Rice Power/Yushin Brewery Co., Ltd. About a month’s worth of mask serum is condensed into one sheet. A limited-edition sheet mask from Rice, a skincare brand that nurtures bare skin

Yushin Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
About a month’s worth of mask essence is condensed into one sheet. A limited-edition sheet mask from Rice, a skincare brand that nurtures bare skin

Rice is a skincare brand that offers skin care that nurtures bare skin, which is the only product in Japan that enhances the power of the skin itself*1 and leads you to create truly beautiful bare skin with your own power.
From such rice, a special sheet mask will be available for a limited time, not for sale.
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Instantly brings out a sense of transparency and firmness
A special experience just like returning from an esthetic salon Luxuriously use about one month’s worth of mask serum containing Rice Power No. 11 in one dose. It seals the skin as if enveloping it with the finest texture, and generously spreads Rice Power No. 11 to the depths of the bare skin * 2, moisturizing from the moment the mask is removed, with a transparent feeling that makes you want to touch it. It gives you a firm feeling.
You can be satisfied not only as a daily reward, but also as a rescue item. [Product information]
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Rice Total Repair Mask [Quasi-drug] 22mL/1 sheet
《Limited not for sale》 Sales name: Medicated Moisture Mask AN POINT1
Enriches the skin with about a month’s worth of serum to bring out a higher quality of transparency and firmness.
By sealing plenty of rice power No. 11 to the skin, it will deliver moisture to the back of the skin * 3. It enhances the transparency and firmness of the skin to a level that cannot be lifted with just one daily care, brings out the beauty, and elevates the usual care to the rank of esthetics.
Use it when you want to take full-fledged anti-aging care*4, for special occasions such as class reunions and dates, or when you want to raise your skin to a higher level at once, such as a reward for yourself who is working hard every day.
Quickly rescues skin that has fallen into a pinch with immediate effect Rice Power No. 11 immediately improves moisture retention and quickly rescues skin that has fallen into a pinch. It restores the power of the skin*5, so it prepares the skin with a sense of transparency and plump firmness. Every day in good condition and trouble-free. Use it when you are sleep deprived, when your life rhythm is disturbed, when you are exposed to UV rays, etc.
Click here for detailed information on Total Repair Mask
https://www.ricepowershop.jp/products/skincare/raizspecial/totalrepairmask.html [Handling]
This item is not for sale.
The Rice Total Repair Mask is a special limited-edition not-for-sale product designed and developed so that you can experience even more of the appeal of Rice Power No.11.
It is scheduled to be delivered in the following campaign. Don’t miss this chance to get a special mask that you can’t usually get. Rice Power No.11 Day Campaign
Coming soon…
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“November 11th is Rice Power No. 11 Day”
Scheduled to be held at each Mitsukoshi store on the official mail order site. Contact Us
Customer Service Center 0120-73-4141
Store information
Rice Christmas Coffret 2022
December 1st (Thursday) to December 27th (Tuesday), 2022
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We will deliver 3 special kits that include rice total repair masks. Scheduled to be sold on the official mail order site and Mitsukoshi stores. Reservations start from November 1st.
Click here for details and reservations

[About the brand]
-I love my current skin
-Can’t wait for future skin
Rice’s “skin care that nurtures bare skin”
Rather than simply supplementing what is lacking,
Focusing on 5 items that work within the body to enhance the skin’s natural power.
A skin care brand.
It’s my skin that I’ll be with forever, so I won’t cheat on the spot. If you understand the essence of your worries and face them sincerely, your skin will respond with its own power.
Well, you can also think from the bottom of your heart that “I like my current skin the most”
Why don’t you grow a really beautiful bare skin?
・Rice Power HP: https://www.ricepowershop.jp
・ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/RAIZrepair
・ Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raizskincare_official/ [Reference materials]

-Skin care that nurtures bare skin-
The skin is naturally equipped with a mechanism that creates healthy skin and keeps it in a beautiful state without worries by being reborn. If the natural power of the skin is normal, the skin will be reborn every day, and the skin will always be filled with healthy cells, and you will have healthy and beautiful skin that does not cause skin problems in the first place.
Rice’s “skin care that nurtures the bare skin” draws out the natural power of the skin*7 and prepares the rebirth of the skin by
encouraging it to create and grow healthy cells with its own power every day.
It is important for the skin itself to develop a beautiful bare skin. This is the only answer that Yushin Brewery has arrived at, and it is the skin care that only Rice Power No. 11, which has the only effect in Japan, can do.
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-What is “Rice Power No.11”-
It is one of the original ingredients developed by Yushin Shuzo, “Rice Power Extract”, and the only active ingredient of quasi-drugs in Japan that has the effect of “improving skin moisture retention”. Since it was approved in 2001, no ingredient with the same effect has been developed, making it a unique ingredient.
Instead of temporarily supplementing, it awakens the skin’s original power*8 and conditions it from the inside according to your own rhythm. We have made innovative skin care that makes it possible to nurture healthy skin with power.
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-About Yushin Brewery-
Founded in 1854 as a sake brewery.
As a sake brewery, we have devoted ourselves to brewing and
fermentation technology for a long time, and various factors such as the type and combination of microorganisms, temperature, humidity, and aging period interact in a complex way. and started developing cosmetics. Fermentation, a mysterious activity in the natural world that is beyond human knowledge, is a result of passionate research and conviction to search for infinite fermentation methods. I have come to develop it. We are working diligently every day on research and development to create rice power extracts with new effects so that everyone can live with a smile without worrying about skin problems. Yushin Brewery Co., Ltd. HP: http://www.yushin-brewer.com/
[Manufacturer/Seller/Product Inquiries]
Yushin Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
2088-1 Ono, Ayagawa-cho, Ayuta-gun, Kagawa Prefecture 761-2307 Toll free number 0120-73-4141
(Reception hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 – 19:00, Saturday 9:00 – 18:00, closed on Sundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and summer holidays)
*1 *5 *6 *7 *8 ​​By improving the ability of Rice Power No.11 to retain skin moisture
*2 *3 Basal layer
*4 Care according to age

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