Report Ocean Report Ocean Press Release We conducted a survey to understand the state of the liability insurance market in 2022.

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[Report Ocean Press Release] We conducted a survey to understand the state of the liability insurance market in 2022.

Insurers are innovating and developing various innovations to provide diverse solutions to end-users.
Survey overview:
Survey period: May 10th to September 8th, 2022
Research agency :
Survey contractor: Report Ocean Co., Ltd.
In-house survey
Survey target: The survey was conducted with 860 leaders from organizations of all sizes around the world.
Number of valid responses: (860 people)
Survey method: Telephone survey of 300 people, Internet survey of 560 people Survey Respondents: The survey was conducted across companies based on revenue. [Image 1d67400-5922-6b9a767d1ce889202077-0.jpg&s3=67400-5922-2ff1ac30fe4c16d0f8d9f294c1bdf535-2700x1800.jpg
Survey results :
Q: Which coverage types are in high demand in the liability insurance market? Depending on the type of coverage, it is divided into general liability insurance, professional liability insurance (mistakes), and officers liability insurance.
Liability insurance is most in demand as the insured is always at risk of personal injury and expects to cover the medical expenses of the injured.
Medical liability insurance covers medical expenses and repairs for damages caused by accidents caused by the insured. As a result, demand for liability insurance in general has grown significantly.
[Image 2d67400-5922-c36c488f316a5d9b67fc-1.jpg&s3=67400-5922-63eb5991667770fecc5911e5d1fc3d45-2700x1800.jpg
Q: Which applications are leading the liability insurance market? By application, the market is segmented into personal and commercial. In 2021, individual insurance is expected to account for a large share.
[Image 3d67400-5922-08cd9f4ab6cda6acd089-2.jpg&s3=67400-5922-13b1f76d996beded2e90df072e152823-2700x1800.jpg
Q: Which end user has the highest share of the liability insurance market? According to the size of the company, it is divided into medium-sized companies, large companies, and small and medium-sized companies. In 2021, the share of medium-sized companies is expected to increase. [Image 4d67400-5922-71233c5155442339fe35-3.jpg&s3=67400-5922-0fb581569480a92d2ea90001b616f9c9-2700x1800.jpg
Q: What are the key factors driving the liability insurance market? Minimize business risk with liability insurance:
Liability insurance protects you from various types of risks and provides good benefits for your business.
It protects the business of the insured in the event that another person is injured due to the operation of the business. It also protects the insured against crimes such as trespassing, false arrest and defamation.
It also covers legal liability in the event of copyright infringement by the marketing department.
In addition, we have liability insurance that compensates for investigation costs, attorney fees, medical expenses, etc. in the event that the insured person suffers damage or is sued by a third party.
In addition, business liability insurance ensures that the insured moves forward without unnecessary financial loss. This insurance not only protects the insured against unforeseen losses, but also ensures a secure future for the business. Therefore, it is the main driver of market growth.
Save out-of-pocket costs with liability insurance:
Liability insurance ensures that the insured does not have to pay out-of-pocket costs for damage caused by the insured. For example, if you cause an accident while driving a car and damage the other car or yourself, the insured person must bear the full amount of damage to the car, medical expenses, and other expenses.
However, liability insurance saves the insured person’s out-of-pocket costs and pays for all damages caused to others without causing financial risk to the insured person. Liability insurance therefore protects the insured from incurring additional costs out of pocket and provides financial security to the insured. Hence, it is a major driver of the growth of the liability insurance market.
Survey conclusions:
Adopting a liability insurance solution will not only help your organization cover the liability of the business owner, but also cover the liability of others.
In addition, the type of insurance and the amount of the premium depend on the type of damage covered by the policy. Some policies also provide property coverage for vehicles that damage their surroundings, which is expected to drive market growth.
Additionally, insurance providers are innovating and developing a variety of solutions to provide end-users with diverse solutions. About Us:
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