Repro Entertainment Co., Ltd. Musical actor Shoichi Fukui-Premium Birthday Live 2022-will be held at eplus LIVING ROOM CAFE & DINING !!

Repro Entertainment Inc.
Musical actor Shoichi Fukui ~Premium Birthday Live 2022~ will be held at eplus LIVING ROOM CAFE & DINING!!

Shoichi Fukui, a musical actor who belongs to Repro Entertainment Co., Ltd., will hold his annual birthday live at eplus LIVING ROOM CAFE & DINING on Thursday, November 24th.
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This year began with the musical “Fist of North Star ~Fist of the North Star~”, and in March, I held my first dinner show “25th Anniversary Dinner Show ~Dreaming~” to commemorate the 25th
anniversary of my entertainment life. rice field. Also, in the Parco-produced “Tenamonya Sanpenny Opera”, I challenged the role of a woman for the first time. At this year’s birthday live, we will deliver songs of various genres such as pops that you can’t usually listen to with your daily gratitude. Please enjoy with drinks and delicious meals.
[Comment from Shoichi Fukui]
“Shoichi Fukui Premium Birthday Live”, which has been held every November since 2019, is in a hurry, but I am very happy to be able to hold it again this year. This year, I played the role of Raoh in the musical “Fist of the North Star”, a man who is stronger than anyone else. . Taking advantage of this valuable experience, I would like to deliver a female song in the first half and a male song in the second half in a luxurious space limited to 100 seats, regardless of genre. It will be held on weekdays, but please come to the venue to feel the autumn of art and liven up the last birthday live in your 40s. For those who can’t come to the venue, there is also a LIVE distribution. This time, for the first time, we will also implement a function called “Stamp & Gift” that allows you to send support stamps and gift messages during distribution, so I hope you will enjoy it together. This ticket will be on sale to the general public from 10:00 on Sunday, October 30th through eplus.
Delivery is also available. -Distribution tickets will be on sale from 10:00 on Tuesday, November 1st-
■ Performance overview
Shoichi Fukui Premium Birthday Live 2022
Shibuya Prime 5F, 2-29-5 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
[Date and time]
November 24 (Thursday) 19:30 start (18:30 open)
S seat 9,500 yen (tax included, one drink not included)
A seat 8,500 yen (tax included, one drink not included)
Delivery ticket 3,500 yen (tax included)
[General release date]
October 30, 2022 (Sunday) 10:00-


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