Released “Hata Luck (R)”, which aims to improve productivity in the store service industry, and “Custom Al ert”, a labor alert function that can set content according to staff attributes

Hata Luck and Person Co., Ltd.
Released “Hata Luck (R)”, which aims to improve productivity in the store service industry, and “Custom Alert”, a labor alert function that can set content according to staff attributes
-Supporting the prevention of overwork for shift workers from the shift creation stage-

HataLuck and Person Co., Ltd. (pronunciation: Hata Luck and Person, former company name: Knowledge Merchant Works Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Takeshi Someya, hereinafter
“HATALUCK”) will be a labor alert that allows you to set the content according to the attributes of the staff on the shift function of “Hata Luck (R) ︎” on October 25. We would like to inform you that we have added the function “Custom Alert”.
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■ For proper shift management as the first step to protect employees  According to the July 2022 corporate trend survey on labor shortages, 28.5% of companies responded that they had a “shortage” of non-regular employees, with 73.0% of them responding that “restaurants” were the highest*1. Furthermore, with the easing of border measures from October 11th, the number of foreign tourists is expected to increase rapidly, and the store service industry will need to respond quickly to inbound demand.
On the other hand, the decrease in the total annual working hours per part-time worker in recent years was thought to be due to an increase in the proportion of part-time workers*2. You can easily predict the actual working hours per employee and the increase in work load. Continuing long working hours and working on holidays can lead to “overwork,” which can actually lead to fatal accidents and even threaten the lives of employees.
Precisely because of this dire situation, we believe that store management must have an operational plan that avoids overworking from the stage of creating shifts. This is because it protects the employees who are the most important point of contact with customers at the store, provides a comfortable working environment, and leads to a relationship of trust with the corporate headquarters.
*1 Teikoku Databank: Corporate Trend Survey on Labor Shortage (July 2022)
*2 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: 2016 white paper on measures to prevent karoshi, etc. (text)
■ What is “Custom Alert”?
In the shift creation tool, it is not uncommon for labor alerts such as “more than 40 hours a week” and “more than 8 hours a day” to comply with the Labor Standards Act.
However, in the store service industry where diverse human resources gather, the content to be aware of differs depending on the contract content with the individual shift workers, so in reality, uniform alerts for all employees are not sufficient. In the shift function of “Hata Luck(R)︎”, shift creators can set multiple alerts from the management screen to display “custom alerts” that match individual conditions linked to the attributes of shift workers. You can. It is also possible to specify the scope of application (stores, areas, etc.). By using “custom alerts”, we reduce the burden of creating shifts for store managers, prevent shift workers from overworking, and support the creation of an environment that is rewarding and comfortable to work in.
■ “Custom alert” setting example
1. For foreign staff
For example, in the case of foreign staff with a status of residence such as “student”, in principle, work is stipulated as “within 28 hours per week”. In addition, “one week” must be within 28 hours regardless of which day the week starts from, and there is no reference date to start the calculation. With the shift function of Hata Luck(R)︎, detailed alerts can be displayed by setting custom alerts for foreign staff.
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2. For staff who have not enrolled in social insurance
From 10/1, part-time staff who meet certain conditions are also obligated to join social insurance. On the other hand, there may be workplaces where working hours are reduced for this reason, and staff who are not enrolled in social insurance are mixed. You can reduce the burden of staff management by displaying alerts such as working hours “within 20 hours a week” and monthly wage “88,000 yen or less” only for the target person.
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Hata Luck(R)︎
This is a store management tool that connects [headquarters – stores – shift workers] specialized in the retail, restaurant, and service industries. (It can be used in all business categories that operate stores.) All-in-one smartphone app with functions related to communication, education, shift creation, and evaluation that were previously managed by separate tools. Realize comprehensive and immediate remote management at multiple stores by the head office and SVs. Since it is a business-only application that utilizes personal devices, security is also strengthened and taken into consideration, improving productivity and employee engagement, and contributing to the creation of stores with high operational execution capabilities. 【Company Profile】
Company name: HataLuck and Person Inc. (HataLuck and Person Inc.) Representative: Takeshi Someya
Founded: March 2017
Business: Development and sales of store management tool “Hata Luck(R)︎”      Business efficiency consulting for stores in the store service industry Corporate site:
“Hata Luck(R)︎” service site:
Column SWX Research Institute for store service industry:

This is a retail tech start-up company founded in 2017 by CEO Someya, who was engaged in organizational consulting in the retail,
restaurant, and service industries at Link and Motivation. With the aim of improving the shift worker experience (R) (experience value of work for part-time staff), the store management tool “Hata Luck (R)” is equipped with functions such as in-store information sharing, education and evaluation, and shift management. )︎” to support productivity improvements in the industry.

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