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remental Co., Ltd. Remental, which challenges mental issues, raises funds! Towards a world where mental health care is accessible

Remental Co., Ltd.
Remental, which challenges the challenges of the heart, raises funds! Towards a world where mental health care is accessible
Remental Co., Ltd., which operates “Kimochi”, an online counseling service that allows you to easily start with a mental expert who suits you, raises funds!

East Ventures Co., Ltd. remental Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Toshine Sato, hereinafter “remental”), which operates “Kimochi”, an online counseling service that allows you to easily start with a mental expert who suits you. We are pleased to inform you that we have raised funds through a third-party allotment (pre-seed round) with multiple angel investors as underwriters.
[Image 1d109754-1-a60cf9001805095d5599-0.jpg&s3=109754-1-1e0762a10fc6bc7040504f3b98368f34-1920x1080.jpg
In order to deliver mental health care services with overwhelming speed and a better user experience, remental will use the funds raised this time to develop products, market, recruit human resources, strengthen the organizational structure, and make it easier for users to use. We are planning to build the environment.
By providing an environment where a reliable mental health expert who matches the user is always available, we will eliminate opportunity loss due to mental health and create a world where everyone can live their own way.
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“Remental” is a “coined word” that we created, meaning to return the mind (mind) from a state of lack of energy to a state of vitality. Remental is a company that aims to make it easier and more accessible by providing high-quality mental health care choices with the mission of “zero opportunity loss in mental health”.
In modern times, with the corona epidemic and various negative news flying around, there are many people who have problems in their hearts and are unable or difficult to take on challenges.
In addition, when there is a lot of information, the information is too opaque, or the appropriate information is not available, etc., when you have mental worries or when your mental health is not good, There is also the problem of not knowing if the choice is the better choice for you.
Under such circumstances, remental provides a platform that listens to the voice of the user and selects the best action for that person in terms of mental worries and mental health measures that they are currently having.
By doing so, we will create an environment where everyone can be themselves and aim for happiness by eliminating opportunity loss due to mental worries and mental health problems.
The current situation where mental health care is difficult…

[Image 3d109754-1-b1069afca4f90336d235-8.jpg&s3=109754-1-afefd7713b2e9efd7a250e6eca063f71-1920x1080.jpg
The number of people with mental illness is increasing year by year, and there are more than a few people who suffer from mental disorders due to personal relationships and work/school relationships. There are ways to relieve stress, such as talking to family and friends and drinking alcohol when you have mental worries, but you can improve your problems by asking yourself what you think about your worries and what to do. There are situations where it is unclear what to do when taking action.
At present, many people are aware that counseling is not something that can be done casually, saying that “counseling is for people with mental illness”.
As for counseling, there are few people who have received experience, and it is not familiar.
Counselors do not know from which perspective to choose a counselor, such as the difference in qualifications held by those with
qualifications, those with private qualifications, and those with national qualifications, and the number of career years.
I don’t know what kind of counselor is doing what kind of counseling, and by receiving counseling from a counselor who catches my eye, I may become mentally unwell.
For this reason, it is difficult to provide mental health care, and conversely, mental health can be disrupted.
*Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare | Number of mental illness patients Online counseling service “Kimochi”
[Image 4d109754-1-4d6868d71919ea4635bf-3.png&s3=109754-1-05c95cd58f538b2b25db6f060266ebfa-1920x1080.png
Kimochi is an online counseling service that allows users to be matched with mental health professionals.
After registration, you can find a counselor who suits you in 1 minute. Kimochi site:
We have solved the mismatches with counselors that have occurred so far and the height of the hurdles to consult with a mental specialist, so you can easily find a mental specialist who suits you online at your favorite place and time. This is an online counseling service where you can talk about your worries.
You can consult with experts not only about your own worries, but also about careers, relationships with partners, and child-rearing. Recruitment of beta version users started on Kimochi’s LINE official account! [Image 5d109754-1-5ba658f2cc1c02124192-5.png&s3=109754-1-b68dc3c70130b26aafbd233dd48e0843-1200x630.png
Kimochi β version users are being recruited!
[Image 6d109754-1-0040d96411d5735c41c0-6.png&s3=109754-1-c47673cdda6e787df24da8deb151740d-180x180.png
Click here to register as a counselor!
Comments from investors (*in no particular order)
East Ventures fellow
Mr. Takanori Oshiba
Mental health issues are becoming more and more important nowadays. I feel that optimization of “counseling” is one of the means to solve this problem. The usage rate of counseling in Japan is very low compared to Europe and the United States, but simply increasing the usage rate does not mean “optimization”. We will solve various problems surrounding counseling in a deeper position, and also solve problems in the mental health field as a whole. I expect that from remental. Aiming to realize a world where everyone can be themselves and live happily by reducing their worries!
Sakura Internet Co., Ltd.
Representative Director / Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Kunihiro Tanaka
Mental health issues are a theme that cannot be ignored both in company management and in daily life.
In Japan, I feel that the hurdles to receiving counseling are still high, but I believe that the importance of counseling will increase more and more in the age of VUCA. The counseling platform provided by remental can increase the number of people you can easily consult with, and this initiative should help increase the number of people who can lead a healthy life.
At first glance, Mr. Sato gives the impression of being quiet, but when it comes to mental health, he has such passion and awareness that he can talk all night long. I will wholeheartedly support the realization of Mr. Sato’s goal of “creating a world where people can live in their own way.”
Mynet Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President
Mr. Hitoshi Uehara
I think that mental health is now a more realistic issue than physical health for Japanese people. It is inevitable that mental illness will naturally increase in the midst of a declining birthrate, aging population, and low-growth society. I think that remental, which lowers the threshold of counseling in response to the spread of remote interviews, is a service with great social significance. I am rooting for you purely because I want to recommend people around me and introduce it in my company.
Comments from the representative
[Image 7d109754-1-e710c5fb7dfb5fc98145-7.png&s3=109754-1-1400e0785604d41c629c2507de8d1c83-1920x800.png
In Japan, mental health care is still not well known in general, and many people think that being depressed is weak, and many people find it difficult to live due to stress caused by relationships and the environment.
I was one of them, and I still feel that way.
Mental anguish can happen to anyone.
Although the coronavirus epidemic has increased health awareness, there are still issues in mental health awareness and behavior. Remental solves these problems and creates an environment where you can take on challenges even if you have mental troubles, and an environment where you can take the first step to improve your mental troubles in a way that suits you. We will deliver.
By doing so, we will eliminate the loss of opportunities in mental health and create a society where as many people as possible can live their own lives and take on challenges.
Recruitment in progress
[Image 8d109754-1-e99e0e03247ccb9c3649-4.png&s3=109754-1-ccb2d64addec9c9992ec3864a3171682-1200x630.png
We are strengthening our recruitment, so if you are interested in remental or mental health, please feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward to your application, who will solve the mental health issues in Japan and take on the challenge of realizing a world where everyone can live in their own way.
・Lead engineer
・Lead marketer
・UI/UX designer
・ Psychologists who register with Kimochi
You can also contact us via DM on Twitter.
Company Profile
Company name: remental Co., Ltd.
Established: January 11, 2022
Location: 5F-20, Hulic Shibuya Koen-dori Building, 3-7 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
Representative: Rine Sato, Representative Director and CEO
Business description: Operation and development of “Kimochi” Contact: (person in charge: Sato
Service site:
Details about this release:

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