Released “Mateba”, a matching service for landlords looking for tenants

Mateba Corporation
Released “Mateba”, a matching service for landlords looking for tenants Real estate DX that solves many problems

Mateba Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Taichiro Tsutsui), which advocates “searching for reverse housing”, has released a new service “Mateba” that reverses the distribution of real estate on October 26, 2022. .
In order to smartly solve the “vacancy problem” that creates major challenges in the rental landlord business, such as loss of income opportunities and excessive advertising fees, we have built a system that allows landlords to scout those who wish to move, and even the property contract can be done online. We provide a complete service.


One of the challenges landlords face when dealing with rental property is what to do when a property they own becomes vacant. In addition to arranging the interior, even after returning the property to a state where it can be rented again, there are man-hours, costs, and time, and each cost. Until a tenant is decided, it is necessary to continue to advertise on your own, or you need to pay several months’ worth of rent to a broker as an advertising fee, which will increase your expenses. In the meantime, the landlord has no choice but to wait for the reaction of the intermediary’s sales activities, and there are many cases where the landlord feels that the movement of the intermediary is a problem due to the prolonged opportunity loss. In order to break through the current state of the real estate industry, we have launched a matching service for landlords and tenants called “Mateba”.
With the enforcement of the revised Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Law in May 2022, it is now possible to explain important matters in real estate contracts online, which had been supposed to be done face-to-face. Digitalization is progressing little by little in the real estate industry, which was said to be slow in introducing IT. The platform provided by “Mateba” will contribute to the digitization of the industry and the improvement of the profitability of landlords by enabling landlords to actively approach those who wish to move. ・What is “Mateba”?
This is a new service in which landlords and management companies make offers to those looking for a room, reversing the conventional real estate circulation.
When a person wishing to move to a new place registers their desired conditions on “Mateba”, detailed information about the property will be sent from landlords and management companies that may meet their wishes. After that, it is possible to exchange chats and complete everything from preview reservations to contracts on “Mateba”. By doing so, it is possible to reduce the costs to be paid to the brokerage company, including advertising expenses that the landlord did not know how much it would cost, and the brokerage fee that the tenant bears, creating a system that benefits both the landlord and the tenant built.
·Usage fee
Landlord / management company side: 38,500 yen (tax included) per matching with no usage fee registration fee
*55,000 yen (tax included) if not accompanied by Mateba’s rent guarantee Those who wish to move: Registration fee, usage fee, and matching fee are all free.
1. Matching service
Those who wish to move can press the “Like” button for properties they are interested in.
On the landlord side, it is possible to search for those who wish to move, as well as those who press the “Like” button.
2. Message function
If there is contact from the landlord side, it is possible to exchange messages individually.
The content of sent and received messages remains. *
Even after moving in, you can communicate on “Mateba”, so you can use it to communicate when equipment breaks down, so you can rest assured even after moving in.
* If the rent guarantee is not attached, the exchange will be deleted when the contract is completed.
・Support profit improvement! landlord benefits
1. Reduction of advertising expenses
In some cases, the advertising expenses paid by landlords to brokerage companies in order to acquire tenants are more than one to three months’ rent.
The usage fee for “Mateba” is only 38,500 yen (tax included) per contract, which makes it possible to reduce advertising expenses. 2. Reduction of opportunity loss
Since people who want to rent a room gather at “Mateba”, the landlord can search for tenants by himself and make an offer so that there is no need to wait and the “vacancy period” can be shortened.
3. Property branding is possible
Because it is a model in which the landlord approaches the tenants himself, it becomes easier to manage the condominium with a concept. For example, only people who want to be actors can live there, only people from Niigata Prefecture can live there, and so on. By gathering only people of the same category, a community is formed and you can aim for a longer residence period.
・No brokerage fee! Benefits for tenants
We aim to keep the initial cost as low as possible so that people who use Mateba can move easily.
In addition to eliminating the brokerage fee, we have reduced the initial cost by setting the rent guarantee fee and household contents insurance fee at 5% of the rent (minimum guarantee fee: 3500 yen) through our unique system. . *
* Rent guarantee for our own service
・The future of “Mateba”
We expect to reach 1,000 matches in the next year. We are planning to raise funds with the goal of 100 million yen within one year, mainly for system development (function improvement and application development, etc.).
The market size of the target rental industry is about 12.8 trillion yen. In order to gain a share of this market, we will work to build services that will please landlords and tenants.
[Click here for the service site]
·Company Profile
Company name: Mateba Corporation
Location: 19-5 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Taichiro Tsutsui
Established: November 2020
Business description: Operation of a rental property platform URL:
Details about this release:


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