includes a shampoo and treatment body (450mL) with a soft head spa brush. The “Honey Hair Experience Kit” offers everything from scalp care to hair care, and can be straightened down to the tips of your hair. Recommended for those who are new to honey shampoo and treatment.
【Product name】
Limited Kit with Honey Deep Repair Head Spa Brush (Shampoo & Hair Treatment) [Kit contents]
・Honeyk Deep Repair Shampoo Moist 450mL
・Honeyk Deep Repair Hair Treatment Moist 450mL
・Honeyk Head Spa Brush Soft
[Price] ¥ 3,300 (tax included)
*1 Moisturizes the texture of the hair and changes its texture *2 Honey (moisturizing)
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TEL: 03-5962-5993
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Address: 3-8-38 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Minami-Aoyama Tokyu Building 3F Details about this release:


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