Release of fragrance oil with the scent of “Osmanthus”, “Reading”, and “Freshly baked pie” only in a utumn and winter

Carmate Co., Ltd.
Release of fragrance oil with the scent of “Osmanthus”, “Reading”, and “Freshly baked pie” only in autumn and winter
-Seasonal fragrance in your drive and room with a “spraying fragrance diffuser”-

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Carmate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo) will release a special fragrance oil entitled “Seasonal Scent” from the “Spraying Fragrance Diffuser” series, which has been performing well since its launch in January 2020, on Monday, October 3rd. It will be released from. We have a lineup of 3 warm scents inspired by autumn and winter, and will be released in limited quantities. Please see below for details.
A new proposal for a spray-type fragrance diffuser that allows you to easily change the scent
In 2020, we launched the electric “Blang Spraying Fragrance Diffuser” that can control the fragrance to your preferred strength even in large vehicles. A dedicated fragrance oil was also released at the same time, and the cumulative shipment of the series has exceeded 1 million units. The atomizing fragrance diffuser is popular because it allows you to change the fragrance oil and change the scent according to your mood. Taking advantage of its features, we developed this product with the idea of ​​“if you can feel the atmosphere of the season from the scent.” It creates a warm autumn and winter atmosphere when you are driving or relaxing in your room.
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■ Carefully selected seasonal scents
[Fragrance of Osmanthus]
– Osmanthus Blooms on the Road of Memories –
A classic scent that symbolizes autumn, it reminds me of a nostalgic feeling, such as on the way home from school.
[Smell of reading]
ーReading in a quiet libraryー
The soft woody scent of spices reminiscent of ink creates a calming atmosphere as if you were drinking warm tea with a book in your hand. [Fragrance of freshly baked pie]
ーHow about a freshly baked pumpkin pie?ー
Plump steamed pumpkin is combined with custard cream, and the sweet and soft scent of whipped cream and vanilla will lead you to a gentle feeling.
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■ Product information
[Image 4d17074-122-63ef13fef2c995856816-18.jpg&s3=17074-122-91e7e03db00d1394676f59105ac1d10c-1268x600.jpg
・Product name (product number):
Dedicated oil for nebulizing diffuser Seasonal scent Osmanthus scent (L10071)
Dedicated oil for nebulizing diffuser Seasonal scent Reading scent (L10072)
Dedicated oil for atomizing diffuser Seasonal scent Freshly baked pie scent (L10073)
・Price: Open
・Contents: 7ml
・Product weight: 38g
・ Release date: October 3, 2022 (Reiwa 4)
■ Notice of gift campaign
We will present “Seasonal Fragrance” fragrance oil by lottery from those who have answered the questionnaire.
Please check the link below for details on how to apply.
・ Application period: October 3, 2022 (Monday) 12:00 to October 13 (Thursday) 23:59
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■ Reader inquiries
TEL: 03-5926-1212

Details about this release:

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